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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was created in 1958 and is currently headed by Charles Bolden, Administrator.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NAS 1.1:    Semiannual Report to the Congress
NAS 1.1/4:    Spinoff, Annual Report
NAS 1.1/5:    Annual Report to the Administrator, The Office of Exploration
NAS 1.1/6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
NAS 1.1/7:    Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Annual Report
NAS 1.2:    General Publications
NAS 1.5:    Laws
NAS 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
NAS 1.6/2:    NASA Procurement Regulation
NAS 1.6/3:    Procurement Regulation Directives
NAS 1.9/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
NAS 1.9/4:    Scientific and technical aerospace reports (STAR)
NAS 1.9/5:    Scientific and technical aerospace reports (STAR) Cumulative Indexes
NAS 1.12:    Technical Reports, R- (series)
NAS 1.12/6:    Jet Propolsion Laboratory: JPL-SP (series)
NAS 1.12/7:    Jet Propolsion Laboratory: JPL/HR (series)
NAS 1.12/8:    Jet Propolsion Laboratory: Mission Status Bulletin
NAS 1.14:    Technical Notes, TN (series), D-
NAS 1.15:    Technical Memorandums, TM (series, X 1-
NAS 1.15/2:    Bibliography of Lewis Research Center technical publications announced in [year]
NAS 1.17:    Proceedings of the NASA-Industry Program Plans Conference
NAS 1.18:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
NAS 1.18/3:    Petitions for Patent Waiver
NAS 1.19:    Educational Program, EP- (series), 1966-
NAS 1.19/2:    NASA Aeronautics Research and Technology
NAS 1.19/4:    EG (series)
NAS 1.20:    NASA Facts
NAS 1.21:    Special Publications, SP-
NAS 1.22/3:    Reliability and Quality Assurance Publications, NHB- (series)
NAS 1.24:    Telephone Directory. Headquarters, Washington, DC
NAS 1.24/3:    Telephone Directory, Kennedy Space Center
NAS 1.26:    Contractor Reports, CR
NAS 1.29/3:    NASA Tech Briefs
NAS 1.29/3-2:    NASA Tech Briefs (condensed version)
NAS 1.30:    Annual Procurement Report
NAS 1.37:    National Space Science Data Center, NSSDC- (series)
NAS 1.37/2:    NSSDC News
NAS 1.40:    Satellite Situation Report
NAS 1.42:    NASA's University Program, Active Grants and Research Contracts
NAS 1.42/2:    Graduate Student Researchers Program
NAS 1.43:    Posters
NAS 1.43/4:    NASA Photography Index
NAS 1.43/5:    Viking Pictures
NAS 1.43/6:    Lithos (series)
NAS 1.43/7:    Audiovisual Materials
NAS 1.44:    Computer Program Abstracts
NAS 1.45:    Mission Reports, 1970-
NAS 1.47:    Annual Earth Resources Program Review
NAS 1.48:    LANDSAT U.S. Standard Catalog
NAS 1.48/2:    LANDSAT Non-U.S. Standard Catalog
NAS 1.48/3:    Landsat 2 World Standard Catalog
NAS 1.48/4:    Landsat 3 World Standard Catalog
NAS 1.49:    NASA Report to Educators
NAS 1.49/2:    Educational Horizons
NAS 1.52:    Aeronautics and Space Report of the President
NAS 1.53:    Announcement of Opportunities for Participation, AO 1974-
NAS 1.53/2:    Space Science & Applications Notice
NAS 1.53/3:    Research Announcement
NAS 1.55:    Conference Publications, NASA CP- (series)
NAS 1.56:    New Product Ideas, Process Improvements, and Cost-Saving Techniques, Relating to [various subjects], NASA/SBA FA- (series)
NAS 1.59:    Environmental Impact Statements
NAS 1.60:    Technical Papers
NAS 1.61:    Reference Publications, RP- (series)
NAS 1.62:    Life Sciences Status Report
NAS 1.62/2:    Life Sciences Accomplishments
NAS 1.62/3:    Life Sciences Report
NAS 1.64:    Earth Resources Satellite Data Applications Series
NAS 1.65:    Research and Technology Annual Report (Earth Resources Laboratory)
NAS 1.65/2:    Research and Technology: Annual Report of the Goddard Space Flight Center
NAS 1.65/3:    Research and Technology: Annual Report of the Langley Research Center
NAS 1.66:    Space benefits, the Secondary Application of Aerospace Technology in Other Sectors of the Economy
NAS 1.68:    Airborne Instrumentation Research Project Summary Catalog
NAS 1.71:    NASA Patents
NAS 1.72:    International Halley Watch: IHW
NAS 1.73:    Health Bulletins (series)
NAS 1.74:    Public Mail Series, PMS- (series)
NAS 1.75:    Pamphlets (series)
NAS 1.76:    STI Bulletin (Scientific and Technical Information Branch)
NAS 1.77:    Technical Translations (numbered)
NAS 1.78:    NASA Excellence Award for Quality and Productivity Recipients
NAS 1.79:    Key Dates
NAS 1.80:    Space Microelectronics
NAS 1.81:    Payload Flight Assignments NASA Mixed Fleet
NAS 1.82:    NASA STD (series)
NAS 1.83:    NASA NP (series)
NAS 1.84:    NASA PED (series)
NAS 1.85:    Budget Estimates
NAS 1.86:    Electronic Products
NAS 1.86/2:    Magellan: Full-Resolution Radar Mosaics
NAS 1.86/3:    International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program
NAS 1.87:    NASA Magazine
NAS 1.89:    Callback: A Monthly Safety Bulletin from the Office of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System
NAS 1.90/2:    Science Information Systems Newsletter
NAS 1.91:    Discovery: The Newsletter of the Solar System Exploration Division
NAS 1.92:    Microgravity News
NAS 1.93:    ACTS Quarterly
NAS 1.94:    Insights / High Performance Computing and Communications Program
NAS 1.95:    Aerospace Technology Innovation
NAS 1.97:    Gridpoints: The NAS Systems Division Quarterly 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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