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The Gifts Program is located on the 4th floor of Smathers Library East and is managed by the Accounting & Serials Unit of the Acquisitions & Collections Services Department at the University of Florida Smathers Libraries. The program is responsible for accepting, distributing, and routing a large amount and variety of gift materials donated to the libraries. Currently gifts are accepted and selected using a revised set of gift policies. Please note, the library rarely provides inventories of the gift items. Compiling inventories and assessing value to a material gift donation is the sole responsibility of the donor.

Information for Donors & Staff

The Smathers Libraries will accept gift donations of books and other materials that are in good physical condition, academic in nature, and enhance existing collections. For truly unique or outstanding donations, please contact us and we  will schedule a pick-up of materials at your home or office.

Important links:

Donor Registry form - library staff can use this form as a receipt for donors acknowledging gifts.

Tax Information - this page offers a summary of gift materials and IRS codes for charitable donations.

Giving to the Library - describes the various methods patrons can provide the libraries support.

Summary of Important IRS Guidelines for Material Gifts

This is a short summary of how the Smathers Libraries handle the issue of material gift donations and the IRS rules as they apply to non-profit organizations. For more information visit the IRS web site or contact us.

1. Library staff, particularly the Gifts Program staff, the Director of Development , Subject Specialists/Selectors, or representative from the Library Director's Office may offer donors basic information on the tax codes for charitable donations. However, it is the sole responsibility of the donor to assess value to their material gift donations, as defined by IRS codes. It is also the responsibility of the donor to consult the IRS, a tax attorney, or a tax accountant for more advice or interpretations of existing tax law.

2. A gift valued at more than $5,000 must be appraised by a qualified appraiser* as defined by the IRS (which excludes appraisal by the donee) and the donor's tax return must include a copy of the official signed appraisal attached to IRS Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions (available at the IRS Web site: ). For appraised gifts valued at more than $5,000, if the donee organization disposes of the property within 3 years after the date of receipt, the organization must file IRS Form 8282, Donee Information Return, with the IRS and send a copy to the donor.

3. In cases where the value of the charitable deduction does not exceed $5,000, the donor is not required to obtain a qualified appraisal, but is still required to submit IRS Form 8283.

* Although the Library as donee cannot appraise the gift, the Library Development Officer and Gifts staff can provide information on local appraisers who may be considered qualified by the IRS.

Material Gift Acceptance and Selection

- Revised Policies (Last Updated March 2014) -

  1. Parameters for accepting material gifts for the library - Acquisitions/Gifts Program staff and subject specialists/selectors/library staff will communicate and work together to set and follow tighter parameters for accepting gift donations:

A.   Parameters that restrict acceptance:

  • Textbooks
  • Popular trade paperback
  •  Popular magazines
  • Duplicate academic journals
  • Reprints, proceedings, etc.
  • Materials in poor condition
  •  Items/formats no longer collected/supported (e.g. VHS tapes, Vinyl records)

B.   Additional parameters to restrict acceptance, although negotiable based on scope and quality of the donation:

  •   Large gifts (gifts over 250 volumes - about 10 boxes) must be reviewed in person by a selector and deemed of exceptional quality.
  • Gifts requiring van pick up or postal charges.*
  • Gifts with stipulations for special handling or processing.
  1. Parameters for selecting materials for collections - Acquisitions/Gifts Program staff and subject specialists/selectors/library staff will communicate and work together to set and follow tighter parameters for the selection of gift materials for library collections:

A.   Basic parameters that preclude selection:

  • Duplicate titles held in the collection (unless the duplicates are located in Course Reserves or have circulation of 10 uses or more) or in the holdings of two or more SUS libraries.
  • Missing item (will be added by default unless item is duplicated in holdings)
  • Books with imprint dates over 10 years old (certain areas can request selection review of older books - ‘Rare Books’, ‘Florida History’, some disciplines found within Social Sciences/Humanities, etc.).
  • Materials accepted by Special & Area Studies collection managers that adhere to S&AS Dept. review policies and parameters.

B.   Additional parameters to consider before selection:

  • Any gift collection over 250 volumes in size.*
  • Any gift collection over 100 volumes published in a non-Romance language.*
  • Any gift collection over 50 volumes requiring special processing.*

* authorization must come from a Dean or a Library Branch Chair

Gift and UF Foundation Virtual Bookplates

A. Donor Bookplates

In special circumstances Virtual Bookplates bearing the name of the donor or the donor's family can be attached to gift books. A bookplate may be produced for the gift of a significant collection, but only when granted approval by a representative of the Directors Office, Director of Development, and the Acquisitions Librarian. Approval is based on several criteria, including the size of the donation, as bookplates require many hours of staff labor both in Acquisitions and the Cataloging Departments. When approved, the bookplate template used for this purpose is the standard Ex Libris University of Florida bookplate, and the image of the plate and gift inscription is attached to bibliographic holdings by staff in the Cataloging Department as they are processed for the collections.

B. UF Foundation Endowments
The University of Florida Libraries offer specially designed Virtual Bookplates for endowed purchase funds which have been set up with the University of Florida Foundation. These endowed purchase funds are permanent accounts which are administered by the UF Foundation. Subject Specialists/Selectors use the interest earned from these accounts to purchase new books, e-resources/ebooks, and other materials for the UF Smathers Libraries. For further information about donating funds for such an account, or for other tax deductible cash donations and Online Giving,  please contact the Libraries' Director of Development at the Library Administration Office (352) 273-2505. Books purchased with UF Foundation accounts have the Virtual Bookplates attached to bibliographic holdings by the Cataloging Department.


The Exchange Program barters materials with other libraries, museums, and research centers around the world. In exchange for print journals published in the state of Florida, as well as exhibition catalogs published by UF's Harn Museum, the Smathers Libraries receives over 150 serial titles and standing orders from partner institutions.

A few notable exchange partners are the National Botanic Garden, Belgium; Natural History Museum, England; Osaka Museum of Natural History, Japan; Queensland Museum Library, Australia; Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY; Mote Marine Laboratory, FL; Ringling Museum of Art, FL; San Diego Natural History Museum, CA; Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC; Yale University Library, CT.

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