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Agricultural & Biological Engineering: Articles

Connecting you with ways to locate articles, books, and other information in the area of Agricultural & Biological Engineering.

Location of ABE Journals

Agricultural & Biological Engineering journals are on the 3rd Floor in the Marston Science Library. Use the below chart to determine the relevant call number for your area. Otherwise, search the library catalog by subject or title.

Call # Subject
GB 651-2998 Hydrology
HD 1401-2210 Agriculture & Resource Economics
S 1-589 Agriculture
S 590-670 Soil Science
S 671-790 Agricultural Engineering
S 900-954 Conservation of Natural Resources
SB  Plants
SD Forestry
SF Animal Science
SH Aquaculture, Fisheries
SK Hunting, wildlife management
TS 195-198.8 Packaging

Find It @ UF in Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar and want to know what UF has it? Follow these steps:

  1. Select Library Links from Google Scholars Settings page
  2. Search for University of Florida
  3. Select University of Florida - Find it @ UF

Finding Scholarly Articles

Finding Preprint Articles

Preprints can provide some of the latest information on a topic. However, they are preliminary reports of work that have not yet been peer reviewed. 

Finding Trade Journal Articles

Locating these types of articles can be tricky, but here are some engineering-related databases that can be helpful:

Is this journal peer-reviewed? Is this a trade magazine?

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory can help you answer these questions.  Simply search the journal title to determine if it is peer reviewed/refereed (look for the tiny referee shirt). Ulrich's will also tell you if the title is a trade magazine or journal.

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