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The National Science Foundation was founded in 1950- and is headed by France A. Córdova, Director

National Science Foundation

NS 1.1:    Annual Report 1951-
NS 1.2:    General Publications
NS 1.3:    NSF Bulletin
NS 1.3/3:    Arctic Bulletin
NS 1.10:    Federal Grants and Contracts for Unclassified Research in the Life Sciences
NS 1.10/2:    Federal Grants and Contracts for Unclassified Research in the Physical Sciences
NS 1.10/4:    Grants and Awards for the Fiscal Year
NS 1.10/7:    Summary of Awards
NS 1.11:    Reviews of Data on Research & Development
NS 1.11/2:    Reviews of Data on Science Resources
NS 1.11/3:    SRS Data Brief
NS 1.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
NS 1.13/5:    Publications of the National Science Foundation
NS 1.13/6:    Publications List / Division of Science Resources Studies
NS 1.14:    Scientific Manpower
NS 1.14/3:    Federal Scientific and Technical Workers: Numbers and Characteristics
NS 1.14/2:    American Science Manpower
NS 1.15:    Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation
NS 1.16:    Scientific Information Activities of Federal Agencies 1958-1966
NS 1.18:    Federal Funds for Research, Development, and Other Scientific Activities
NS 1.18/2:    Federal Funds for Research and Development: Detailed Historical Tables
NS 1.18/3:    Federal Funds for Research and Development: Federal Obligations for Research by Agency and Detailed Field of Science
NS 1.18/4:    Federal R & D Funding by Budget Function
NS 1.20:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
NS 1.20/2:    Guide for Preparation of Proposals
NS 1.21:    Weather Modification: Annual Report
NS 1.22:    Surveys of Science Resources Series
NS 1.22/2:    National Patterns of Science and Technology Resources
NS 1.22/3:    Academic Science/Engineering. R&D Expenditures
NS 1.22/3-2:    Academic Science/Engineering. R&D Funds, Federal Support, Scientists and Engineers, Graduate Enrollment and Support
NS 1.22/4:    Academic Science/Engineering, Graduate Enrollment and Support
NS 1.22/5:    Immigrant Scientists and Engineers
NS 1.22/7:    U.S. Scientists and Engineers
NS 1.22/8:    Characteristics of Recent Science/Engineering Graduates
NS 1.22/9:    Federal Scientists and Engineers
NS 1.22/10:    NSF Engineering News
NS 1.23:    Current Projects on Economic and Social Implications of Science and Technology
NS 1.24:    Science Course Improvement Projects
NS 1.26:    Antarctic Journal of the United States
NS 1.28:    National Science Board, NSB- (series)
NS 1.28/2:    Science Indicators
NS 1.29    Mosaic 1970-
NS 1.30:    Federal Support to Universities and Colleges
NS 1.30/2:    Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions
NS 1.30/2-2:    Selected Data on Federal Support to Universities and Colleges
NS 1.31:    Science Resources Studies Highlights
NS 1.32:    Oceanographic Data Exchange
NS 1.36:    Listing of Peer Reviewers Used by NSF Divisions
NS 1.37:    Program Report - National Science Foundation
NS 1.38:    Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project
NS 1.38/2:    Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program
NS 1.39:    Summaries of Projects Completed in Fiscal Year [year]
NS 1.39/2:    Project Summaries / Division of Science Resources Studies
NS 1.40:    Biennial Science and Technology Report to the Congress
NS 1.40/2:    The 5-Year Outlook on Science and Technology
NS 1.41:    Maps and Atlases
NS 1.42:    Science and Engineering Personnel
NS 1.44:    Science and Engineering Doctorate Awards
NS 1.44/2:    National Science Foundation Directory of NSF-Supported Teacher Enhancement Projects
NS 1.45:    Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships. Announcement
NS 1.46:    Abstracts of Phase I Awards / Small Business Innovation Research Program
NS 1.47:    Guide to Programs
NS 1.49:    Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
NS 1.50:    Directories
NS 1.50/2:    Directory of Awards
NS 1.50/3:    Fiscal Year Directory of Awards / Directorate for Engineering
NS 1.51:    United States Arctic Research Plan
NS 1.51/2:    Arctic Research of the United States
NS 1.53:    Scientific and Engineering Research Facilities at Universities and Colleges
NS 1.54:    NSF Directions
NS 1.55:    Selected Data on [topic]
NS 1.56:    Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science and Engineering
NS 1.57:    Frontiers: Newsletter of the National Science Foundation
NS 1.59:    Tipsheet: News Media Tip
NS 1.61:    POWRE: Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education
NS 2.2:    General Publications 

Office of Science Information Service (1958- )

NS 2.8:    Nonconventional Technical Information Systems in Current Use
NS 2.10:    Current Research and Development in Scientific Documentation 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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