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Campus Delivery to Law Faculty: Contacts

Contact persons for each branch

At each branch location, we have two people designated as being responsible for checking the printer for call slips and seeing that items are pulled and sent on their way. There is also at least one person who represents the branch in the Campus Delivery Group meetings and who is on the email distribution list for the group.

The coordinators of this project are Angela Mott (273-2523) and Michele Crump (273-2717).

Branch Primary Secondary Branch Representatives
ALF Hang SooHoo             273-2551 Clinton Dailey                     253-2552 Cathy Martyniak           273-2832 Hang SooHoo           273-2551
West Robin Haskins                273-2525 Jim Stevens            273-2528 Jim Stevens          273-2528

LAC Paul Losch               273-2747 Patricia Prevatt             273-2749 Paul Losch             273-2747

EDU Carol Whitmer          273-2783 April Hines                        273-2785 or          Nathan Davies        273-2780 Carol Whitmer          273-2783

AFA Dan Salvano             273-2805 Tisha Mauney                273-2805 Ann Lindell                273-2805 Tisha Mauney                273-2805

Robena Cornwell  273-2815

Mary Wood                273-2815 Robena Cornwell   273-2815

MSL Chrissy Cogar      273-2884 Marijka Willis         273-2853 Chrissy Cogar      273-2884

DOCS Paige Harper          273-0367 Jody Hewitt             273-0367 Chelsea Dinsmore      273-0367 Paige Harper           273-0367
JOU Paul Kirk                    273-2770 Patrick Reakes      273-2770 Paul Kirk                273-2770

LAW Renee Weatherholt  273-0728 Paula Watkins        273-0719 Elizabeth Outler     273-0725 Renee Weatherholt  273-0728 Terry Rogers 273-0707 
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