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The Accounting & Serials Unit (A&S) is part of the Acquisitions & Collections Services Department at University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. We strive to meet the information needs of the University of Florida community, supporting the goals and objectives of the Department and the Libraries, as related to the continuations "core" collection. 

Our main responsibilities include acquisitions accounting financial activities related to the Smathers Libraries materials budget in excess of $12 million for University Libraries and Health Science Center Library,  and management of  acquisition functions for serials and standing orders received via subscriptions and Gifts & Exchange programs.


The Unit is responsible for maintaining records of  payments, and for periodically reconciling the Library's records with UF financial records.  The Unit uses a database application, the Point of Work System, to coordinate maintenance of two sets of financial records: one in ALEPH and  the other in PeopleSoft. The Point of Work System is also the source of annual production statistics for the unit.

The A&S Unit is the origin of standard and custom-produced financial and performance reports for management's use, supporting and enhancing accountability of the unit and department.

Our members liaise with vendors/publishers, selectors/budget managers, and library staff about serial subscriptions and serve as main contact for serial acquisitions issues encountered at library branches.


Serial responsibilities include the acquisition, management, reports, and documentation of:

  • Print and Print+Online Serial Subscriptions
    • Periodicals and Annuals
  • Standing Orders and Series
    • Annuals, Cataloged Separately, and Analytics

Additionally, the Unit manages subscription records for serials and standing orders received via Gifts & Exchange Programs and coordinates with library departments about title changes, receipt and distribution of microfilm and microfiche, and serial issues.


Raimonda Margjoni  Accounting Manager - (352) 273-2698

  • Smathers Libraries Materials Budget including planning, financial  reports, and analysis
  • Library materials expenditures cost-shared with HSCL and other colleges and centers
  • Annual library materials financial statistics
  • Asset Management reports  as required by the office of Asset Management at University of Florida
  • Library materials purchases via endowment and grant funding
  • OPS Budget management
  • Contact person for issues with the Library Management System (Aleph)/PeopleSoft interface
  • Coordinate expenditures with Libraries Fiscal Services
  • Line item budget maintenance and transfers in Aleph
  • Fiscal year rollover in Aleph
  • A&S Unit LibGuides
  • Special projects
  • Gifts & Exchange Programs

Michelle McClure  Accountant 2 - (352) 273-2671

  • HSCL Materials Budget including planning, financial  reports, and analysis
  • Cost-shared purchases with colleges and centers
  • Annual HSCL library materials financial statistics
  • HSCL line item budget maintenance and transfers in Aleph
  • A&S Unit LibGuides
  • Special projects

Verna Bedford  Fiscal Assistant 2 - (352) 273-2684

  • Invoice review and processing for payment
  • Daily processing of vouchers in PeopleSoft
  • Invoice payment transactions using the LMS/PeopleSoft interface
  • Expense refunds
  • Reconciling A&P Unit records
  • A&P Unit Point of Work (POW) productivity database
  • Financial record-keeping procedures
  • Paid invoice files
  • Edi-loaded print serials invoices and related print serials issues
  • Reconciling print serials invoices to subscription agents' accounts

Laura Feder  Fiscal Assistant 2 - (352) 273-2695

  • Pcard transactions in the LMS and PeopleSoft
  • Invoice review and processing for payment
  • LMS/PeopleSoft interface transactions
  • Expense refunds
  • Reconciling A&S Unit records
  • Library materials expenditures cost-shared with CBA and Law Library
  • Vendor records maintenance

Mark Allender  Library Assistant 3 - (352) 273-2690

  • Print and print+online serials and standing orders management, invoices, and problem solving
  • New orders and cancelations
  • Title changes
  • Serial reports
  • Subscription renewals
  • Acquisitions mailroom (receiving & routing of materials)


  1. Two guiding principles apply to this process:
    1. Two administrators in University Libraries have signature authority over any acquisition of library resources with endowed funds:

i.Dean of Libraries 

ii.Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources 

  1. Acquisitions & Collections Services Department (ACS) is responsible for reporting all library resource purchases to UF Property Management
  1. The process of acquiring library resources with endowment funds involves the fund curator, department chair, either Associate Dean or Dean, the Development Assistant in Administration, the fund liaison in ACS, and staff in the Accounting & Serials Unit in ACS, typically the Unit Manager. It is preferred that Unit Managers of Collections Support and E-Resources Units are included in the correspondence as appropriate. 
    1. The process begins with the curator determining funds are sufficient to cover the purchase; then 
    2.  Proposing such a transaction and submitting the proposal through their department chair to the Dean or Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources for approval
    3. If the proposal is approved, approval notice is given to the curator, Development assistant, and to Accounting & Serials Unit (ASU) Manager
    4. Development assistant or ASU Manager verify availability of funds from the Endowment Quarterly Reports and PeopleSoft
    5. ACS

i.Checks the Aleph line item budget for sufficient funding and increases the budgeted amount as needed

ii.Notifies all parties involved that funds are in place and ordering/invoicing/paying can proceed

iii. Ordering staff in ACS places the order

  1. When resource is received and invoiced, both should be forwarded to ACS, not Fiscal Services, for processing payment.

A final note: Workflows for acquiring library resources with any source of funds available to The Library should involve Acquisitions & Collections Services Department from the beginning to the end of the transaction because we are accountable to UF Property Management for such transactions.

Reimbursement for Library Materials Purchased with Personal Funds

There will be instances where UF Libraries’ faculty and staff have been authorized to purchase materials for the collections. They must follow the following procedures in order to be reimbursed for those expenses. Note that these same procedures apply to any UF employee authorized to acquire library materials on our behalf, and who seeks reimbursement from library-controlled funds.

Fiscal Services staff will process reimbursements for library materials from library funds through the Travel & Expense System.

Best practice is to follow the procedures below before submitting paperwork for the reimbursement to Fiscal Services. That is because staff in Acquisitions & Collections Services (ACS) Department  must do the check-in to assure everything covered by the reimbursement has in fact been received and recorded in Aleph.

 To be reimbursed for personal funds:

  • Such acquisitions require pre-authorization; in such cases, documentation of authorization must accompany the request for reimbursement. Fiscal Services should have this documentation on file.
    • Furnishing ACS staff with a copy of this documentation when authorized will reduce subsequent receiving and posting time in Aleph.
    • If this involves non-library faculty or staff, there must be documentation of the library’s agreement to reimburse the purchase
  • These transactions must clearly benefit UF Libraries.
  • It must be demonstrated that the Libraries cannot enjoy the same or better economic benefit by having ACS staff do the purchase.

The following documentation is required when submitting a request for reimbursement for library materials acquired with personal funds.  Purchaser means the UF employee acquiring for The Library. Vendor is the person or entity selling library materials to purchaser:

  • When requesting reimbursement, purchaser must provide an itemization with:

1.      Date of purchase.

2.      Purchaser name, campus address and phone number.

3.      Description of purchased items, including:

o   quantity,

o   unit price, 

o   total itemization amount,

o   all currency converted to US dollars if necessary.

4.      Vendor name, address and telephone number, and URL/email address if available.

·         Prior authorization documentation for acquiring materials with personal funds must also accompany the reimbursement request if it has not been furnished earlier.

  • In all cases, purchaser must provide hardcopy receipts from vendor.

1.      A receipt must identify purchaser (received from) and vendor,

2.            “          “    show date payment received and amount received,

3.            “          “    make reference to items for which payment was made.

4.            “          “    be on vendor’s letterhead or vendor’s standard receipt form.

o   If purchaser cannot secure this type of receipt, a photocopy of the front and back of purchaser’s canceled check, or a credit card statement showing the entry for the purchase, must be provided.

 When this type of acquisition is done outside the United States:

  • If in foreign currency, all monetary information from the vendor must be converted to US dollars at the rate in effect on the date of purchase
  • If the purchase includes VAT tax, that tax can be included for reimbursement.

 Materials and itemization with receipts should be submitted to ACS staff for proper check-in and invoicing in Aleph.

  • This will usually be the Collections Support (CS)  liaison for the particular subject area or
  • the Head of the CS Unit in ACS Department. 

When  processing in ACS is completed,  the itemization and receipts will be forwarded to the Library Fiscal Service Office by Accounting & Serials (A&S) staff.

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