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APA to PDF tutorial: Home

How to locate the PDF full text of an academic journal article by referring to elements from an APA style citation.

Locating a journal article

This tutorial will show you, step-by-step, how to navigate the library's website to locate an article in an academic journal. (To see a step in full screen, click on the pop-out box in the top right-hand corner). 

Below is a journal article citation in APA style. You will use the elements of this citation to locate the full text of this article in a database.

Step 1. Navigate to the library's home page:

Step 2. Click on Off-Campus Access for instructions on connecting to the Virtual Private Network (also called Cisco AnyConnect).

Step 3. On the library's home page, go to the Catalog tab and select Journal Title. Type in the name of the journal (ex. Women and Therapy) and click Search.

Step 4. In the Catalog, locate the electronic version of the journal (with the red "e") and click on the full text options link.

Step 5. This journal is located in more than one database. Look carefully at the date ranges available. Choose the database that has the year of this journal that you need (ex. 2004).

Step 6. On the journal website, scroll down to the correct volume (ex. Volume 27). Click the link, then choose the correct issue (ex. Issue 1-2).

Step 7. Once you are in the correct issue, scroll down until you see the title of the article you need (ex. “Counseling biracial women…”). Click on the PDF link.

Step 8. Once you open the PDF version of this article, look for options to print, download, open in Adobe Acrobat, and email the article.

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