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The Department of Housing and Urban Development was created in 1965. It is currently led by Julian Castro, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

HH 1.1:    Annual Report 1965-
HH 1.1/2:    Office of Inspector General: Report to the Congress
HH 1.1/3:    Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank: Annual Report
HH 1.1/4-2:    FY Budget Summary
HH 1.1/5:    Annual Audit Plan
HH 1.1/6:    The Secretary's Semiannual Report to the Congress
HH 1.1/8:    IPS @ HUD
HH 1.1/9:    The State of Fair Housing, Report to the Congress
HH 1.1/10:    Consolidated Annual Report for the Office of Community Planning and Development
HH 1.1/11:    Consolidated Financial Report FY
HH 1.1/13:    Report to Congress
HH 1.2:    General Publications
HH 1.2/2:    University-community partnerships
HH 1.3/3:    Urban Consortium Information Bulletins
HH 1.3/5:    Program Integrity Bulletin
HH 1.5:    Laws
HH 1.5/2:    Detailed Summary of Housing Amendments
HH 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
HH 1.6/3:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HH 1.6/3:En 8    Interim Guide for Environment Assessment
HH 1.6/6:    HUD Handbooks
HH 1.6/9:    HUD Minimum Property Standards
HH 1.6/11:    Planning for Planning Security
HH 1.9:    Technical Bulletins
HH 1.9/2:    Housing Research
HH 1.14:    Housing and Urban Development Trends 1968- (1948-1980)
HH 1.15/4:    HUD Newsletter 1969-1982
HH 1.23:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
HH 1.23/2:    Housing and Planning References
HH 1.23/3:    Housing and Planning References, New Series
HH 1.23/6:    Solar Bibliography
HH 1.23/7:    HUD User Bibliography Series
HH 1.23/8:    Urban Research Monitor
HH 1.24:    Housing in the Economy
HH 1.26:    Urban Planning Assistance Program, Project Directory
HH 1.28:    HUD-MP-
HH 1.32:    Country Report Series
HH 1.36:    HUD Challenge 1969-
HH 1.37:    Governmental National Mortgage Associations Annual Report
HH 1.38:    Statistical Yearbook 1966-
HH 1.40/2:    HUD International Briefs 1971-
HH 1.41:    Biennial HUD Awards for Design Excellence]
HH 1.42:    Model Cities Management Series, Bulletins
HH 1.43/2:    Major Programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Fact Sheets 1979-
HH 1.44/2:    Houselines
HH 1.46/3:    Community Development Block Grant Program Annual Reports 1976-
HH 1.46/5:    Urban Development Action Grant Program
HH 1.46/6:    Consolidated Annual Report to Congress on Community Development Programs
HH 1.46/6-2:    Community Development Block Grant Program, Directory of Allocations for Fiscal Years
HH 1.50:    Directory of Multifamily Project Mortgage Insurance Programs by Project Status
HH 1.51:    Local Authorities Participating in Low-Rent Housing Programs 1971-
HH 1.54:    Experimental Housing Allowance Program, Annual Report 1973-
HH 1.55:    Final Environmental Impact Statement
HH 1.60:    Minority Business Enterprise in HUD Programs Annual Report
HH 1.63:    Public Housing Management Improvement Program: Technical Memorandums
HH 1.65:    Footnotes 1976-
HH 1.66:    Utilities Demonstration Series 1977-
HH 1.67:    Community Stabilization Case Studies 1977-
HH 1.69:    HUD Solar Status
HH 1.70:    Victimization, Fear of Crime and Altered Behavior
HH 1.72:    HUD Building Technology Reports
HH 1.73:    Evaluation of the Urban Homesteading Demonstration Program 1977-
HH 1.74:    Residential Solar Program Reports 1978-
HH 1.75:    President's National Urban Policy Report 1978-
HH 1.75/4:    Research Works
HH 1.75/2:    Cityscape- A Journal of Policy Development and Research
HH 1.75/3:    FieldWorks, Ideas for Housing and Community Development
HH 1.76:    Methods of Urban Impact Analysis 1979-
HH 1.77:    NSHCIC (National Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center) Bulletins
HH 1.78:    Annual Housing Survey Studies 1978-
HH 1.79:    Annual Report on the National Housing Goal 1970-
HH 1.79/2:    National Housing Production Report
HH 1.80:    Indian and Alaska Native Housing and Community Development Programs, Annual Report to Congress
HH 1.80/2:    Public and Indian Housing FY… Program Funding Plan
HH 1.80/3:    Dream Catcher
HH 1.82:    Financial Management Capacity Sharing Program
HH 1.84:    Recent Research Results
HH 1.85:    Interagency Urban Initiatives Anti-Crime Program, Report to Congress 1980-
HH 1.86:    Legal Opinions of the Office of General Counsel
HH 1.88:    Research and Technology Program, Fiscal Year
HH 1.89:    State and Urban Strategies
HH 1.92:    Telephone Directory
HH 1.96:    Management Design and Development Technical Bulletins
HH 1.97:    Affordable Housing Demonstration, Case Studies
HH 1.97/2:    Citizen Action for Affordable Housing, Case Studies
HH 1.98:    Posters
HH 1.99:    Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity
HH 1.99/2:    Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity
HH 1.99/2-3:    Survey of Mortgage Lending Activity
HH 1.99/3:    Secondary Market Prices and Yields and Interest Rates for Home Loans
HH 1.99/4:    Survey of Pension Fund Investment in Mortgage Instruments
HH 1.99/5:    UDAG Grants Total for Smaller Communities
HH 1.99/8:    New Private Mortgage Insurance Activity
HH 1.100:    Programs of HUD
HH 1.104:    Elderly News Updates
HH 1.105:    Congressional Justification for Estimates
HH 1.107:    Productivity Improvement Program
HH 1.108:    Community Development Programs: State Reports
HH 1.108/4:    Tax Incentive For Businesses in the Renewal Communities
HH 1.108/2:    Community Connections
HH 1.108/3:    EZ/EC News
HH 1.109:    OIG Communique
HH 1.113:    Home Front
HH 1.113/2:    The Resident Leader
HH 1.114:    Electronic Products
HH 1.114/3:    HOMEfires: Policy Newsletter of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Office of Affordable Housing Programs
HH 1.115:    The HUD Sales Connection
HH 1.116:    Forecast of Contract Opportunities, Fiscal Year
HH 1.117:    Labor Relations Letters
HH 1.120:    HUD Wellness Newsletter
HH 1.120/2:    U.S. Housing Market Conditions
HH 1.121:    Keynotes
HH 1.122:    The Lead Post
HH 1.123:    Counselor's Connection
HH 1.125:    Service Coordinators Chronicle
HH 1.126:    Income Limits and Sections 8 Fair Market Rents
HH 1.128:    HUD Housing Today
HH 1.129:    Club Notes
HH 1.131:    Comprehensive Market Analysis Reports
HH 14.2:    General Publications 

Federal Housing Administration (1947- )

HH 2.1:    Federal Housing Administration Annual Report
HH 2.2:    General Publications
HH 2.5:    Laws
HH 2.6/6:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
HH 2.7:    Land Planning Bulletin
HH 2.23/2:    List of Technical Studies
HH 2.24:    FHA Trends, Characteristics of Home Mortgages Insured by FHA
HH 2.24/2:    State Trends
HH 2.24/3:    Area Trends
HH 2.24/4:    FHA Homes, Data for States on Characteristics of FHA Operations Under Sec. 203
HH 2.24/4-2:    Data for States and Selected Areas on Characteristics of FHA Operations Under Section 245
HH 2.24/5:    Summary of Mortgage Insurance Operations and Contract Authority
HH 2.24/7:    Characteristics of FHA Single-Family Mortgages
HH 2.26:    FHA Low Cost Housing Trends of 1-Family Homes Insured by FHA Under Sec.221(d)(2)
HH 2.27:    FHA Monthly Report of Operations: Project Morgage Insurance Programs
HH 2.29:    Housing/FHA News 

Housing Assistance Administration (1965-1969)

HH 3.1:    Annual Report
HH 3.2:    General Publications
HH 3.8:    Trends Toward Open Occupancy in Housing Programs of Public Housing Administration 

Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1947-1955)

HH 4.1:    Annual Reports 

Federal National Mortgage Association (1950-1968)

HH 6.1:    Semi-Annual Report
HH 6.2/2:    Background and History of the Federal National Mortgage Association 

Renewal Assistance Administration (1965-1969)

HH 7.6/2:    Technical Guides
HH 7.8:    Urban Renewal Project Characteristics 1954-
HH 7.8/2:    Urban Renewal Project Directory
HH 7.8/3:    Urban Planning Assistance Program Project Directory
HH 7.12:    Urban Renewal Notes
HH 7.14:    Relocation from Urban Renewal Project Areas

Urban Management Assistance Administration (1969- 1974)

HH 8.2:    General Publications
HH 8.9:    Selected Abstracts of Planning Reports 1969-

Community Development Office

HH 9.9:    Report of Urban Renewal Operations, Title 1, Housing Act of 1949 as Amended 

Federal Insurance Administration

HH 10.2:    General Publications
HH 10.8:    Handbooks, Manuals and Guides
HH 10.9:    Flood Insurance Studies (by State)
HH 10.10:    Community Assistance Series 

Federal Disaster Assistance Administration ( -1979)

HH 12.2:    General Publications
HH 12.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Multi-Family Housing Office

HH 13.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
HH 13.16:    Neighborhood Networks News
HH 13.16/2:    Neighborhood Networks Newslines
HH 13.16/3:    Neighborhood Networks News Brief
HH 13.16/4:    Neighborhood Networks


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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