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MGF1106 Math for Liberal Arts and Science Majors: Math Career Resources

This is a guide for MGF1106, Math for Liberal Arts and Science Majors. It will help students find resources to explore careers in mathematics.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the


Math Career books

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 Burnett, R. E. (2002). Careers for number crunchers & other quantitative types. VGM careers for you series. Chicago: VGM Career Books.

Lambert, S. E., & DeCotis, R. J. (1999). Great jobs for math majors. Lincolnwood (Chicago), Ill: VGM Career Horizons.

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Math Job Websites

  • American Statistical Association
    The ASA lists industries that employ statisticians including jobs in government, health, and business. This site offers detailed descriptions of how statistics relates to each field.

  •  Mathematical Sciences Career Information, Career profiles 
    (from the AMS – American Mathematical Society)
    These short bios of former math majors, working in a variety of fields, show how a mathematics background has helped people be successful in a variety of fields. Also see their archives for more careers.

  • Math Jobs - UC Davis
    This website from Dr. Kouba at UC Davis lists many math related professions. It is intended for freshmen who are thinking about exploring math related fields.

  •  Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Careers in math from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Math Jobs
    This classified ads site shows jobs around the world that require strong math skills. Current US job posting include Financial Analysts, GIS specialists, Biologists, Teachers, Computer Programmers, Statisticians, Environmental Scientists, and Academic positions

    This classified job site offers math teacher & tutoring jobs.

Math in Service Industries

Math on the Job

This series of booklets were designed as part of a career awareness program for learning disabled adults. They are written at a very basic reading  level. However, they outline very clearly what math skills would be needed to succeed a vocation. In comparison to the above resources, they show how math is used in non-academic professions for non-math majors.

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