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Health Care Summer Institute: Health Career Websites

Resource Evaluation - GATOR

GATOR is an acronym to help you remember important components of website evaluation.


Genuine - Is the website or resource authentic?  Look for the identity of the site sponsor and the lenght of time the site has been up.
Accurate - Is the material free from error?  Error may be from misinformation or from a lack of updating to represent new discoveries.
Trustworthy - Is the information true and reliable?  Look for references.  Consider the author's credentials and affiliations with academic, non-profit, and government organizations.
Origin - Origin means the producer of the material.  Is the information producded by a reputable hospital or pharmaceutical company.
Readability - This refers to the ease with which you can read the material.  Is it too elementary, too technical, or too advanced? 

Reference: Educating patients to evaluate web-based health care information: the GATOR approach to healthy surfing.  Weber BA, Derrico DJ, Yoon SL, Sherwill-Navarro P.  J Clin Nurs. 2009 Jun 17.

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