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Campus Delivery to Law Faculty: Reports

What are reports?

There are several different ALEPH reports involved in the Campus Delivery service.

Here the reports are described, along with any variations between the branches.

cir-06: Hold Shelf Report

When: Runs daily at each location.

What: This report shows expired hold items.

Differences between branches:

  • Law Library: shows all items on hold at their pickup location, for any owning location.
  • AFA & Storage: shows expired items they own that have expired at any pickup location.
  • Music, Education, Science, GovDocs, Journalism, LAC: shows expired items they own that are also on hold at their location.

More information: Even though UFSTO and UFDOC don't have their own hold shelf, they need the cir-06 report to run so that the expired holds will have their hold requests deleted. Otherwise Law can't get them to come off hold properly.

cir-11: Outstanding Hold Request Report

When: Runs every Wednesday at each location.

What: This report shows any unfilled requests by patron status 21 or 26 for each library.

Differences between branches:

  • Each branch's report will only show outstanding requests for the items they own, EXCEPT the cir-11 report at UFLAW. Theirs will show all outstanding requests regardless of owning location.

cir-12: Call Slips for Requests

When: Runs hourly at each location.

What: This report causes the call slips to print.

cir-13: Recall Items on Loan

When: Runs hourly at each location.

What: This report generates the recall notices.

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