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Selection, Scanning, and Submittal Guide - Florida Federal Depository Libraries Pilot Project : Scanning

Saving Your Scanned Image

Once you click on the "Scan" button, a File Save box will pop up.

1) Using "Location:" "Other", browse the folders to find the folder you created for the item that you are scanning .  This folder should already be located in your Main Scanning folder. (See Scanning: Getting Started for more information about creating your folder structure.)

2) Make sure that the "Start Number" is set to 001 when you first begin scanning an item.  As you scan this document, this number will continue advance until begin scanning your next document and change your Location to the next item's folder.

3) Select "File Type: TIFF (*.tif)"

4) Click on "Options...".

  • "Byte-Order: Windows"
  • "Compression" "B&W" Select "None"
  • Uncheck "Embed ICC Profile"


You have now 1) set up the folder structure 2) selected the document you want to scan and 3) set the scanner setting.  You are now ready to being scanning your document.

First place the cover of your document face down on the scanner bed and click the"Preview" button.This allows you to see that your image is basically straight and legible. 

Second, select the area that you want to scan.  To do this, use the cursor (which will become a crosshatch over the document) to draw a dotted box around the selected area.  At this time, also check color levels by clicking on the "Histogram" button (see below).

Finally, once you have selected the correct area, click the "Scan" button.

Histogram - Color Correction

The Epson software does a good job with straightening and color levels. Double check color levels by selecting the "Histogram" button during the preview process

Under "Adjustments" select the Histogram icon seen below.

With your cursor drag the left and right arrows to the edges of the graph space.

This step provides us with an accurate view of the document you are scanning.

Contact the Instructors

Chelsea Dinsmore
Phone: (352) 273-0369

Carol McAuliffe
Phone: (352) 273-2825

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