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Dysphagia : diagnosis and treatment. Olle Ekberg. Springer. 2019. 

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Modified inferior turbinoplasty : a new surgical approach. Paolo Gottarelli. Springer. 2012. 

Mohs micrographic surgery. Hrayr P. Attarian, Nidhi S. Undevia.  Springer. 2012. 

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Panoramic radiology : seminars on maxillofacial imaging and interpretation. Allan G. Farman.Springer. 2007. 

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Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Maria Z. Siemionow, Marita Eisenmann-Klein. Springer. 2010.

Practical guide to neck dissection focusing on the larynx. Marco Lucioni. Springer. 2013.

Principles of deglutition : a multidisciplinary text for swallowing and its disorders. Reza Shaker. Springer. 2013.

Reconstructive plastic surgery of the head and neck: current techniques and flap atlas. Matthew M. Hanasono. Springer. 2016.

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Ultrasound of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Robert A. Sofferman, Anil T. Ahuja.  Springer. 2012. 

Vertigo and balance disorders in children. Kimitaka Kaga.Springer. 2014. 

Vestibular migraine and related syndromes. Bruno Colombo, Roberto Teggi. Springer. 2014. 

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