Acquisitions & Collections Services Department

Managing the business of collection development

Information & Resources

The Collections Support Unit coordinates the ordering, receiving, and posting of invoices for all tangible library material purchases and certain Electronic Book purchases including:

  • Firm Orders
    • Monographs
    • Electronic Books - Single and Multi-User Licenses
    • Audio/Visual Materials
    • Musical Scores
    • DVD's/CD's
    • Streaming Video
    • Special Collections Materials & Ephemera
    • Maps
    • Documents
  • Print Approval Plans

For all questions related to print monographs, media, firm order e-books, and approval plans, please email or contact your Collections Support liaison.

Jason Heckathorn, CSU Manager

(352) 273-2521;

   Contact with questions about:


Angela Gaines, Metadata Specialist

(352) 294-1361;

   Contact with questions about purchases for:

  • Special & Area Studies Collections *interim
    • Coffey Book Arts
    • PK Yonge Library of Florida History
    • Pop Culture Collection
    • Rare Books

Eric Gumbayan, Collections Support Specialist

(352) 273-2686;

   Contact with questions about purchases for:

  • Humanities (Library West)
  • Social Sciences (Library West)
  • Virtual Business (Library West)
  • Marston Science Library *interim

April Peebles, Collections Support Liaison

(352) 294-1034;

   Contact with questions about purchases for:

  • Special & Area Studies Collections
    • African Studies
    • Baldwin
    • Judaica
    • LACC
    • Maps
  • Departmental Libraries
    • Architecture and Fine Arts
    • Education​​​​​​​
    • Performing Arts
  • Health Science Center Library

Selectors may submit order requests to the Print & Media Unit by selecting a title in GOBI or by using the Firm Order Request Form.

Order Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

The time it takes to receive materials once they are ordered varies and is dependent on the following factors:

  • Stock status
  • Country of publication
  • Out-of-print availability
  • Shelf-ready processing
  • Shipping options
Gobi Location Code Library, collection

Aleph Sublibrary &


FLEL   Should be used for all Ebooks              
FYGA Library West, Africa UFSWE AFRI
FYGB West reference, Africa UFSWE AFREF
FLGC Latin American Collection UFSLA LAC
FLGD Architecture & Fine Arts UFSAF GEN
FLGJ Science reference UFSCI REF
FLGQ Maps, atlases UFMAP ATL
FLGX Latin American reference UFSLA REF
FLBD Special Collections UFSPE BLDN
FWGA Library West, Asia UFSWE ASIA
FWGB West reference, Asia UFSWE ASREF
FLGB West Reference UFSMA REF
FUVM HSCL, Vet Med Reading Room UFHVM GEN
HJAX HSCL, Borland Library Jacksonville UFHJX GEN
FLSF Science, Science Fiction UFSCI SF

Course Reserves Plan

Course Reserves (CR) ordering began in 2008. Faculty and instructors input requests for books and other materials into ARES; requests are routed to Access Support and titles that fall within designated parameters will be ordered through the Acquisitions Department. Materials and online resources acquired on CR are sent to appropriate Branches and Collections at the end of each semester. This innovative plan allows faculty and instructors to have direct input on collection building at the Smathers Libraries.

Purchasing Criteria

Guidelines were adapted from the criteria established by the advisory group to the Books on Demand project. Access Support staff will place items already owned by UF on reserve; Acquisitions staff will consult with selectors on order requests exceeding price or item limits:

  • Multi-user e-book versions will be purchased by default if available; if single-user license is the only version available a print copy will also be ordered 
  • $250 maximum price per book; $300 maximum price per STEM book 
  • No theses, dissertations, conference proceedings, or technical reports will be ordered 
  • Course reserve purchasing will extend to video discs, streaming video, and textbooks. 
  • There will be a limit of 2 copies of any title per course and a limit of $500 spent per course each semester


CR Notable Statistics

  • 3,850 items have been ordered in seven years; $231,550.99 spent; $60.14 average price per item purchased.
  • 667 DVDs ordered for Library West.
  • 12 streaming videos and 352 e-books have been acquired through CR.

Books on Demand Patron-Driven Acquisitions Program

The University of Florida Smathers Libraries' Interlibrary Loan (ILL) office launched a Books on Demand (BoD) pilot program in 2006 - the first Patron-Driven Acquistions (PDA) at UF. The office began ordering books for purchase derived from faculty and graduate student ILL requests. All books purchased through BoD become permanent to the collection. By using ILL requests to purchase books for the library, the Smathers Libraries allow patron requests to contribute directly to collection building.

Currently Books on Demand is coordinated by a team of staff from both ILL and Acquisitions, which allows orders to be placed rush from a variety of vendors. 

Purchasing Criteria (Updated 2011)

  • Requests will be considered from faculty, students, researchers, and distance patrons.
  • If ILL requests are designated "lost" in the UF libraries' catalog, the item will be purchased.
  • Books must be published within the last ten years.
  • Cost parameters = $250 maximum price per item; $300 maximum price per item for science books.
  • Theses and dissertations must be purchased in hard copy only.
  • E-books are 'preferred' format; print books are purchased only if e-book version is unavailable or patron makes a specific request for a print book.
  • Foreign language titles are acceptable.
  • Out of print books may be purchased if available in the market.
  • Popular and documentary films may be ordered.
  • All purchases are received rush and sent to the branches immediately for patrons to check out.

BoD Notable Statistics

  • 3,316 items received in 9 years; $211,444.79 dollars expended; $63.77 average cost per item.
  • 470 e-books have been purchased since the start of the program; 259 e-books were purchased in Fiscal Year 2014-15.
  • All broad subject areas and disciplines have been supported by Books on Demand purchases (Humanities; Social Sciences; STEM - science, technology, engineering mathematics; and Medicine).

The Acquisitions Department’s policy for ordering replacement items is linked to the UF Smathers Libraries’ Lost Replacement Policy that includes a set and systematic schedule for assessing charges & replacement costs. During the course of each semester overdue items not returned by the scheduled due date will be assessed default replacement costs.1 Items designated lost from Course Reserves or lost/damaged by circulation staff, will be immediately routed to Acquisitions’ Collections Support Unit for rush ordering; for each item ordered and replaced by Acquisitions during the semester, users will be billed the cost of replacement.2  

Approximately two weeks after the end of each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer Terms), Acquisitions’ Collections Support Unit staff will generate a Lost Item Replacement report. This replacement report will show only those borrowed materials triggered overdue during the semester that were never returned. For each item found on the replacement report, staff and students in the Unit will adhere to the following procedures:

(1) Guidelines for searching and ordering

  • When available, equivalent e-book versions will be ordered in lieu of print editions.
  • If there are one or more copies of an item, or an electronic version, or a newer edition in the libraries’ collections, a replacement copy will not be ordered.
  • If there are no additional print copies in the libraries’ collections, or an electronic version is not available, or no newer editions, a replacement copy will be ordered.

(2) Guidelines for batch ordering

  • The designated vendor for lost replacement materials will be sent a list of titles deemed necessary for replacement. 
  • The vendor will supply newer editions of print books as available.
  • For print books and DVDs unavailable on the market, orders will be canceled.
  • For items exceeding the set price limit, the vendor will notify staff who will subsequently contact the appropriate selector. If additional funding is approved by selector, staff notify the vendor to move forward with the order; if not approved, the replacement order will be canceled.

(3) Guidelines for processing and cataloging

  • Acquisitions will change the Item Processing Status to “RP” to indicate that a replacement order has been initiated and cannot be rescinded.
  • Acquisitions will inform Cataloging & Discovery Services staff when holdings should be updated or withdrawn.


1. Default replacement costs: $65–Smathers Libraries; $100–Marston Science Library and Architecture and Fine Arts Library

2. Maximum price limit: $200-Smathers Libraries; $300-Marston Science Library

Russian Approval Plan

East View Information Services

Contact: Michael Peters

Budget line: 05040003

2014-2015 Budget Allocation: $5000

Librarian: Richard Saltzburg

Started with imprint year 2010

50 page minimum

$100 book price limit (notification for relevant books exceeding this amount)

Geographic parameters = Russia        

Language of publication = Russian (Translations from Russian are blocked)

Types of publications: books for various publishers, collected works (one author), & collected works (more than one author)

Hardcovers are preferred

Only first volumes of new series/annual sent (w/ option of firm orders for future issues)

Multivolume publications (more than 5) blocked; Send as slips

Sample periodicals meeting subject parameters are blocked

Shipping frequency = monthly      Shipping method = Surface mail (2-3 months)

Approval plan discount = 10%

Types of Approval Plans

  • Approval Plan. Using this service, libraries automatically receive monographs according to the specifications listed in their profile, at intervals determined by the library for a designated amount of money.
  • Slip Notification Plan allows librarians to review customized book lists based on their needs and profile and order recommended items on an as-needed basis.
  • East View can combine the above plans, providing materials on an approval plan basis for specified subjects and/or formats, while supplying customized lists of recommendations for others, depending on client specifications. (ebooks)

Italian Approval Plan (Triple-Crown)

Casalini libri

Budget line: 05140003

2014-2015 Budget Allocation: $2500

Librarian: John Van Hook

Dante, Boccaccio, & Petrarch publications

Since we are able to offer comprehensive coverage of material on approval plan, rather than submitting possible profiles to our customers, we have always preferred to select on the basis of their specific instructions. We normally ask customers to let us have a note of their special requirements which may be more or less detailed, as they wish. We particularly request instructions as to specific exclusions, the imprint date with which to start our selection, the total annual amount to be spent on the plan, a top price limit per volume (or per set, in the case of a work in two or three volumes), etc.

With regard to exclusions, attention should be drawn to one important point. One of the standard exclusions for approval plans is that of numbered series. However, in Italy a very large percentage of academic material is published in numbered series. For this reason a similar exclusion would greatly reduce scope for our own selection, at the same time increasing the need for monitoring by the library in order to identify and firm-order important works which would otherwise be lost. We normally overcome this problem by asking for a stop-list of the series titles which the library automatically receives on standing order from other sources. We then exclude any books in these series from our selection. A further check is of course carried out automatically for all standing order titles we ourselves hold on the library's behalf. (ebooks)

German Approval Plan


Budget line: 05030003

2014-2015 Budget Allocation: $5000

Librarian: Richard Saltzburg

Belles Lettres (inactive); Belles Lettres New Title Announcement Profile [87813 GAI-EURO-FS]

HARRASSOWITZ offers the Contemporary German Belles Lettres Program to assist libraries to develop collections in the area of German literature. It consists of an approval plan and a new title announcements plan. The program is based on an author list that includes approximately 1400 living novelists, essayists, poets, and dramatists writing in the German language who have been reviewed favorably in the literary columns of leading German-language newspapers and journals, or who have received literary prizes. The author list was first compiled by HARRASSOWITZ in 1971, and it is continuously updated.

French Approval Plan

Erasmus (France)

Budget line: 05110003

2014-2015 Budget Allocation: $5000

Librarian: John Van Hook

Maximum price: 150 euros

Paperback preferred

Area of interest:

Francophone literature. Secondary literature on francophone authors. VERY IMPORTANT

Derrida –

North African francophone literature

Enlightenment – 18th c. literature. Salons. Feminism

20th century and modern literature: Beckett – Proust – criticism on 20th c.

Interested in poetry criticism

No Middle Ages unless it’s a general publication by a well-known academic

Standard or general publications on any period – have to have it if well-known and talked about in France

In close cooperation with the library, an approval profile is created, on the basis of which Erasmus makes a selection of titles. The selected books are sent to the library “on approval” and may be returned in case the title does not fit the collection. When selecting books, standing orders and subscriptions are taken into account in order to avoid duplication. Approval shipments are invoiced and sent separately from other orders.

Spanish Approval Plan

Puvill Libros

Budget line: 05120003

2014-2015 Budget Allocation: $5000

Librarian: John Van Hook

Spanish Literature:

Early Modern Lit

Middle Ages







Payments per Budget Report - review titles purchased on firm-order budgets by fiscal year.

  • Go to
  • Under the Report Area choose "Acquisitions Reports" and click the "Apply" button.
  • Look for the "Payments per Budget" report under the "Click Report Name" column (reports are in alphabetical order).
  • Click on the "Payments per Budget" report name.
  • On the next page, click on the "Report URL" link under the report example.
  • Login with your ALEPH User Name and Password.
  • In the "SELECT INSTITUTION" box, choose University of Florida.
  • Enter the full number of the budget code you wish to review in the "ENTER ALL OR PART OF BUDGET CODE" box.
  • Use the calendar buttons or type in the dates you wish to review (usually by fiscal year).  Example "2014-07-01" in BEGINNING DATE RANGE and "2015-06-30" in THROUGH ENDING DATE.
  • The report will generate basic fields, but you may also choose additional fields to appear in the report (Material type, Unit Price, Num Units, Vendor Name are additional helpful fields)
  • Click the "GO" button.
  • The report will take a few minutes to generate.  Once the report is generated, review it to make sure all of the needed information has appeared.  If not, go back to the report screen and make changes by deleting or adding fields to the report.
  • Once the report appears as desired, click the "SAVE" button at the top right or bottom right of the report.
  • The report can be save as an Excel document for better viewing and editing.

Search Tab Reports

  • Library Activity Report - review titles on order and/or invoiced through GOBI by budget and date range
    • Click "Search" tab at the top of the screen. 
    • Under the Search heading, click the "Library Activity" link.
    • In the "Library Activity" box, choose "Open" and/or "Invoiced" boxes.
    • In the "Date Range" box, change the "Order Date" drop-down menu to "Range."  Choose the date range you wish to review in the calendar boxes.
    • In the "Fund Code" box, choose the fund code you wish to review.
    • Click the "Search" button at the top right of the screen.
    • A title list should generate.  The number of titles ordered and amount spent will display at the top of the page.
  • Search Selections Report - review titles that have been selected, but not yet ordered by Acquisitions staff (Note: selections will only remain available for 24-48 hours)
    • Click "Search" tab at the top of the screen.
    • Under the Search heading, click the "Selections" link.
    • Under "Date Selected," choose the date or range of dates you wish to review.
    • To check your selections, either choose a budget in the "Fund Codes" box or choose your initials in the "Selector Initials" box.
    • Click the "Search" button at the top right of the screen.
    • If you have selections available, a title list should generate. 
    • If you need to make changes or delete selections, this can be done from the results screen.

Administrative Reports

  • Expenditure Report - brief summary of number of titles purchased on given budget and amount spent
    • Click "Reports" tab at the top of the screen.
    • Under the Reports heading, click the "Expenditure" link.
    • Under the "Invoice Date" section, choose a date range.
    • In the bottom section of the page, click the "Fund" tab.  Choose the budget you wish to review.
    • Click the "Submit" button at the top right of the screen.
    • After a few minutes, are report will be generated.
    • Click the link provided at the top of the screen or click the "Reports" tab again.
    • Under the Reports heading, click the "Administration" link. 
    • Your report will display on the page.  Choose the report you wish to review and choose one of the options at the top of the screen (View, Email, Save to Disk, etc.). 
    • The report will show the number of titles purchased and the amount spent on the budget you have chosen.

eBooks from YBP Library Services

  • Many publishers and aggregators offer eBooks in GOBI, often including a selection of purchase options.
  • The eSuppliers page in the Library menu provides a list of all the eSuppliers with materials available for purchase in GOBI and the library's contract status. A general list is also provided below.
  • For more information regarding eBooks platforms, please see the following guide: E-Books at UF: E-Book Platforms

Purchase Option Definitions

Different purchase option labels often have the same meaning.

Label    Definition
1 User    One user at a time
3 User    Three users at a time
Each    Unlimited number of users
Concurrent Access    Approx. 365 loans per year; unlimited simultaneous users
Multiple User    Unlimited number of users
Non-Linear Lending™    325 loans per year; unlimited simultaneous users
Single User    One user at a time
Unlimited    Unlimited number of users

eBook Suppliers

Aggregator Partners

Aggregator-hosted content (accessible from the aggregator's platform) is often offered with a variety of purchase options in GOBI. See below for details.

Aggregators with ebooks available in GOBI include EBL, ebrary, and EBSCOhost.

Publisher Partners

Publisher-hosted content (accessible from the publisher’s platform) is typically offered with an Unlimited purchase option, unless otherwise noted in GOBI.

Publishers with ebooks available through GOBI include Al Manhal, Brill, Cambridge University Press, CQ Press, CRC Press, Credo Reference, de Gruyter, Duke University Press, Edward Elgar Publishing, Elsevier, Gale, IGI, JSTOR, Karger, Marquis, McGraw Hill, Palgrave Macmillan, Project MUSE, SAGE, Springer, Wiley, World Scientific Press.

Individual titles published by Fordham Press, Oxford University Press, Policy Press, and Stanford Press are all available on the Oxford UPSO eSupplier platform.

Aggregator Details

EBL, ebrary, and EBSCOhost all offer content hosted on their own platforms. Titles are often offered with a variety of purchase options.


  • Single User Option (SUPO): One user at a time
  • 3 User: Three users at a time
  • Multiple User Option (MUPO): Unlimited number of users
  • 1 User: One user at a time
  • 3 User: Three users at a time
  • Concurrent Access: Approx. 365 loans per year; unlimited simultaneous users
  • Unlimited User: Unlimited number of users
  • Non-Linear Lending™ provides access to multiple users simultaneously, according to librarian settings. Each "copy" of an ebook that a library purchases via Non-Linear Lending™
    allows up to 325 loan instances per year. At the end of the lending year, these 325 loan instances automatically renew at no additional cost.
  • 3 User: Three users at a time
  • Unlimited has no restrictions on the number of loan instances or number of simultaneous users allowed.

Selected Publisher Details

  • Cambridge University Press - Purchase options include Single User, Three User, Unlimited.
  • Credo - Purchase options include Single User and Unlimited.
  • de Gruyter - Purchase option is Unlimited.
  • Gale - Purchase option is Unlimited.
  • Oxford - Purchase option is Unlimited.
  • Project MUSE - Purchase option is Unlimited.
  • SAGE - Purchase option is Unlimited.
  • Springer - Purchase option is Unlimited.
  • Wiley - Purchase option is Unlimited.
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