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Standardized Test Preparation: Test Preparation Resources

This guide provides an overview of preparation and informational resources for a variety of standardized educational tests.

UF Resources

UF Test Preparation Resources

UF Library Resources

Online Testing & Education Reference Center

The Testing & Education Reference Center is a comprehensive resource offered through the UF libraries. It offers e-prep courses, strategies and tips, and sample practice tests for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, FCAT, and the SAT and ACT, among others.

Print Resources

The Smathers Libraries at UF provide a variety of printed test preparation materials, typically in the form of guides or workbooks from commercial test preparation companies. To find materials for your test, just search for the test name in the library catalog.

Note: You should be judicious in choosing test preparation materials. The UF Libraries ceased acquiring new print test preparation materials when the Testing & Education Reference Center was purchased (above) and so you should make sure that any print materials you wish to use are still up to date, wherever they are obtained from. You can verify this by checking the test administrator's web site.

UF Campus Centers and Consulting

The Reading and Writing Center

The UF Writing Studio has a resource library with materials to prepare for the verbal sections of the GRE, including books and CDs. Writing center tutors can also review GRE essays.

The Teaching Center

The UF Teaching Center offers workshops to review math and verbal skills for the GRE. The workshops also cover the GRE essay component. The workshops are free and open to all UF students.

GRE and LSAT Consulting

Individual consulting for the GRE and LSAT tests is offered by David Schwieder, UF Political Science Librarian and former standardized test tutor. (Note: This consulting does not include actual test preparation--rather, it covers general advice on testing and choosing an approach to prepare for a test.) Send email.

Other Resources

Commercial Test Preparation Services

Test Preparation Companies

A wide variety of commercial test preparation companies offer test preparation services. These range from self-study materials in print or CD form to tutoring or courses offered either online or in classroom format here in Gainesville.

Princeton Review GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, SAT & ACT, Other Tests

Kaplan GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, SAT & ACT, Other Tests

Testmasters GRE, LSAT, GMAT


Sherwood Test Prep GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT

Tutoring And Test Preparation Locaters

The following sites provide links to/lists of tutors in Gainesville or the surrounding vicinity.

TutorSelect Tutor Locating Service

WyzAnt Tutor Locating Service

Gainesville Craigslist; Services Offered, Lessons & Tutoring

Peterson's Guide Test Preparation and Tutor Links

Note: These test preparation companies and tutoring locaters are listed only as a service to potential test-takers. This listing does not represent any endorsement of these companies' products or services.

Test Administrator Websites

These sites, sponsored by the organizations that produce the tests, offer information and preparation materials.

GRE (Educational Testing Service)

LSAT (Law School Admission Council)

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Council)

MCAT (Association of American Medical Colleges)

SAT (College Board -- Publisher of the SAT)

ACT (ACT -- Formerly American College Testing Program)

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