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Library Support for Distance Learning: Provost's e-Learning Initiative

This staff guide provides access to information regarding librarian involvement with distance education at UF.


The UF Libraries actively works to assist with the development of online undergraduate exemplary courses that are funded through the Provost e-Learning Initiative. These courses aim to:

  1. Improve the quality of learning while maintaining or reducing the cost of instruction.
  2. Help satisfy needs in high demand areas (large enrollment, courses with caps).
  3. Help satisfy general education and Gordon rule requirements.
  4. Provide flexible offerings that students can access locally and at a distance (including summer).
  5. Increase student count.

Subject librarians are matched with the teaching faculty and assigned instructional designers from the Center for Instructional Technology and Training.

2010-2011 Courses

Course  Course Name/PI  Library Specialist  Library Specialist e-mail   Library Specialist phone
FOS3042   Introductory Food Science   PI:  Angeleah Browdy  Melody Royster  mroyster@uflib.ufl.edu      352-273-2661
CHM1025  Introductory Chemistry  PI:  Dr. John A. Mitchell  Donna Wrublewski  dtwrublewski@ufl.edu   352-273-2872
PCO4742   Advanced Seminar in Psychology of Women  PI:  Bonnie Moradi  Cindy Craig  clcraig@ufl.edu   352-273-2649
Colleen Seale   cwseale@uflib.ufl.edu    352-273-2615  
MUL2010   Introduction to Music Literature  PI:  Charles W. Pickeral  Robena Cornwell  robcorn@uflib.ufl.edu   352-273-2815
BSC49XX   Critical Thinking in the Life Sciences  Jay Mann  jaymann@uflib.ufl.edu   352-273-2889
ENC3254   Professional Communication for Engineers  Margeaux Johnson  marjohn@uflib.ufl.edu    352-273-2863 

2009-2010 Courses

Course Number Course Title Department Library Liaison Phone
AEB-2014 Economic Issues, Food, and You Food and Resource Economics Melody Royster 352-273-2661
ARH-2XXX  Masterpieces of Western Art School of Art and Art History Tom Caswell 352-273-2805
BCH-3025  Fundamentals of Biochemistry Food Science and Human Nutrition  Val Davis 352-273-2880
DIG-2930  A Taste of the Arts;  Behind the Scenes School of Art+Art History Tom Caswell 352-273-2805
EIN-4354  Engineering Economy Industrial and Systems Engineering Denise Bennett  
HSC-3102  Personal and Family Health Department of Health Education and Behavior (HEB) Mary Wisnieski 352-273-0367
MCB-3020  Basic Biology of Microorganisms Microbiology & Cell Science Michelle Foss 352-273-2866
MGF-1106  Mathematics for Liberal Arts Majors Mathematics Margeaux Johnson 352-273-2863 
PSY-3213L  Laboratory Methods in Psychology Psychology Shelley Arlen 352-273-2629
SPA-3101 Speech Anatomy and Physciology Comm. Sci. Disord. 
Nancy Schaefer 


An additional class was added in December 2009:

IDH-3931 What is the Good Life? Interdisciplinary Honors

Blake Landor

Marilyn Ochoa



2009-2010 Timeline

Proposal Submission Deadline May 15, 2009, 5:00PM
Proposals Sent to Committee May 18, 2009
Committee Meeting - Review of Proposals May 25-29, 2009
Interviews for Finalists June 1-5, 2009
Committee Meeting - Final Selection of Awardees June 8-12, 2009
Announcement of Grant Recipients June 10, 2009
Summer Institute June 25-26, 2009
Courses Pilot Spring or Summer 2010

2008-2009 Courses

AOM-2520 Global Sustainable Energy Valrie Davis vdavis@ufl.edu 273-2880
DAN-2100 Dance Appreciation John Van Hook  vanhook@ufl.edu 273-2636
SYG-2000 Principles of Sociology Merrie Davidson  merdavi@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2629
SYG-2430 Marriages and Families Colleen Seale cwseale@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2615
URP-3001 Cities of the World Ann Lindell  annlind@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2805
BSC-2007 Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior Tara Cataldo  tara@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2868
BSC-2008 Cell Science Tara Cataldo  tara@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2868
BSC-2010 Integrated Principles of Biology  I Tara Cataldo  tara@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2868
BSC-2011 Integrated Principles of Biology II Tara Cataldo  tara@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2868
CLA-2100 The Glory That Was Greece Blake Landor blaland@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2644
CLP-3144 Abnormal Psychology (funding included with other courses) Merrie Davidson  merdavi@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2629
DEP-3053 Developmental Psychology Merrie Davidson  merdavi@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2629
GER-1125 Discover German I Alena Aissing  alena@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2637
GER-1126 Discover German II Alena Aissing  alena@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2637
LEI-2000 Introduction to Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management Mary Wisnieski  marwisn@uflib.ufl.edu 273-0367
MAC-1105 Basic College Algebra Margeaux Johnson margeaux@ufl.edu 273-2863
PSY-2012 General Psychology Merrie Davidson  merdavi@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2629
PSY-4930 Eating Disorders (funding included with other courses) Merrie Davidson  merdavi@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2629
RTV-3280 Writing and Reporting for Interactive Media Patrick Reakes  pjr@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2770
THE-2000 Theatre Appreciation John Van Hook  vanhook@ufl.edu 273-2636
ARC-1701 Architectural History Ann Lindell  annlind@uflib.ufl.edu 273-2805

Ideas for Embedding the Library into Provost Initiative Classes

  • Post weekly “tips” related to the subject on the class discussion board
  • Create a virtual bookshelf of recommended reading
  • Create a subject guide page in LibGudies

Our Presence in the e-Learning CMS

Currently, the UF Libraries is the third heading under the Campus Bookmarks of the e-Learning home page for faculty and students. Sublinks include:

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