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Selection, Scanning, and Submittal Guide - Florida Federal Depository Libraries Pilot Project : Submittal: Starting a New Item Part 1


Submitting a new item is a 3-step process

1) Verify template/project and confirm acceptance of the "grant permission" statement.

2) Enter basic metadata.

3) Select item to be uploaded. (covered on Submittal: Starting a New Item Part 2)

Finding the ALEPH Bib ID

One piece of metadata to enter in the template is the ALEPH Bib ID. 

To find this:

1) —Go to and select the Library Catalog tab.
—2) Search your title.
3) —If found, select item.
4) —Select Marc view.
5) Copy —Bib ID which is in the 001 field.

Starting a New Item - Metadata

Select "Start a new item" from the main account page.


Verify that you are using the right metadata template (GovDocs) and thereby attaching the items to the correct project.

To proceed, you must accept the grant of permission statement.  This statement says that you have permission to grant copyright permissions for the title, and authorize the University of Florida, acting on behalf of the State of Florida, to digitize and distribute the title for nonprofit, educational purposes via the Internet or successive technologies.  Since we are scanning government documents, we don’t have to worry about copyright, per se.


Next, enter the basic meta data.  Tip: Copy and past from the catalog record to avoid typos!

  • Title – 245 field
  • Publication date – subfield? from 260 (or serial description)
  • OCLC and/or Aleph catalog number
    • OCLC is 035 in UF catalog—some catalogs put it in the 001 field
    • Aleph BIB ID is in the 001 field in the UF and SUS catalog (*PREFERRED)
  • SuDoc # 086 field or LC identifier 050 field

Contact the Instructors

Chelsea Dinsmore
Phone: (352) 273-0369

Carol McAuliffe
Phone: (352) 273-2825

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