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Aleph@UF: Create a Spreadsheet from Print-08

Cataloging procedures and policies

Updated by Gerald Langford June 2019

Create a spreadsheet from Print-08

Copy system numbers from Excel to Notepad

Save with lowercase name (dashes are okay)

In Macro Express: Cataloging -> PrepSysnums ->

Right click on "Run Macro Now"

Navigate to Notepad file

Choose "BIbliographic Records"; click OK.

"Records affected" box appears; click OK.

File of reformatted system numbers will have "-new" added to original file name

Log onto Aleph Staff Menu for Report:

  • Step 1:         Logon with Aleph user name/password
  • Step 2:         Click on Browse button
  • Step 3:         Navigate to "-new" file; click Open
  • Step 4:         Click on Upload button

Open Aleph Report -> Cataloging

  • Under Services -> Retrieve Catalog Records -> Print Catalog Records… (print-08)
  • Input File: Put name of file of system numbers
  • Output File: Give file a new name (add “-out” to end)
  • Choose Report Format and Submit
  • Open Task Manager -> File List
  • Move finished report to local computer from remote server using up arrow

Use Windows Explorer to retrieve file

Local Disk (C) -> SUS23_UF_REPT -> Catalog -> files -> UXU01 -> print

Open file in Notepad

  • Remove first two lines:
    • ## - XML_XSL
    • <?xml version=”1.0”?>
  • Save file with .xml extension

Open Excel and "open" the .xml file

  • Rename column headers and remove extraneous columns
  • Use: Data -> Text to columns … to break out merged information
  • Copy all rows but headers into new Excel spreadsheet if desired
  • If possible and if needed, format columns as Text to keep leading zeros on System #s
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