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Government Documents for African Studies: Home

Government Publications relating to African countries prior to Independence

All titles are microfilm located in Library West

Kenya and East Africa High Commission (1897-1963) DT433.513 .G681 1976

Nigeria (1862-1960) DT515.13 .G681 1974

Southern Rhodesia (1989-1963) DT2879 .G681 1982

Tanganyika (1919-1961) DT447 .G69

Zanzibar (1860-1963) DT449.Z27 G681 1976

Uganda (1892-1899) DT433.213 G7

Historical Newspapers Online

Proquest Historic Newspapers Online:
New York Times  (Sept 18,1851-Dec 31, 2001)
Wall Street Journal  (July 8, 1889-Dec 31, 1987)
Washington Post  (Dec 12, 1877-Dec 31, 1988)
Christian Science Monitor  (Nov 25, 1908-Dec 31, 1991)

Historical Newspapers:contains four major historical resources:
The Official Index to the Times which takes the coverage forward from 1906 to 1980

Periodicals Archive Online
Index to the tables of contents of thousands of humanities and social sciences periodicals, from their first issues (some late 1700s) to the early 1990s, and fulltext of several hundred periodicals.

World Newspaper Archive  A fully searchable collection of historical newspapers from around the globe. This uniquely comprehensive online resource was created in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries - one of the world's largest and most important newspaper repositories.

Primary Sources

This is an evolving list of early European historical sources covering foreign relations with the colonies and trade companies. A great many of the titles listed here are in a micro-format--either microfilm or microfiche.  See a reference librarian for help using the micro readers on the 3rd floor of Library West.

British Sources (example of colonial papers)

1. Calendar of State Papers: (Call number 942 G786c)

The Calendar of State Papers document England's foreign affairs. The Calendars provide detailed abstracts of treaties, diplomatic correspondence, dispatches and reports. The slave trade and colonial matters are a major theme.  The library's holdings are located on the 3rd floor of Library West and in Storage. Some of these are now available at British History Online

  • Domestic Series- National Affairs (1547-1704): 80 volumes located in Library West
  • Colonial Series-Global Colonization (1547-1783): 44 volumes located in Storage (request through the library catalog)
  • Foreign Series-Diplomacy (1547-1603): 28 volumes located in Library West

2. British Parliamentary Records:

Discussions, investigations and reports on the major issues of the day and legislation. See also the Library Guide to British Parliamentary Papers (this guide is still being built and so is incomplete). Most of the library's holdings for this title are held on the 3rd floor of Library West. Some titles are also available online.

Parliamentary Debates (J301.H22)

Also known as Cobbett's Parliamentary History or Hansards

An effort to retrospectively digitize the Parlamentary Debates from 1803-2005 is about 90% complete at

Parliamentary Papers (J301 .H62)

Journals of the House of Commons (J301 .K31)

3. Great Britain. Foreign Office

Records World events and British Diplomacy

British and Foreign State Papers (1812-1963): 327 .42 G786b Located in Storage, request through the library catalog

Documents on British foreign policy (1919-1939): 327.42 G786d Located in Storage, request through the library catalog

Confidential Prints

  • Africa (1843-1912): 327.4206G786f Located in Library West Microfilm (58 reels)
  • Africa (1914-1939): JZ632.B757 1994 Located in Library West, Oversized (many volumes)
  • Africa (1940-1945): JZ632.B757 1998 Located in Library West, Oversized (5 volumes)
  • The First Wold War (1914-1918): D621.G7 B75 1989 Located in Library West
  • Paris Peace Conference (1919): JZ632.B772 1989 Located in Library West
    League of Nations (1918-1941):JZ632.B773 1992 Located in Library West

Slave trade in Africa: (general correspondence 1816-1892) HT1321 .G74 Microfilm Located in Library West

Subject Guide

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