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Public Health: Enviro/Occup Health

Sources for all disciplines charged with ensuring the health of whole populations.

News from the EPA

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Environ Health Surveillance

National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network,  a web-based surveillance tool designed by CDC for scientists, health professionals, and members of the public to use to track environmental exposures and chronic health conditions.

APHA's Environmental Health page with links on chemical exposure and prevention, climate change, built environment, and workforce development. 


Related Reports

National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals 4th report in ongoing assessment of the US population's exposure to environmental chemicals. First published in 20009, updated February 2015.

DVM-MPH presentation 7-31-12

Occupational Health

Environmental Health

Public Health Partners Environmental Health page of links. Vetted by environmental health specialists and health science librairans.

Niche databases

Air Resources

WHO Compilation of Air Quality Data - released 9/26/2011. Includes link to Excel spreadsheet by city of particulate matter and to indoor and outdoor air quality pages

BugBitten (BioMedCentral blog on parasites & vectors)

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Child-Specific Exposure Factor Handbook. 2008. EPA.

Decade of Children's Environmental Health Research: Highlights from EPA's Science to Achieve Results Program. 2007. [Washington, D.C.] : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, [National Center for Environmental Research.]

Environmental and Health Risk Assessment and Management: Principles and Practices. 2006. Paolo F. Ricci. Springer 

Poverty and the Environment.2007. World Bank.


Networking tools

National Environmental health Promotion Network Blog - promote resources, provide news and share stories on enviro health & emergency preparedness

Climate Change

University of Florida Home Page

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