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Blur content in Photoshop: Home

Blur content in Photoshop

How to blur content in Photoshop

Step 1. Retrieve package (from Tivoli or UFAR). 



Step 2. To retrieve from UFAR:





Step 3. Enter BIB_vid:




Step 4. Then click "SAVE"


Step 5. This will give a job status page:



Step 6. When complete, retrieve the files from your UFAR folder on the ufar_retrieval drive



Step 7. Delete the derivatives 



Step 8. Keep pdf, tif, and txt files



Step 9. Copy the page that the SSN is on and name is XXXX_archive (_archive will keep the builder from reading the file)



Step 10.  Open the .txt page in notepad, find the SSN and delete only the numbers 



Step 11. Save the text file as XXXX_blur (the file will not replace because the file is open)


Step 12. Open the page with the image to blur (SSN) in Photoshop


Step 13. Use the marquee tool to select image (SSN)




Step 14. Use the filter tab, blur, gaussian blue and 20.0 pixels





Step 15. Save the files as XXXX_blur (file will not replace because file is open)


Step 16.  Delete original file



Step 17. Rename XXXXX_bur file to XXXX



Step 18. Pub the file into PreQC



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