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HathiTrust Portal: State University Libraries/Florida: Home

Contact information, policies, procedures and general information regarding HathiTrust as it pertains to the university libraries in Florida

UF Contact Information

Judy Russell, Dean of Libraries-Overall SUL Coordination: / 352-273-2515

Paul McDonough-ADA Access: / (352) 273-2523

Cliff Richmond-Technical Support:  / (352) 273-8439

Chelsea Dinsmore-Digital Deposits: / (352) 273-0369

Overview of Florida SUL HathiTrust Participation/FAQ

SUL Benefits/Details on Participation:

Everyone has access to the public domain materials. FLVC has included HathiTrust records in Mango and they are also in Summon and Ebsco Discover.

All SUS Libraries/patrons have ADA access to any books in the HathiTrust corpus that one or more of us owns.

All SUS Libraries/patrons should have access to brittle/damaged out of print books (yet to be determined how that is to displayed in Mango/made accessible to our patrons).

All SUS Libraries have the ability to propose additional out of print books (through UF).

All SUS Libraries have the ability to submit digital content to expand the content of HathiTrust (through  UF).


  • What is contained in the HathiTrust materials? For information go to:

  • What HathiTrust materials can be found in Mango? All the publicly accessible Hathi records are in MANGO with click through access, as well as EDS and Summon.

  • We are part of Fla SULs Consortium. Do we have access to items from other Fla SU Libraries? HathiTrust sees us as one set of holdings, so any shibboleth enabled access will be to all items that at least one of us has.

  • How do they access them? See above - direct search of HT using University ID and password or direct link through catalog.
  • What content can each SUL access? For general users, all public content and all "out of print" titles for which any SUS library has a brittle or lost copy if FLVC has delivered the appropriately tagged records to Hathi. At the moment HT says the "out of print" titles need to be accessed in a library, but we may be able to address that differently. We are waiting for FLVC to address how those titles will be identified/requested by users. For ADA access, full corpus for users with documented disability status, but requires mediated assistance. We are waiting for FLVC to address how those titles will be identified/requested by users and how FLVC can automatically identify eligible users. 
  • Who can access HathiTrust documents/books? Anyone on our IP ranges being authenticated through shibboleth, including those who come in remotely (VPN).
  • Can we refer patrons to HT when our catalog record says an item was "Lost?" Can patrons then access that same lost item via HT? It depends - yes if it can be proven to be "out of print" and Hathi updates its record and we have provided a correctly tagged record.
  • Do all SUL's have access to items from other Fla SU Libraries?
  • When does a person have to log-in to HathiTrust?

  • What is a collection?  As a member, you have the ability to establish collections which can then be search as subsets of the data - so I believe we have (or will be) establishing a collection for U Press of Florida titles. For additional information go to

  • Can you view/interact with other person's collections? Can you copy their collections? Can you only do this with collections from FAU, Fla SUL Consortium, or everyone's collections?

  • What is procedure for a person to access ADA printable materials? See info at:
  • Since these persons must be associated with the Office of Students with Disabilities, how can FAU staff and faculty qualify for these ADA printed materials? Register with the appropriate campus office.

From Judy's email's:

At the recent CSUL meeting, I was asked to have a matrix/table prepared showing the different benefits/aspects of participation and which institutions had access to which ones and how they obtain that access (particularly to distinguish between what is automatic for all, only available for shibboleth enabled and what the remaining SUS can do to get some benefit from the consortial membership.

Need to create a matrix documenting HathiTrust access for shibboleth enabled  and non-shibboleth enabled.

What message will users get if they are not shibboleth enabled and therefore cannot click through?

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