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UF Storage Documents Cataloging Project: Blueprint for Collaboration

This guide was created to inform everyone about the Storage Documents Project at the University of Florida

It was COLD!

It was cold in the storage facility

Serials are a large part of the job

Many documents are serials.  Hank, Cindy and Nancy led the way

So much work to be done

Now we have lots of workstations

So many people lent a hand to make this project a sucess

300,000 items aren't cataloged in a day, and cataloging them in storage made things easier.  But the storage facillity (ALF) was not meant to house many staff, and certainly not ones with the needs of a small cataloging unit.  In addition to the Government Documents & Cataloging Departments, other people helped as well.

Storage (ALF) staff found a place for us to work, assisting us in finding documents hiding in the “regular” collection, and found us the luxuries that made our working life easier - not just carts and tables, but refrigerator, microwave, and chairs (We started with hard wooden chairs!!)

Facilities provided maintenance on a building that was not designed to have as much power usage as our catalogers require.  They also helped get heat installed in the cataloging area.

IT upgraded our area with three computers into one with eleven computers and printers.  They also created macros to keep statistics for us.

Campus Networking and Telecommunications got us wired.  Not only did this allow us to have more computers and a telephone, but WiFi was set up throughout the building, making it possible to take laptops into the stacks for small projects.

Digital Library & Preservation/Conservation worked with the Government Documents staff to digitize and preserve hundreds of single-sheet and small documents that would not fit easily into the long-term storage boxes.  They also helped us preserve items which were already brittle or damaged.

Administration hired OPS workers and students to help, purchased access to Monthly Catalog of US Government Publications online, and payed for the heat!

Talking it all through

We had to meet and plan

StoDocs travel the world!

Locations where StoDocs have been requested

So, who has benefited?

Many US Colleges & Universities, plus ...

Argonne National Library

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Library

Ecole Polytechnic de Montreal

Environmental Protection Agency Library (Philadelphia)

Imperial College of Science and Technology (London)

INIST Diffusion (France)

INIST-CNRS Service Recours (France)

Institute de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (France)

JFK Space Center

McGill University (Montreal)

NASA Langley Research Center

Queen’s University (Kingston Ontario)

Smithsonian Institution Libraries

US Army Aviation and Missile Command Information Center

US Army Research Laboratory

US Department of Commerce

US Department of Energy

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

   ... and more!

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