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UF Storage Documents Cataloging Project: Home

This guide was created to inform everyone about the Storage Documents Project at the University of Florida



The Stodocs Project is a major initiative to catalog 300,000 items for pre-1976 US federal documents held in the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF).  After two pilots, the project was fully implemented beginning fall 2009.  The project was suspended in April 2014 when the Shared Collections Catalogign Unit was formed to process incoming government documents and provide retroactive cataloging on all items being added to FLARE.


as of June 2014

Items: 194,616 (65% of target)

Number of items circulated: 385

StoDocs Project official reports

Why did we decide to catalog 300,00 government documents?

·        One third of the Regional Federal Depository Documents collection was moved precipitously to a remote storage facility

·        Criteria used to select documents for the move: numeric series (retrievable) and dust (low use)

·        The University purchased high density storage software that requires bar codes and bib records for all material.  This means that everything in storage has to be cataloged (even the low use documents) and barcoded for the software to record the physical location of the items.

-        In 2014 a new cataloging unit was formed when Government Documents moved permanently to storage.  This unit includes members of the Government Documents staff, Cataloging staff from the StoDocs project and the Dedupication project.

What was it like?

Jimmie Lundgren among the ALF documents

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