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Environmental Protection Agency (1970- )

EP 1.1:    Annual Report
EP 1.1/2:    Annual Report of Activities of the Effluent Standards and Water Quality Information Advisory Committee
EP 1.1/3:    Office of Research and Development , Region 1: Annual Budget
EP 1.1/4:    Summary of the Budget
EP 1.1/5:    Office of the Inspector General: Semiannual Report
EP 1.1/6:    ORD Annual Report
EP 1.1/7:    ROD Annual Report FY
EP 1.1/8:    Clean Lakes Program, Annual Report
EP 1.1/9:    Report of the Good Neighbor Environmental Board to the President and Congress of the United States
EP 1.1/10:    Progress Report
EP 1.1/11:    NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Evaluation of Demonstrated and Emerging Technologies for Treatment of Contaminated Land and Groundwater
EP 1.1/12:    Annual Report NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Clean Products and Processes
EP 1.2    General Publications
EP 1.2/2:    General Publications
EP 1.3/2:    EPA Citizens' Bulletin 1971-
EP 1.3/3:    Engineering Bulletin
EP 1.3/4:    Emerging Technology Bulletin
EP 1.3/5:    EPA Intermttent Bulletin
EP 1.5:    Laws
EP 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
EP 1.6/2:    Background Document for Noise Emissions Regulations
EP 1.6/3:    Noise Emission Standards for Construction Equipment, Backround Document for
EP 1.7:    Press Releases
EP 1.7/2:    Environmental News
EP 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 1.8/2:    Assistance Administration Manual
EP 1.8/3:    Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and New Source Performance Standards for (various industries)
EP 1.8/4:    Economic Analysis of Proposed Effluent Guidelines
EP 1.8/4-2:    Economic Analysis of Pretreatment Standards Series
EP 1.8/4-3:    Proposes Effluent Guidelines
EP 1.8/4-4:    Industrial Effluent Standards
EP 1.8/6:    OAQPS Guideline Series
EP 1.8/7:    Stationary Source Enforcement Series
EP 1.8/8:    Water Quality Management Guidance
EP 1.8/9:    Extramural Program Guide
EP 1.8/10:    Economic Impact Analysis of Alternative Pollution Control Technologies
EP 1.8/11:    Operating Year Guidance
EP 1.8/12:    Working for Clean Water
EP 1.8/13:    Access EPA
EP 1.10:    Addresses
EP 1.12:    Telephone Directory
EP 1.12/3:    Information Resources Directory
EP 1.16:    Water Pollution Control Research Series
EP 1.16/2:    Conference in Matters of Pollution of Navigable Waters, Proceedings
EP 1.17:    Solid Waste Management Series SW
EP 1.17/4:    Solid Waste News Brief
EP 1.17/5:    Reusable News
EP 1.17/7:    Recycling Update
EP 1.17/8:    1996 Buy-Recycled Series
EP 1.18:    Accession Bulletin, Solid Waste Information Retrieval System 1970-
EP 1.21:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
EP 1.21/4:    Summaries of Foreign Government Environmental Reports
EP 1.21/6:    ORD Publications Summary 1975-1976
EP 1.21/6-2:    ORD Publications Announcement
EP 1.21/7:    EPA Reports Bibliography Quarterly
EP 1.21/7-2:    EPA Cumulative Bibliography
EP 1.21/7-3:    Publications, A Quarterly Guide
EP 1.21/8:    Air Pollution Technical Publications of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Quarterly Bulletin 1975-
EP 1.21/9:    Research Reports, National Environmental Research Center, Las Vegas
EP 1.21/10:    Online Literature Searching and Databases
EP 1.21/11:    National Publications Catalog
EP 1.21/11-2:    EPA National Publications Catalog
EP 1.23:    Ecological Research, 600/3-
EP 1.23/2:    Environmental Protection Technology, 600/2-
EP 1.23/3:    Socioeconomic Environmental Studies, 600/4-
EP 1.23/4:    Environmental Health Effects Research, 600/1-
EP 1.23/5:    Environmental Monitoring, 600/4-
EP 1.23/5-2:    National Performance Audit Program, Ambient Air Audits of Analytical Proficiency
EP 1.23/5-3:    Precision and Accuracy Assessments for State and Local Air Monitoring Networks
EP 1.23/5-4:    Acid Precipitation in North America: Annual Data Summary From Acid Deposition System Data Base
EP 1.23/6:    Miscellaneous Series 600/9-
EP 1.23/6-2:    EPA Research Program, Annual Report
EP 1.23/7:    Scientific and Technical Assessments Reports 600/6-
EP 1.23/8:    Interagency Energy-Environment Research and Development Program Reports 600/7-
EP 1.23/9:    EPA Special Reports
EP 1.23/10:    Environmental Technology Partnerships
EP 1.23/10-2:    Environmental Technology Verification Program Quarterly Report
EP 1.23/10-3:    The Monitor
EP 1.23/10-4:    ETVoice
EP 1.25/2:    Oil Pollution Abstracts -1980
EP 1.28/6:    Environment Midwest, Together
EP 1.28/7:    Environmental Midwest
EP 1.29/3:    Ambient Water Quality Criteria for (various chemicals)
EP 1.31:    Journal Holdings Report 1971-
EP 1.32:    Expro, Listing of Extramural Projects to be Funded in Fiscal Year
EP 1.33:    State Air Programs, Digest, Fiscal Year
EP 1.35/2:    State and Local Grant Awards
EP 1.35:    Quarterly Awards Listing Grants Assistance Programs
EP 1.41:    Inventory of Interstate Carrier Water Supply Systems
EP 1.42/2:    Environmental Fact Sheet
EP 1.43:    Clean Water, Report to Congress 1972-
EP 1.43/2:    Ground Water Issue
EP 1.45:    Comprehensive Planning Series
EP 1.46/7-2:    Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory: Report of Progress
EP 1.46/7:    Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory: Quarterly Report
EP 1.47:    The National Air Monitoring Program: Air Quality and Emissions Trends, Annual Report
EP 1.52:    State Air Pollution Implementation Plan Progress Report 1973-
EP 1.53/2:    Air Quality Criteria
EP 1.56/4:    State Priority Lists for Construction Grants for Wastewater Treatment Works, Fiscal Year
EP 1.57/3:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/4:    Draft Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/5:    Standards Support and Environmental Impact Statements
EP 1.57/6:    Draft Environmental Status Report
EP 1.59:    Monitoring and Air Quality Trands Report 1971-
EP 1.62:    Cost of Clean Air
EP 1.63:    Collection of Legal Opinions
EP 1.64:    National Emissions Report
EP 1.66:    Decisions of the Administrator and Decisions of the General Counsel
EP 1.67:    EPA Journal 1975-
EP 1.67/a:    EPA Journal Reprint
EP 1.69:    Annual Report to Congress on Administration of the Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act of 1972
EP 1.71:    Water Quality Management Bulletin
EP 1.73:    Federal Noise Program Reports
EP 1.74:    Decision Series
EP 1.76:    102 Monitor, Environmental Impact Statements 1970-1981
EP 1.77:    Environmental Program Administrators
EP 1.78:    Technical Reports
EP 1.79:    Toxic Substances Control Act, Report to Congress for Fiscal Year 1977-
EP 1.79/2:    Toxics Integration information Series 1979-
EP 1.79/3:    Toxics Integration Policy Series
EP 1.81:    Research Highlights 1977-
EP 1.81/2:    Research Outlook
EP 1.82:    Task Force on Environmental Cancer and Heart and Lung Diseases: Annual Report to Congress 1978-
EP 1.83:    Annual Research Symposium
EP 1.84/4:    Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program (series)
EP 1.85:    EPA Annual Report to Pollution Engineers
EP 1.86:    State-EPA Agreements, Annual Report
EP 1.87:    Environmental Quality Profiles
EP 1.87/2:    Environmental Quality Profile, Pacific Northwest Region
EP 1.88:    Chesapeake Bay Program
EP 1.89:    Research Summary
EP 1.89/2:    Project Summary
EP 1.89/3:    Test Method
EP 1.89/4:    SITE (Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation)
EP 1.89/4-2:    SITE Demonstration Bulletin
EP 1.89/4-3:    SITE Technology Demonstration Summary
EP 1.89/4-4:    The Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program, Annual Report to Congress
EP 1.89/5:    Superfund Emergency Response Actions, A Summary of Federally-Funded Removals, Annual Report
EP 1.89/6:    Progress Toward Implementing Superfund Report to Congress
EP 1.89/8:    Superfund Emergency Response Actions
EP 1.91:    Water Quality Management Five Year Strategy, FY-Baseline
EP 1.93:    Environmental Outlook
EP 1.94:    Biology and Control of Insect and Related Pests of (various animals)
EP 1.95:    Environmental Hotline 1980-
EP 1.96:    Environmental Research Brief
EP 1.97:    Puget Sound Notes
EP 1.98:    EPA Newsletter, Quality Assurance
EP 1.99:    Maps and Atalses
EP 1.100:    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Advisory Committees
EP 1.101:    Forms
EP 1.102:    Directories
EP 1.103:    OSWER Training Course Catalog
EP 1.104:    Electronic Products
EP 1.104/2:    EPA DOC
EP 1.104/3:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report
EP 1.104/4:    Landview II, Mapping of Selected EPA-Regulated Sites, Tiger/Line and Census of Population and Housing
EP 1.104/5:    CERCLIS (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation, and Liability Information System)
EP 1.105:    Bioremediation
EP 1.106:    Tech Trends
EP 1.106/3:    Technology News and Trends
EP 1.107:    National Priorities List Sites
EP 1.107/3:    national Priorities List
EP 1.109:    Air CHIEF (Clearinghouse for Inventory and Emission Factors)
EP 1.110:    ORD Engineering Highlights
EP 1.110/2:    ORD Science Highlights
EP 1.111:    Monthly Hotline Report
EP 1.113:    Sector Notebook Project
EP 1.114:    Inside the Greenhouse: A State and Local Resource on Global Warming
EP 1.117:    Small Business Ombudsman Update Newsletter
EP 1.118:    WasteWise Updates
EP 1.119/2:    Fox River Currents
EP 1.119:    Cleanup News
EP 1.121:    Oil Spill Program Update
EP 1.124/2:    FEDFACS Newsletter
EP 1.124/3:    Enforcement Alert Newsletter
EP 1.125:    Science Inventory
EP 1.126/2:    Toxics Release Inventory. State Fact Sheets
EP 1.127:    Providing Safe Drinking Water In America
EP 1.128:    CBEP News Online
EP 1.129:    Ephemera
EP 1.130:    Environmental Administrative Decisions
EP 1.131:    Electronic Newsletters
EP 1.132:    Electronic Updates
EP 1.133:    The CA compass: new directions in compliance assistance 

Office of Water

EP 2.2:    General Publications
EP 2.3/3:    EPA-IRC (Instructional Resources Center) Bulletin
EP 2.3/4:    Labcert Bulletin
EP 2.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 2.10:    Water Pollution Control Research Series
EP 2.11:    Oil and Hazardous Material Program Series
EP 2.14:    Cost of Clean Water
EP 2.15:    Northwest Shellfish Sanitation Research Planning Conference, Proceedings
EP 2.16:    Analytical Reference Service Reports 1958-
EP 2.17:    Inventory Municipal Waste Facilities
EP 2.17/2:    National Water Quality Inventory, Report to Congress
EP 2.21:    Digest of State Program Plans
EP 2.23:    Working Papers
EP 2.24:    Fish Kills Caused by Pollution in (year) 1960-
EP 2.28:    MCD (Municipal Construction Division) Series
EP 2.28/2:    FRD (Facility Requirements Division) Series
EP 2.29:    Office of Water Operating Guidance and Accountability System
EP 2.30:    Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects, A Progress Report
EP 2.34/2:    Information Management Branch Update
EP 2.34:    Watertalk, Region 10 Bulletin
EP 2.36:    Nonpoint Source News-Notes
EP 2.37:    Waternews
EP 2.38:    Fact Sheets 

Office of Solid Waste

EP 3.2:    General Publications
EP 3.9:    Bibliographies and lists of Publications
EP 3.10:    State Solid Waste Planning Grants, Agencies, and Progress, Report of Activities 

Air and Radiation Office

EP 4.13:    Air Pollution Training Courses, (year) and University Training Programs, Extramural Programs, Institute for Air Pollution Training Planning and Special Projects
EP 4.31:    The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act
EP 4.32:    Ambient Air Precision and Accuracy Program 

Air Quality Planning and Standards Office (1971- )

EP 4.2:    General Publications
EP 4.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 4.9:    Air Pollution Control Office Publications AP- June 1963-
EP 4.9/2:    Air Pollution Control Office Publication APTD- January 1968-
EP 4.14/2:    Chronological Schedule, Institute of Air Pollution Training Courses
EP 4.16:    Progress in the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in (year), Report to Congress
EP 4.17:    Source Category Survey
EP 4.18:    Draft Environmental Impact Statements
EP 4.18/2:    Final Environmental Impact Statements
EP 4.19:    Review of Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources
EP 4.20:    Manufacturing Industries Technical Documents
EP 4.21:    APTI (Air Pollution Training Institute) Courses
EP 4.22/2:    National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report
EP 4.23:    National Air Toxics Information Clearinghouse: Newsletter
EP 4.24:    National Air Pollutatnt Emission Estimates
EP 4.25:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
EP 4.26:    Directories
EP 4.27:    AIRS Executive+
EP 4.28:    Electronic Products
EP 4.29:    Energy Star Homes Update
EP 4.52:    General Publications
EP 4.54:    Municipal Solid Waste Landfills: Background Information Document for Federal Plan: Public Comments and Responses
EP 4.58:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 4.64:    National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report
EP 4.65:    Quality Assurance Report, Calendar Year ... : The PM2.5 Ambient Air Monitoring Program
EP 4.67:    Tribal Air News 

Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances (1980- )

EP 5.1:    Office of Pesticide Programs Annual Report
EP 5.2:    General Publications
EP 5.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 5.8/2:    Apply Pesticides Correctly, A Guide for Commercial Applicators
EP 5.9:    Pesticides Abstracts
EP 5.11    EPA Compendium of Registered Pesticides
EP 5.11/1:    v.1 Herbicides and Plant Regulators
EP 5.11/2:    v.2 Fungicides and Nematicides
EP 5.11/3:    v.3 Insecticides, Acaricides, Molluscicides, and Antifouling Compounds
EP 5.11/4:    v.4 Rodenticides and Mammal, Bird and Fish Toxicants 1973-
EP 5.11/5:    v.5 Disinfectants
EP 5.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
EP 5.13:    Substitute Chemical Program, Initial Scientific and Minieconomic Review of (various chemicals)
EP 5.14:    Environmental Impact Statements
EP 5.15:    Chemicals-in-Progress Bulletin
EP 5.15/2:    TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Chemical Assessment Series
EP 5.15/3:    TSCA Economic Analysis Series
EP 5.17:    Pesticide Registration Standards
EP 5.18:    Toxic Integration Information Series
EP 5.18/2:    The Toxics-Release Inventory: A National Perspective
EP 5.18/2-2:    The Toxics-Release Inventory: Executive Summary
EP 5.20:    Chemical Information Fact Sheets
EP 5.22:    Toxic Chemical Release Inventory
EP 5.22/2:    Toxic Release Inventory
EP 5.22/3:    Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Form R and Instructions
EP 5.24:    Directories
EP 5.25:    Electronic Products
EP 5.26:    Pollution Prevention News
EP 5.27:    Pesticide Registration Eligibility Decisions (REDS)
EP 5.28:    Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Update
EP 5.29:    Pesticides Industry Sales and Usage: Market Estimates
EP 5.30:    OPPT Tribal News 

Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (1970- )

EP 6.1/2:    EPA Review of Radiation Protection Activities
EP 6.2:    General Publications
EP 6.9:    Radiation Data and Reports
EP 6.10/6:    Technical Note ORP/LV-
EP 6.10/7:    Technical Note ORP/TAD-
EP 6.10/8:    Technical Note ORP/EAD
EP 6.10/9:    ORP Contract Reports
EP 6.11:    Radiological Quality of the Environment
EP 6.13:    Technical Reports
EP 6.14:    Environmental Impact Statements
EP 6.14/2:    Regulatory Impact Analysis 

Technology Transfer (1971- )

EP 7.2:    General Publications
EP 7.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 7.8/2:    Process Design Manual for (various subjects)
EP 7.9:    Technology Transfer
EP 7.10:    Technology Transfer Seminar Publications
EP 7.11:    EPA Technology Transfer Capsule Reports
EP 7.12:    Sulfur Oxides Control Technology Series 

Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

EP 8.2:    General Publications
EP 8.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 8.16:    Coastlines
EP 8.17:    The Water Monitor 

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office

EP 9.2:    General Publications
EP 9.15:    Electronic Products 

Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

EP 10.2:    General Publications
EP 10.16/2:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). Executive Summary
EP 10.16/4:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). State Summary Analysis
EP 10.16/5:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). State Detail Analysis
EP 10.16/6:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). List of Large Quantity Generators
EP 10.16/7:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). List of Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities
EP 10.16/3:    National Biennial RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Based on .... Data). National Analysis
EP 10.17:    Partners in Progress (EPA Update on Federal Facility Cleanup and Reuse)
EP 10.102:    Technology Innovation Office: General Publications
EP 10.108:    Technology Innovation Office: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Office of Research and Development

EP 11.2:    General Publications
EP 11.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
EP 11.17:    National Risk Management Research Laboratory 

Office of Inspector General

EP 12.1/2:    Annual Superfund Report to the Congress for FY
EP 12.1/2-2:    Office of Inspector General Annual Plan
EP 12.1/5:    Multi-Year Plan
EP 12.1:    Annual Performance Report Fiscal Year
EP 12.2:    General Publications
EP 12.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

EP 13.2:    General Publications
EP 13.15:    Environmental Justice Quarterly 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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