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Pharmacy: Gainesville Campus

Pharmacy resources and help

New Books in Gainesville

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Book Shelf Browsing Guide


QV 1-55 - Reference Works. General Works

QV 60-75 -  Dermatologic Agents. Gastrointestinal Agents

QV 76-115 -  Central Nervous System Agents. Local Anesthetics

QV 120-140 -  Autonomic Agents. Nonmetallic Elements. Neuromuscular Agents

QV 150-160 -  Cardiovascular Agents. Renal Agents

QV 170-177 -  Reproductive Control Agents

QV 180-195 - Hematologic Agents

QV 220-243 - Local Anti-Infective Agents. Dyes. Tars

QV 247-269 - Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Infective Agents

QV 270-285 - Water. Electrolytes

QV 290-318 - Heavy Metals. Gases

QV 350-370 - Anti-Bacterial Agents. Tissue Extracts

QV 600-667 - Toxicology

QV 600-607 - General Toxicology

QV 610-618 - Inorganic Poisons

QV 627-633 - Organic Poisons

QV 662-667 - Gas Poisons. Chemical Agents

QV 701-835 - Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics

QV 701-737 - General Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics

QV 738-772 - Drug Standardization. Pharmacognosy. Medicinal Plants

QV 773-835 - Pharmaceutical Processes. Packaging. Labeling

WB 330 - Drug Therapy

WB 340-354 - Drug Administration

WB 342 - Inhalation, intranasal

WB 344 - Rectal

WB 350 - Oral

WB 354 - Injections & Infusions

WB 925 - Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)

Printing, Photocopies & Scanning

All the computers within the HSC Library are networked to laser printer/copiers on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Library.

It costs $.10/page for black and white copies or prints and $.50/page for color.  All printing/copying is charged to your Gator1 card.  You can add funds to the card by clicking on the icon on all our computer desktops. 

There is more information at:

If you have questions after going to this site please ask the staff at the Information Desk on the first floor of the library.

We do not have any coin operated copiers. 

You can also save PDFs or files from articles or work on any of our computers  to a USB drive if you have  one with you. 


There are machines near the stairwell on the first and second floor that are connected to a scanner.  You need to save the file to a USB drive, so come prepared!    There is no charge for scanning.

Study Rooms

Study Rooms

  • There are individual and group study rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Library. Many of them do have computers. 
    • They can be checked out for 4 hours with your Gator1 card at the Information Desk on the first floor of the Library.
    •  You will need 3 Gator1 cards to check out a group room. 
    • Rooms can be renewed if there are others available for check-out.


  • Lockers are located on the second floor of the Communicore Building in the area to the right of the elevators, outside of the Library proper. 
  • They are checked out for the semester  at the Information Desk on the first floor of the library and must be renewed each semester. 
    • You must provide your own lock.  If you do not renew your locker then after a reasonable grace period your lock will be cut and the contents removed.  
    • If you put a lock on a locker that you have not checked out it will be cut and the contents removed.
    • A sign will be put up on your locker before we cut the lock notifying you to either renew or check out the locker.   

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