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Library Support for Distance Learning: ODLSC Committee

This staff guide provides access to information regarding librarian involvement with distance education at UF.

Online & Distance Learning Support Committee

The University of Florida provides an extensive offering of online deree and off campus distance learning programs at the bachelors, masters, specialist and doctorate leves as well as certificate, non-degree and continuing education courses. With the expansion of the UF Online undergraduate degree program and the recently announced addition of UF to the Unizin collaboration, UF is poised to substantially expand its presence in the area of online education.

The University of Florida Libraries likewise have a significant amount of experience supporting the universtity's online/distance learning initiatives across campus. Our traditional services, including course reserves, inter-library loan, virtual reference services and teh provision of electronic resources in multiple formats, all contribute to the support of online/distance learning students. Up to this point the Libraries have lacked a formal, cohesive group to lead those efforts-the Online & Distance Learning Support Committee is intended to fill that role and provide guidance and leadership to all units and departments in the UF libraries that support online/distance learning.


Tiffany Baglier (Chair), Departmental Libraries

Cindy Craig, Library West

Mary Edwards, Health Science Center Library

Avery Le, Legal Information Center

Paul McDonough, Access Support

John Reazer, Jacksonville Health Science Center Library

Melody Royster, Marston Science Library

Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler, Exhibits Coordinator

Committee Charge

Assess, improve and, as necessary, expand the UF Libraries support for online education/distance learning initiatives at UF, including:

  1. Coordinate support efforts among the various libraries/branches (Smathers Libraries, Legal Information Center, Health Science Center Library).
  2. Ensure the UF Libraries have a support structure in place that is sufficient to meet the needs of UF Online as course offerings are expanded and enrollment increases.
  3. Participate in campus-wide groups and initiatives supporting online/distance learning (DCE/Distance Learning Administrators Group, UF Online Planning Group, etc.).
  4. Review, update and expand the UF Libraries web presence supporting online/distance learning and keep information current. Note: this includes updating and increasing the number of online tutorials, a significant part of the Libraries efforts to reach off campus students.
  5. Investigate the development of a plan for the use of social media as part of a coordinated approach to the UF Libraries efforts to reach off campus students.
  6. Engage UFIT to increase the participation of library subject specialists/liaisons in the instructional design workflow supporting the development of new online courses or the redesign of existing courses.
  7. Coordinate with the UF Libraries Accessibility Advisory Committee to ensure that the Libraries adequately support the needs of online/distance learners needing ADA services or assistance.


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