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Nancy Schaefer: Professional Service


Medical Library Association

MLA Representative to the Partners in Information Access to the Public Health Workforce Steering Committee, 2010-2013

Public Health/Health Administration Section: 

Chair, 2005-2006; Chair-Elect, 2004-2005

Client Relations Committee Chair, 2003-2006;  Co-Chair, 2006-2007


Southern Chapter/Medical Library Association

      Honors & Awards Committee, Chair, 2005-2006


Florida Health Sciences Library Association  

       Nominating Committee, Chair, 2010-2012, 2018-2019

       Immediate Past President/Strategic Planning Committee Chair 2010-2012   

       President/Executive Committee, Chair,  2009-2010

       Vice President/Nominating Committee, Chair, 2008-2009


University of Florida

        Precision Public Health Work Group 2017-


University of Florida Libraries

       Library Faculty Assembly ByLaws Task Force, 2020-

      Accessibility Committee, 2018-


      Career Development Handbook Committee, Chair, 2015-2016

Committees & Memberships

Medical Library Association 1999-

      Instruction & Instructional Design Curriculum Committee 2019-2020

      Annual Education Program Committee 2017-2019

      McClure Medical Librarian of the Year Jury  2016-2017

     Librarians Without Borders® Ursula Poland International Scholarship Jury 2015-2016

     Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce website usability tester March 2015 -2018

     Books Panel,  2009-2012

Public Health/Health Administration Section  2000-

      PHSSR (Public Health Services and Systems Research) Public Health MeSH Enhancement Team 2014-2015

      Client Relations Committee 2001-2011

International Cooperation Section 2017- 

Leadership & Management Section 2009

Public Services Section 2000-2009


American Public Health Association 2000-2007, 2011-2014

       Maternal and Child Health Section 2000-2002

       Public Health Education and Health Promotion section 2002-2007, 2011-2012


American Library Association 1999-2003

Association of College and Research Libraries 2001-2003


Southern Chapter/Medical Librarian Association 2002-

       Research Committee 2008-2011

       Honors & Awards Committee  2002-2003, 2004-2007


Florida Health Sciences Library Association 1999-

Nominating Committee  2008-9, 2014-2015, 2018-21

Strategic Planning Committee  2008-2013

Executive Committee 2008-2012

Membership Committee 2006-2007

Continuing Education Committee 2000-2006, ex-officio 2008-2009


Florida Association of College and Research Libraries 2001-2003

Washington Medical Library Association 1998-1999


University of Florida

    Precision Public Health Work Group 2017-    

         Ontology-Based Data Catalog Work Group, 2019-

    Interim Faculty Senator 2006-2007


University of Florida Libraries

  Natural Language Processing and Digital Sciences Search Committee, 2021-

   Library Faculty Assembly ByLaws Task Force, 2020-

   Yellow Fever Exhibit Committee, 2020-2022

   Accessibility Advisory Committee, 2018-2021

      Live Captioning Task Force 2020-

   Sustained Performance Evaluation Program 2015-2017, 2017-2019

   Health During Construction of the Panama Canal Exhibit, 2012-2014

   Career Development Task Force/Committee 2011-2015

   Tenure & Promotion Committee 2009-2012

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