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The Civil Service Commission was created in 1883 and disbanded in 1979.

Civil Service Commission

CS 1.1:    Annual Report 1884-
CS 1.2:    General Publications
CS 1.6:    Instruction and Information for Applicants and for Boards of Examiners
CS 1.7/1:    Civil Service Act and rules, retirement and classification acts, statutes, executive orders and regulations
CS 1.7/2:    Laws, Rules and Regulations
CS 1.7/4:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
CS 1.7/4:C18    Federal Career Directory, Guide for College Students
CS 1.7/5:    Manual on Fund-Raising Within the Federal Services for Voluntary Health and Welfare Agencies
CS 1.23:    On Concerning Reinstatements
CS 1.25:    Information Concerning Temporary Appointments
CS 1.26:    Announcements of Examinations
CS 1.26/4:    Announcements of Examinations, Field and Local
CS 1.28:    Announcements of Examinations
CS 1.28:2279    AN 2279, Current Federal Examination Announcements 1923-
CS 1.28:2280    AN 2280, Best Opportunities for Federal Employment 1951-1975
CS 1.29/2:    Retirement Reports, Fiscal Year, C.S. Retirement Act, Panama Canal Annuity Act
CS 1.29/3:    Report, Civil Service Requirement, Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance, Federal Employees Health Benefits, Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits, Fiscal Year
CS 1.30:    Veteran Preference (in Appointment to Civil Offices under U.S. Government-Form 1481)
CS 1.31:    Official Register of the United States 1816-1959
CS 1.34:    Political Activity and Political Assessments of Federal Office-Holders and Employees
CS 1.39    Position Classification Standards for Positions Subject to the Classification Act of 1949
CS 1.39/2:    Position Classification Standards Concerning Positions in One Agency
CS 1.44:    Handbook of Occupational Groups and Series of Classes
CS 1.48:    Pamphlets 1947-
CS 1.54:    Personnel Management Series 1951-
CS 1.55/2:    Federal Civilian Workforce Statistics
CS 1.58:    Personnel Methods Series
CS 1.59:    Federal Facts 1956-
CS 1.61/4:    Index to Civil Service Commission in Information
CS 1.62:    Personnel Literature 1941-
CS 1.64:    President's Awards for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service
CS 1.65/5:    General Management Training Center, Calendar of Training Courses, Fiscal Year
CS 1.65/6:    National Interagency Training Curriculum
CS 1.65/7:    Management Analysis Series
CS 1.65/9:    Catalogs of Training Courses
CS 1.66:    Civil Service Journal 1960-
CS 1.70:    University-Federal Agency Conference on Career Development Conference Reports
CS 1.71/4:    Technical Memorandum
CS 1.71/5:    Fiscal Year
CS 1.71/7:    Personnel Research Reports
CS 1.72:    Current Federal Workforce Data 1964-
CS 1.72/2:    Federal Workforce Outlook 1965/68-
CS 1.73:    Salary Tables, Executive Branch of the Government
CS 1.76/2:    EEO for State and Local Governments
CS 1.79:    Administrator's Alert
CS 1.80/2:    Labor Management Relations Issues in State and Local Governments
CS 1.87:    Interagency Advisory Group: Annual Report
CS 1.88:    Telephone Directory
CS 1.91:    First Line, Newsletter for Federal Supervisors and Midmanagers 1976-
CS 1.93:    Employment of Disabled and Vietnam Era Veterans in the Federal Government
CS 1.94:    Current IPA Projects for Improved State and Local Management 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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