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The Library of Congress was established in 1800 and is currently headed by James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress.

Library of Congress

LC 1.1:    Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress 1866-
LC 1.1/2:    Library of Congress, A Brief Summary of Major Activities in the Fiscal Year
LC 1.2    General Publications
LC 1.6/4:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 1.6/4:M 18/    MARC Serials Editing Guide, Bimonthly Updates
LC 1.6/4-2:    Conser Editing Guide
LC 1.6/5:    Reference Guides
LC 1.12/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 1.12/2:Ar 1    American Doctoral Dissertations on the Arab Worlds 1883-1968, 1970
LC 1.12/2:G 74    Government Organization Manuals, A Bibliography 1975
LC 1.12/2:P 75    Children and Poetry 1969
LC 1.12/2:P 96/    Library of Congress Publications in Print 1956-
LC 1.12/2-2:    Library of Congress Selected Publications
LC 1.12/2-3:    Publications in Print
LC 1.16:    Latin American Series 1942-
LC 1.18:    Information Bulletin 1942-
LC 1.19:    A Periodic Report from the National Digital Library Program
LC 1.21:    Manuals 1954-
LC 1.22/2:    Calendar of Events in the Library of Congress
LC 1.29:    Library of Congress PL 480 Newsletter 1961-1974
LC 1.30/2-2:    Pakistan, Annual Supplement, Cumulative List of Serials
LC 1.30/3:    Middle East 1963-
LC 1.30/8:    Eastern Africa 1968-
LC 1.30/8-2:    Accessions List, Eastern Africa, Annual Serial Supplement
LC 1.30/8-3:    Eastern Africa, Annual Publishers Directory
LC 1.30/8-4:    Quarterly Index to Periodical Literature, Eastern and Southern Africa
LC 1.30/10:    Southeast Asia
LC 1.30/10-3:    South Asia
LC 1.30/11:    Brazil
LC 1.30/11-2:    Brazil, Cumulative List of Serials
LC 1.30/11-3:    Brazil, Annual List of Serials
LC 1.31:    National Referral Center for Science and Technology Publications
LC 1.32:    FLICC (Federal Library & Information Center Committee) Newsletter
LC 1.32/2:    General Library Committee Publications
LC 1.32/4:    The Federal Library and Information Center Committee: Annual Report FY 1970-
LC 1.32/5:    Fedlink (Federal Library and Information Network) Technical Notes
LC 1.34:    Letters of Delegates to Congress 1774-1789, 1977-
LC 1.35:    Preservation Leaflets
LC 1.36:    National Preservation Report
LC 1.38:    Center for the Book Viewpoint Series
LC 1.40:    Directory
LC 1.40/2:    Directories
LC 1.46:    Performing Arts
LC 1.47:    Annual Forum, Federal Information Policies
LC 1.51:    Posters
LC 1.53:    Electronic Products
LC 1.54:    Electronic Products
LC 1.54/2:    THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
LC 1.54/3:    Collection Finder
LC 1.55:    Jefferson's Legacy 

General Reference and Bibliography Division (1944- )

LC 2.2:    General Publications
LC 2.7/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 2.8:    Manuals of General Reference and Bibliography Division
LC 2.10:    Arms, Control and Disarmament 1964-Spring 1973
LC 2.11:    Children's Books 1964-
LC 2.12:    Maktaba Afrikana Series 

Copyright Office (1897- )

LC 3.1:    Annual Report of the Register of Copyrights 1900-
LC 3.2:    General Publications
LC 3.3:    Bulletins
LC 3.3/2:    Decisions of the United States Courts Involving Copyright and Literary Property, 1789- 1909
LC 3.3/3:    Decisions of the United States Courts Involving Copyright
LC 3.4/2:    Circulars 1968-
LC 3.4/3:    U.S. Copyright Office Newsnet
LC 3.6/5:    Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series 1947-1977
LC 3.6/6:    Catalog of Copyright Entries, Fourth Series 1978-
LC 3.7:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
LC 3.7/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 3.8:    Catalog of Copyright Entries, Cumulative Series
LC 3.11:    Compendium of Copyright Office Practices
LC 3.12:    Announcement from the Copyright Office, ML-
LC 3.13:    Labor Management Working Group: Annual Report
LC 3.14:    Forms 

Manuscript Division (1897- )

LC 4.2:    General Publications
LC 4.5:    Journals of the Continental Congress
LC 4.7:    Presidents' Papers Index Series
LC 4.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 4.9:    Library of Congress Acquisitions, Manuscript Division
LC 4.10:    Registers of Papers in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress 

Geography and Map Division (1897- )

LC 5.2:    General Publications
LC 5.5:    Noteworthy Maps 1926-
LC 5.6:    Library of Congress Acquisitions
LC 5.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Serial and Government Publications Division Research Service (1956- )

LC 6.2:    General Publications
LC 6.4/2:    Information Circulars
LC 6.7:    Newspapers Currently Received
LC 6.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Documents Division (1900-1943)

LC 7.6:    Monthly List of State Publications 

Descriptive Cataloging Division (1940- )

LC 9.2:    General Publications
LC 9.6/1:    Subject Headings
LC 9.7:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
LC 9.8:    National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
LC 9.16:    LC Cataloging Newsline 

Law Library (1905-1981)

LC 10.5:    Index Analysis of Federal Statutes 

Music Division (1896- )

LC 12.2:    General Publications 

Congressional Research Service (1914- )

LC 14.2:    General Publications
LC 14.6:    Digest of Public General Bills and Related Resolutions with Index, 74th Cong- 1936-
LC 14.7:    Special Reports
LC 14.8:    State Law Digest, Reports
LC 14.9:    Public Affairs Bulletin
LC 14.11:    National Defense Bulletins
LC 14.12:    Bibliographies of the World at War
LC 14.17:    LRS Multilithed Reports
LC 14.18:    Major Legislation of the Congress
LC 14.19:    Congressional Research Service Review
LC 14.21:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Asian Division (1932- )

LC 17.2:    General Publications
LC 17.7:    Southern Asia, Publications in Western Languages, Quarterly Accessions List 1952-1960
LC 17.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Union Catalog Division (1936- )

LC 18.2:    General Publications 

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (1978- )

LC 19.2:    General Publications
LC 19.4/2:    Reference Circulars
LC 19.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 19.9:    Braille Book Review 1932-
LC 19.9/2:    Braille Books
LC 19.10:    Talking Book Topics 1935-
LC 19.10/2:    Talking Books Adult
LC 19.10/3:    Cassette Books
LC 19.11:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 19.11/2:    For Younger Readers, Braille and Talking Books
LC 19.11/2-2:    Magazines in Special Media
LC 19.11/3-3:    Large-Print Scores and Books
LC 19.11/4:    Foreign Language Books
LC 19.13:    DBPH News 1970-
LC 19.13/2:    DBPH Update
LC 19.13/4:    Projects and Experiments
LC 19.14:    Music Circulars 1980-
LC 19.15:    Facts
LC 19.15/2:    Books for Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals
LC 19.16:    Library Resources for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
LC 19.17:    Address List, Regional and Subregional Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
LC 19.18:    Posters
LC 19.19:    Music and Musicians
LC 19.21:    Volunteers Who Produce Books, Braille, Tape, Large Type
LC 19.22:    Braille Scores Catalog-Organ, Music and Musicians
LC 19.23:    Braille Book Review, Talking Book Topics
LC 19.24:    CD Blind, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped 

State Law Index (1937-1939)

LC 21.7:    Special Reports
LC 21.8:    State Law Digest Reports 

Rare Book and Special Collections Division (1977- )

LC 23.2:    General Publications
LC 23.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 23.9:    Library of Congress Acquisitions
LC 23.16:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Latin American, Portuguese, and Spanish Division (1974- )

LC 24.2:    General Publications
LC 24.7:    Bibliographical Series 1942-
LC 24.7/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 24.10:    Hispanic Focus
LC 24.11:    Directories 

Prints and Photographs Division (1949- )

LC 25.2:    General Publications
LC 25.8:    Catalog of National Exhibition of Prints
LC 25.8/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 25.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Cataloging Policy and Support Office (1940- )

LC 26.2:    General Publications
LC 26.7:    Subject Headings Used in the Dictionary Catalogs of the Library of Congress
LC 26.7/2:    Library of Congress Subject Heading in Microform, Quarterly Cumulation
LC 26.7/2-2:    L.C. Subject Headings Weekly Lists
LC 26.8/4:    Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings
LC 26.8/5:    Subject Cataloging Manual, Shelf Listing
LC 26.9:    Library of Congress Classification Schedules
LC 26.9/2:    L.C. Classification, Additions and Changes
LC 26.10:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Acquisitions Department (1943-1947)

LC 27.7:    Monthly Checklist of State Publications 

Reference Department (1944- )

LC 29.9:    Addresses
LC 29.10:    Foreign Newspaper and Gazette Report 

Processing Department (1940- )

LC 30.2:    General Publications
LC 30.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
LC 30.7/2:    Cataloging Service Bulletin
LC 30.8/4:    Motion Pictures and Filmstrips
LC 30.8/8:    National Register of Microform Masters 1965-
LC 30.9:    Monthly Checklist of State Publications 1910-
LC 30.13:    National Library of Medicine Cataolg -1966
LC 30.14:    Proceedings of Assembly of State Librarians
LC 30.15:    National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging: Progress Reports 1966-
LC 30.16:    CIP Cataloging in Publication, Progress Report 1971-
LC 30.17/2:    LC Acquisition Trends
LC 30.21:    ME Authorities, Cumulative Edition 1980-
LC 30.22:    Conser Tables
LC 30.24:    Network Planning Papers
LC 30.25:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 30.27:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 30.27/2:    Complete Catalog, Cataloging Distribution Service
LC 30.27/2-2:    Machine Readable Cataloging
LC 30.27/2-3:    The Alert Service and You
LC 30.28:    MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) Distribution Services
LC 30.29:    Posters
LC 30.30:    CDS (Cataloging Distribution Service) Connection
LC 30.31:    Special Resources for Research
LC 30.32:    Symbols of American Libraries
LC 30.33:    Electronic Products 

Science and Technology Division (1960- )

LC 33.2:    General Publications
LC 33.9:    Antarctic Bibliography 1965-
LC 33.9/3:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 33.10:    LC Science Tracer Bulletin, TB 

Slavic and Central European Division (1956-1983)

LC 35.2:    General Publications
LC 35.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Aerospace Technology Division (1965-1973)

LC 38.2:    General Publications 

American Folklife Center (1976- )

LC 39.2:    General Publications
LC 39.9:    Publications of the American Folklife Center 1978-
LC 39.10:    Folklife Center News 1978-
LC 39.11:    Studies in American Folklife
LC 39.12:    American Folk Music and Folklore Recordings, A Selected List
LC 39.13/2:    LC Folk Archive Finding Aid
LC 39.14:    Folklife Annual 

Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division

LC 40.2:    General Publications
LC 40.2:F 71    Folk Recordings, Selected From the Archive of Folk Song
LC 40.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 40.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 40.10:    The Mary Pickford Theater in the Library of Congress 

African and Middle Eastern Division

LC 41.2:    General Publications
LC 41.9:    Near East Series
LC 41.10:    Mideast Directions
LC 41.11:    Maktaba Afrikana Series
LC 41.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
LC 41.12/2:    U.S. Imprints on Sub-Saharan Africa 

Law Library (1832- )

LC 42.2:    General Publications
LC 42.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
LC 42.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

European Division (1983- )

LC 43.2:    General Publications
LC 43.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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