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Selection, Scanning, and Submittal Guide - Florida Federal Depository Libraries Pilot Project : Scanning: Scanner Settings

Document Properties

Asking the following questions about your document will help you decide which settings you should use:

  • Color or black & white?
  • Largely image based or text based?
  • Is font regular size or very small? Is it even or broken?

Helpful Tip - Save your Settings!

The Epson Scanner software gives you the option to save your settings once you have set them.  This will save a lot of time as you are making multiple scans.  Tip: Make one setting profile for your black and white text based documents and a separate one for your color and picture based documents!

The option to save your settings can be found at the top of the scanner setting box.

Fixed Scanner Settings

The following settings should be the same for all documents that you scan.

Scanner should always be used in Professional Mode.  This provides you with the most flexibility in your settings and allows you to use the entire scanner bed.

Defaults such as "Document Type: Reflective", "Document Source: Document Table" and "Auto Exposure Type: Document" should not be changed.

Make sure "Unsharp Mask" and "Descreening" are both unchecked.

At the bottom of the scanner setting box, select "Configuration" and then select the "Other" tab and check "Correct Document Skew". This will help straighten scanned images that are not placed exactly straight on the scanner bed.

Variable Settings

The following settings may be changed depending on your document's attributes.

"Image Type:"

         "8-bit Grayscale" - Use if you have a black and white document.
         "24-bit RBG Color" - Use if you have a document with significant color.


         "300dpi" - Use if you have a text based document with standard text
         "600dpi" - Use if the document has stand alone images or maps

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