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Geological Sciences

Citation Managers are programs designed to handle all your reference needs and save you lots of time. Every citation manager is a little different. The Citation Manager LibGuide contains an overview of EndNote, Mendeley, SciWheel and Zotero which are all widely used citation managers.

Citation Managers can:

1) Insert citations into a paper

2) Generate bibliographies in almost any journal format with the click of a few buttons

3) Organize references with keywords or by making groups

4) Upload PDFs and annotate them

5) Share references with other people



Plagiarism is defined as using another person's ideas or words without properly crediting the other person. In the scientific community this most often is not citing another scientist's research product. There are many types of plagiarism, but one common one is paraphrasing another's work and not citing the author.  Another type is not citing facts that aren't common knowledge. The Copyright libguide contains further information and tutorials on plagiarism.

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