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American Civil War and Reconstruction: Microform Research Collections

Selected resources for AMH 4930, Senior Seminar, Dr. Sean Adams

United States

U.S. History

Selected Microform Sets


Black Abolitionist Papers, 1830-1865
LIB WEST, Microforms      

E  449 .B531

Correspondence, sermons, speeches, missionary reports and
writings of c. 300 19th century black abolitionists.
17 reels with Guide  

Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War
LIB WEST, Microforms  

HD  1471.U5 R431 1985

Manuscript collections pertaining to plantation life in the Southern States from the late 1700s through the late 1800s. Includes slave records and correspondence of plantation owners. With Guides.

Series A:  Selections from the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.
Part 1. The Papers of James Henry Hammond, 1795-1865. 15 reels.
Part 2. Miscellaneous Collections. 26 reels.
Series B:  Selections from the South Carolina Historical Society. 10 reels.
Series C:  Selections from the Library of Congress.
Part 1. Virginia. 8 reels.
Part 2. Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. 5 reels.
Series D:  Selections from the Maryland Historical Society. 14 reels.
Series E:  Selections from the University of Virginia Library.
Part 1. Virginia plantations. 39 reels.
Part 2. <without individual title> 26 reels.
Part 3. <without individual title> 30 reels.

Pamphlets in American History

LIB WEST, Microforms  (3rd floor)
E  178 .P34
The collection covers the Revolutionary War through World War I (1914-1918).  For the Civil War period, see:
Group V:   Sect. 1.     Civil War, 1861-1865            743 titles

The pamphlet is known as a “democratic medium:”  almost anyone could publish one.  These documents frequently reflect social protest, lobbying efforts, new political ideologies, and the cause celebreTypes of pamphlets in the collection include campaign literature, memoirs, personal narratives, published letters, travel accounts, eulogies, commemorative addresses, sermons, obituaries, biographies, autobiographies, published diaries, journals, speeches, legal decisions. Well-known documents are represented, as well as previously neglected sources, providing a balanced view of the diverse opinions and concerns of the American people.

Guide: Pamphlets in American history : a bibliographic guide to the microform collection 

Author, Title, Chronology, and Subject indexes.

LIB WEST, Microform Guides  (3rd floor)  

Z  1236 .P27 1979

Individual titles can be searched in the Library's online catalog under the series title, followed by the Section Category:
Pamphlets in american history
Civil War

History of women
LIB WEST, Microforms 
(3rd floor)     

HQ  1121 .H581  
Collection of literature on and by women to 1920.  Reels are organized by document genre:

Reels 1-934:   Printed books
Reels 935-962: Pamphlets
Reel 963:  Photographs
Reels 964-995:  Manuscripts
Reels P1-P253:  Periodicals

1248 reels with Guide:
The History of women : an alphabetic index to the microfilm collection.  3 vols.
v. 1. Monographs, thru 1869
v. 2. Monographs, 1870-1900
v. 3. Monographs and pamphlets, 1870-1920. Manuscripts, photographs and periodicals, through 1920
LIB WEST, Reference               

HQ 1121 .H581 Index


English Literary Periodicals

From the British perspective:

English Literary Periodicals, c. 1681-1914  

LIBRARY WEST, Microforms Area (3rd floor)

AP 3 .E55

A collection of 233 titles covering British life and culture, not only literary works.  Contributors and editors include Addison, Defoe, Eliot, Goldsmith, Hunt, Johnson, Lamb, Mill, Tennyson.
969 reels, 5,255 volumes




ACCESS: A cumulative index, Accessing English Literary Periodicals, A Guide to the Microfilm Collection, provides access by title, subject, editor, and reel number.
LIBRARY WEST, Reference       

Z  692 .S5 U56 1981

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