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Campus Delivery to Law Faculty: Procedures

Color Key

Color Key


Established Procedure.

Unlikely to change.



Newer procedure.

May require tweaking.



Proposed procedure.

Needs more input.


Owning Library Procedure

Delivering Requested Items

  1. Check the print daemon daily for pull slips.
  2. Page books.
  3. Click on the Return tab or press F6 to open a return session in Aleph Circulation.
  4. Scan the item barcode in the item box. A transfer message should appear.
  5. Insert the pull slip into the book and place the item in the mail bin marked for the appropriate transfer library.

Pickup Library Procedure

Incoming Requested Items

  1. When the item is transferred to the pick up location, the barcode should be scanned into the item box.
  2. This will generate the "on hold" message and patron notice.
  3. Place the item on the Hold Shelf for the patron.
  4. Manage the item with the other Hold Shelf items in the daily hold shelf management report.

Returning Expired Items to Owning Location

  1. Check printer for cir-11 reports detailing expired holds. 
  2. Pull expired holds off the hold shelf.
  3. Scan the barcode to generate a transfer message.
  4. Place the item in the mail bin for the appropriate owning location.

Missing Procedure

When a requested item is missing from the shelf

  1. When the item is found to be missing, the owning location goes through their normal procedures of marking an item missing in the catalog (so that it may be requested via ILL).
  2. The owning location calls or emails the contact person at Law.
  3. Upon notification of a missing item, the Law staff cancel the hold request and email the patron to let them know the item is missing. They can suggest ILL as an alternative.
  4. Note: For items where there is an alternate copy available, follow the substitution procedure below.


Related question:

Q. What about items with status: in cataloging or in preservation? Will they show a request link? Can those be requested via ILL?

A. They may show a request link (an item process status of CR seems to, an item process status of PR seems not to). If a patron was able to place a hold request but when you go to the shelf it isn't there and is not going to be available for a while due to anything other than being checked out (because if checked out it will do a recall) then it can be requested via UFLAW's ILL service. In these cases, start with #2 in the missing procedure.


Substitution Procedure

When the owning library must make a substitution


When a requested item is not available, but there is another copy available on the shelf:

  1. The owning location will need to put a hold request on the substituted item using the patron that is on the call slip.
  2. The owning location will need to delete the original hold request. If this doesn't happen, it will show up on the cir-11 report.
  3. The owning location will then be able to discharge the barcode and continue the process as normal.

As long as those steps are done the rest of the process will work smoothly.

A substitution should only be done if an exact copy is available. This does not apply to different editions.

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