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Community Engagement at HSCL: HSCL DEI Team Activities

HSCL DEI Team Activities & Awards

Upcoming Projects & Training

  • Racial healing
  • Anti-racism training
  • Adaptive technology training
  • LGBTQ+ Patient Health Stories
  • Focus groups on inclusivity
DEI Needs Assessments completed
  • Individual Self-Assessment () : 
  • Organizational Self-Assessment (): 
  • HappyOrNot Pilot (April 12-July 8, 2019): The pilot explored the DEI-related issues currently faced by HSCL Gainesville patrons. Its objectives were to 1) quantitatively assess patrons’ attitudes on the existing library climate and 2) qualitatively identify contextual factors influencing patrons’ perceptions. HappyOrNot machines (feedback terminals that are typically used to measure customer satisfaction) were placed at two of the Library’s exits. Each terminal displayed a diversity-related printed question to which the library patrons were invited to respond by pressing one of four smiley- or frowny- face buttons. Comments boxes for written responses were also placed by each machine. 3445 total responses were received plus 7 written comments. The pilot’s results will inform the Team’s future directions and a journal article is in the draft stages.
  • Online Survey (February- April 2020): A follow-up online survey was distributed to gather more detailed feedback. The survey posed 17 questions (Likert-Scale), as well as additional open-ended and demographic questions. It was distributed via the library's website, social media, and emails from liaison librarians. There were 101 respondents to the online surveys; participants' responses were collated and cross-referenced with the demographic data provided, with the purpose of delineating the  experiences of different population groups.
HSCL Staff & Faculty trainings & workshops organized/facilitated
Inclusive physical spaces

DEI Team members advocated for the following spaces and services, which are now available in the Communicore Building.

  • Two All Gender bathrooms in the first floor of the Communicore Building
  • Mamava Lactation Pod 
Workshops open to library patrons
  • February 20, 2019, “Restorative Justice” Workshop (L Fakhoury)
  • April 4, 2019 “Honoring LGBTQIA Health Stories” Panel for COM’s Celebration of Diversity Week. A panel discussion focusing on the experiences of health care professionals identifying as LGBTQ+. Panelists: Dr. Oliver Grundmann, Dr. Carolyn Holland, and Dr. Emma Moss.
Conference Presentations
  • J Morgan-Daniel, HF Norton, L Adkins, M Daley, ME Edwards, MR Tennant. “Assessing Patron Perceptions of DEI to Inform Future Directions in a University Health Sciences Library”, refereed paper presentation, IDEAL ’19: Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries, August 7, 2019, Columbus, Ohio, United States
  • J Morgan-Daniel [presenter], L Adkins, ME Edwards, C Hough [presenter], ML Rethlefsen. “Developing a Culture of Inclusivity through the Formation of a Library Diversity and Inclusion Team”, Medical Library Association Annual Meeting and Exhibition, August 13, 2020
  • J Morgan-Daniel [presenter], L Adkins [presenter], M Daley, ME Edwards, HF Norton, ED Rodriguez, MR Tennant. ““Best. Library. Ever.”?: Identifying Library-Climate Enhancement Opportunities through a Multi-Phase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Needs Assessment Project”, Medical Library Association Annual Meeting and Exhibition, August 12, 2020
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