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Selection, Scanning, and Submittal Guide - Florida Federal Depository Libraries Pilot Project : Submittal: Starting a New Item Part 2


Submitting a new item is a 3-step process

1) Verify template/project and confirm acceptance of the "grant permission" statement. (covered on Submittal: Starting a New Item Part 1)

2) Enter basic metadata. (covered on Submittal: Starting a New Item Part 1)

3) Select item to be uploaded.

What happens after submittal

You and Chelsea will get an email that says an item has been added to the UFDC. 

It takes a varying length of time for images to actually pop up in the UFDC.  You can immediately see the record information that you enter but it may take a few days for the images to appear.

Starting a New Item - Uploading the Item

Select "Start a new item" from the main account page.

STEP 3) Uploading your item.

Click the browse button to find the folder where your files are located.  Then select the first one page of the document and click the “open” button on the file menu.  Click "Upload" and repeat for each image file.

Here is an example of what the page should look like once you have started uploading your image files.

Contact the Instructors

Chelsea Dinsmore
Phone: (352) 273-0369

Carol McAuliffe
Phone: (352) 273-2825

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