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Researching Students' Information Choices: Advisory Panel

Researching Students’ Information Choices: Determining Identity and Judging Credibility in Digital Spaces

What Does the Advisory Panel Do?

The Advisory Panel consists of 11 practitioners including librarians (school, public, and college), STEM instructors representing the three overarching student populations (primary, secondary, and college/university), and research team members. Over the course of the three year study, the Advisory Panel will:

  • Collaborate with the research team to provide appropriate scenarios and content for simulations in their age group area(s).
  • Participate in pilot study activities.
  • Serve as a liaison between their institution and research team.
  • Assist in distribution of prescreen survey and recruitment of 20-30 simulation session participants from their sites.

Advisory Panel Members

Public Librarian - Alix Freck, Alachua County Public Library

School Librarian - Jennifer Kuntz, Millhopper Montessori School

College Librarian - Jenna Miller, Santa Fe College

Grade 4-5 instructor – Megan Lavine, Science Lab Teacher, Williams Elementary School

 Grade 6-8 instructor – Adam Fournier, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Kanapaha Middle School

Grade 9-12 instructor – Gayle Evans, Science Master Teacher, UFTeach, University of Florida College of Education (who also teaches education students to be STEM teachers in the K-12 environment)

College instructor – Matthew CarriganAssistant Professor, Natural Sciences (Biology), Santa Fe College

University instructor – Emilio Bruna, Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, University of Florida

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