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Campus Delivery to Law Faculty: Background

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Sep 17th, 2008: 1st meeting Met to discuss the charge to develop a proposal.

Oct 15th, 2009: 2nd meeting Met to discuss how using Aleph Circ module for Campus Delivery will work and plan first draft for proposal.

Dec 17th, 2008: 3rd meeting Proposal had been turned in and generally approved. Discussed questions for administration (funding?) and planned next phase: testing.

Jan 21st, 2009: 4th meeting Discussed testing results and progress. Discussed starting pilot soon.

Mar 18th, 2009: 5th meeting Discussed how pilot was going so far (began 2/25/09). Decided we will order 30 red bags.GovDocs joined the sublibraries who will have requestable items.

May 20th, 2009: 6th meeting Discussed how the pilot was going and outstanding issues. Decided we can stop meeting regularly and keep in contact via email. Set up distribution list. Also decided to have facilities print reversible cards for the red bags.

Background Summary

Our initial charge:

The mission is to provide high-level service by getting items to our patrons at a location that is convenient to them in a timely manner. We were charged specifically to develop a proposal to address the goals outlined below.

Goal:  Document Delivery for Law faculty.

  • Law faculty can request Smathers libraries materials be retrieved from stacks by Smathers staff and delivered by courier to the Law Library.
  • Pilot (6 months to one year) for Law, if successful, will be considered for Health Science Center Library.

Goal:  Document Retrieval for Oak Hammock residents.

  • OH residents can request materials from Smathers Libraries via online form.
  • Libraries check out materials to that person.
  • OH Bus Driver will regularly (fixed schedule?) pick up OH-requested materials to deliver to OH.
  • OH residents are responsible for returning library materials on time.  (Bus Driver may return these.)

Goal: On-shelf book request by any patron status for item status (01) to any Smathers sublibrary as well as UFLAW and UFHHC.


The proposal we turned in suggested the following:

The following process is recommended for the campus delivery project with Law, Health, and Smathers libraries.

We recommend the pilot project include only the main Health Science Center Library, the Legal Information Center, and the Smathers branches and collections (Library West, Latin American Collection, Marston Science Library, Journalism Library, Music Library, Architecture & Fine Arts Library, Education Library, & Storage).

  1. An eligible patron first must log in to the OPAC. Links will only appear for eligible patron categories.
    • For the pilot, we recommend limiting to faculty. We need to consider including staff because many administrators are classified as “30.”
    • We recommend implementing in stages by subgroup of faculty, beginning with Law faculty in January 2009 then Health faculty in March 2009 and expanding to all Smathers faculty in May 2009 for the duration of the summer.
  2. The request link will only appear for the item statuses we define to be available for this on-shelf service and items that can be recalled. We recommend general loan items with item status “01.”
  3. Aleph generates recall notices as appropriate and pull slips for on-shelf items at the circ PRINTID of owning location.
  4. Items will be delivered to patron’s home sublibrary defined in Aleph. Patrons must be associated with a home library in Aleph for items to be delivered somewhere other than the owning location of the items. We believe we can load the Law faculty with a home library of Law and the faculty in the Health Sciences in the HSCL. We will use Library West as the default location for everyone else. Patrons can change this location by notifying Circulation staff.
  5. The owning sublibrary staff retrieve and process items for the hold shelf or transit to pick-up location.
  6. Staff sort items into colored bags for delivery to Smathers branches, Health, Law, Storage.
  7. Courier completes route once a day, M-F.
  8. Request turnaround time will be three business days.
  9. We will evaluate the service and determine whether or not we’ll continue the service or expand to graduate students.

For the Oak Hammock procedure, OH residents will be assigned a special patron status that will allow them to log in and request general loan items via the OPAC, similar to the process described above. All items will be delivered to Library West for pickup by OH driver. The library’s staff will discharge items to the patron accounts before delivery to OH. After a trial period, we can assess whether or not we’ll allow OH to place requests for videos or bound periodicals, but the turnaround time is very brief.

All materials at ALF will continue to be requestable by all patron categories. Eligible patrons would have a preferred delivery location. All others would have default delivery locations that are tied to the origin of the material; most ALF materials would be delivered to Library West but Health Science Center Library materials moved for the renovation would be delivered to the Health Science Center Library.

Soon we will turn in our final report of what we have learned with the pilot

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