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Health Care Summer Institute: PubMed/Medline Plus


PubMed is the primary source of health care literature and includes over 18 million articles. 

If you go into a health care career you will most like learn and use PubMed in school (medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, etc.)

PubMed is free and open to everyone, but if you want the full text of articles of most articles you have to be affiliated with a university.


Medline Plus is a free government website producded by the National Library of Medicine that includes a variety of health care and related information.


Medline Plus

Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice is a common philosophy in most health care colleges. 
It may be called different names depending on the profession. 
EXAMPLES: Evidence Based Medicine, Evidence Based Nursing, Evidence Based Pharmacy, Evidence Based Dentistry.

What IS Evidence Based Practice?

 "Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an approach to health care wherein health professionals use the best evidence possible, i.e. the most appropriate information available, to make clinical decisions for individual patients."

Source: McKibbon KA (1998). Evidence based practice. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 86 (3): 396-401.

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