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The Department of the Treasury was established in 1789 and is currently headed by Jacob Lew, Secretary.

Department of the Treasury

T 1.1:    Annual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the State of the Finances
T 1.1/2:    Annual Report of the Office of Revenue Sharing
T 1.1/3:    United States Government Annual Report. Appendix
T 1.1/4:    Annual report / Treasury Executive Institute
T 1.1/5:    Semiannual Report to the Congress / Office of Inspector General
T 1.1/6:    Semiannual Report to the Congress / Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
T 1.2:    General Publications
T 1.3:    Treasury Bulletin
T 1.4/2:    Department Circulars, 1913-
T 1.4/3:    Department Circulars, Public Debt Series
T 1.5:    Daily Treasury Statement, 1895-
T 1.5/2:    Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts and Outlays of the United States Government
T 1.5/3:    Monthly Statement of the Public Debt of the United States
T 1.10:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
T 1.10/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 1.11/3:    Customs Bulletin and Decisions
T 1.11/4:    Customs Bulletin: Treasury Decisions under Customs and Other Laws
T 1.28:    Telephone Directory
T 1.31:    Addresses
T 1.40:    Facts about United States Money
T 1.41/3:    Annual Report of Safety Progress
T 1.44:    Tax Policy Research Studies, 1968-
T 1.45:    Foreign Credits by the United States Government
T 1.45/2:    Status of Active Foreign Credits of the U.S. Gov't., Foreign Credits by U.S. Gov't. Agencies
T 1.45/3:    Contingent Foreign Liabilities of the United States Government
T 1.45/4:    Arrearage Tables of Amounts Due and Unpaid 90 Days or More on Foreign Credits of the United States Government
T 1.45/5:    Significant Arrearages Due the United States Government and Unpaid 90 Days or More by Official Foreign Obligors
T 1.46:    Document Locator; Cross Reference Index to Government Reports
T 1.48:    Treasury Papers
T 1.51:    Antirecession Payment Summary
T 1.52:    High Income Tax Returns
T 1.53:    General Revenue Sharing Quarterly Payment
T 1.53/2:    General Revenue Sharing, ... Entitlements
T 1.53/3:    Revenue Sharing. Quarterly Payment
T 1.54:    The Operation and Effect of the Domestic International Sales Corporation Legislation Annual Report
T 1.55:    The Operation and Effect of the Possessions Corporation System of Taxation
T 1.56:    The Operation and Effect of the International Boycott Provisions of the Internal Revenue Code Annual Report
T 1.58:    The Annual Report of the Chairman of the Development Coordination Committee. Statistical Annex 3
T 1.59:    Annual Report of the Inspector General for Fiscal Year ...
T 1.60:    Annual Report / Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
T 1.62:    Fact Sheets (series) / Office of Revenue Sharing
T 1.64/2:    Final State & Local Data Elements
T 1.65:    Report to Congress on [various subjects]
T 1.66:    Electronic Products
T 1.67:    Trends in Money Laundering / Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
T 1.67/2:    The National Money Laundry Strategy

Division of Bookkeeping and Warrants (1894-1940)

T 9.1:    Annual Report
T 9.5:    Digest of Appropriations for the Support of the Government of the United States 

Coast and Geodetic Survey (1878-1903)

T 11.1:    Annual Report 

Comptroller of the Currency (1863- )

T 12.1:    Annual Report
T 12.2:    General Publications
T 12.5:    Abstract of Reports of Condition of National Banks
T 12.6:    The National-Bank Act as Amended
T 12.7:    Digest of Decisions Relating to National Banks
T 12.8:    Instructions and Suggestions of the Comptroller of the Currency Relative to the Organization, Etc., of National Banks
T 12.16:    The National Banking Review
T 12.17:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 12.18:    Quarterly Journal
T 12.19:    Electronic Products
T 12.24:    Laws
T 12.25:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions 

Customs Service (1927- )

T 17.1:    Annual Report
T 17.2:    General Publications
T 17.5:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
T 17.5/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 17.6:    Customs Laws
T 17.6/2:    Laws & Regulations Enforced or Administered by the United States Customs Service
T 17.6/3:    Decisions/Rulings for Public Release-Unclassified Office of Regulations and Rulings
T 17.6/3-2:    Keyword Worksheet
T 17.6/3-3:    Keyword Directory
T 17.6/3-4:    Customs Bulletin and Decisions
T 17.6/3-5:    Customs bulletin: Treasury Decisions under Customs and Other Laws
T 17.6/3-7:    Legal Precedent Retrieval System
T 17.6/4:    Customs Laboratory Bulletin
T 17.9:    Customs Regulations of the United States
T 17.9/3:    Commodity Classification under the Harmonized System
T 17.11:    Monthly Supplement to Merchant Vessels of the United States
T 17.12:    Customs Information Series
T 17.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
T 17.15/2:    Directories
T 17.16:    Customs Today
T 17.16/2:    Customs Trade Quarterly
T 17.17:    Importing into the United States
T 17.23:    U.S. Customs Guide for Private Flyers (General Aviation Pilots)
T 17.24:    Workforce Profile
T 17.26:    Customs Publication (series)
T 17.27:    Historical Study (series)
T 17.28:    Global Trade Talk: The U.S. Customs Service Journal for the International Trade Community
T 17.29:    U.S. Customs Service International Training and Advisory Assistance Programs
T 17.10:    Merchant Marine Statistics 

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (1862- )

T 18.2:    General Publications
T 18.6:    Telephone Directory 

Bureau of Immigration (1891-1903)

T 21.1:    Annual Report 

Internal Revenue Service (1953- )

T 22.1:    Annual Report
T 22.2:    General Publications
T 22.2/10:    Proposed Multi-Year Operating Plan / Statistics of Income Division
T 22.2/11:    Cumulative List of Organizations Described in Section 170 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954
T 22.2/12:    Package X: Informational Copies of Federal Tax Forms
T 22.2/13:    Calendar Years ... projections. Number of Returns to be Filed. Districts
T 22.2/15:    Document (series)
T 22.2/15-2:    Computer Services Newsletter
T 22.2/15-3:    Internal Revenue Manual
T 22.3/2:    FinCEN trends / Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
T 22.9:    Internal Revenue Laws in Force
T 22.17/3:    Title 26, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts
T 22.19:    Regulations and Instructions
T 22.19/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 22.19/2-2:    Understanding Taxes. Teacher's Guide
T 22.19/2-3:    Tax Guide for Small Business
T 22.19/3:    Loosleaf Regulations System. Service 1-5
T 22.19/5:    Tobacco Tax Guide
T 22.20/2:    Circulars
T 22.23:    Internal Revenue Bulletin
T 22.23/a:    Internal Revenue Bulletin. Separates
T 22.25:    Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin
T 22.25/5:    Bulletin Index-Digest System. Service 1, Income Tax
T 22.25/6:    Bulletin Index-Digest System. Service 2, Estate and Gift Tax
T 22.25/7:    Bulletin Index-Digest System. Service 3, Employment Taxes
T 22.25/8:    Bulletin Index-Digest System. Service 4, Excise Taxes
T 22.29:    Internal Revenue Regulations and Instructions
T 22.35/2:    Statistics of Income
T 22.35/3:    Preliminary Statistics of Income
T 22.35/4    Statistics of Income. Bulletin: SOI Bulletin
T 22.35/5:    Statistics of Income. Corporation Income Tax Returns
T 22.35/5-2:    Source Book, Statistics of Income. Active Corporation Income Tax Returns
T 22.35/6:    Statistics of Income. Partnership Returns
T 22.35/7:    Statistics of Income. Corporation Income Tax Returns. Documentation Guide
T 22.35/8:    Individual Income Tax Returns
T 22.43:    Alcohol and Tobacco Summary Statistics
T 22.44:    Your Federal Income Tax for Individuals
T 22.44/2:    Tax Information, IRS Publications (numbered)
T 22.44/3:    Catalog and Quick Index to Taxpayer Information Publications
T 22.46/2:    Media Feature Service
T 22.48:    IRS National Office Organizational Telephone Directory
T 22.48/2:    Chief Counsel Office Directory
T 22.48/4:    International Telephone Directory
T 22.49:    IRS Clip-Sheet
T 22.51:    Forms
T 22.51/2:    Tax Practitioner Reproducible Kit
T 22.51/3:    Tax Practitioner Update
T 22.51/4:    Federal Tax Forms
T 22.53:    Report on Internal Audit Activities of the Internal Revenue Service
T 22.54:    Directories
T 22.55:    Chicago District Director's Newsletter
T 22.55/2:    IRS News
T 22.57:    Reproducible Federal Tax Forms for Use in Libraries
T 22.59:    Leader's Digest
T 22.60:    District Director's Responsibility and Authority for CID Activity
T 22.61:    Audit Management Information Reporting System, AIMS/AMIR (61170): Program Requirements for IRS Data Center
T 22.62:    Training Tips & Trends: An Informal Journal for Training Professionals
T 22.63:    Notices
T 22.64:    Taxfax: The Ogden Internal Revenue Center Tax Practitioner's Newsletter
T 22.65:    Career Connections / Los Angeles District Career Resource Center
T 22.66:    IRS Historical Studies
T 22.67:    Controller's Monthly Financial Report
T 22.69:    Electronic Products 

Public Health Service (1912-1939)

T 27.1:    Annual Report of the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service of the United States
T 27.3:    Hygienic Laboratory Bulletin 

United States Mint (1873- )

T 28.1    Annual Report
T 28.2:    General Publications
T 28.6:    Reports on the Mineral Resources of the United States
T 28.7:    Report of the Director of the Mint upon the Production of the Precious Metals in the United States
T 28.14:    World Coinage Report 

Bureau of Navigation (1894-1903)

T 30.1:    Annual Report
T 30.5:    List of Merchant Vessels
T 30.6:    Navigation Laws 

Revenue-Cutter Service (1894-1915)

T 33.2:    General Publications 

Secret Service (1865- )

T 34.2:    General Publications
T 34.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 34.11:    News Digest 

Bureau of Statistics (1866-1903)

T 37.1:    Foreign Commerce and Navigation of the United States
T 37.8:    Monthly Summary of Commerce and Finance of the United States
T 37.11:    List of Merchant Vessels 

Coast Guard (1915-1917, 1919-1941, 1947-1966)

T 47.2:    General Publications
T 47.54:    Recreational Boating in the United States: A Report on Accidents, Numbering, and Related Activities
T 47.55:    Oceanographic Report 

Federal Farm Loan Bureau (1916-1933)

T 48.1:    Annual Report 

Bureau of War Risk Insurance (1914-1921)

T 49.1:    Annual Report

Bureau of the Budget (1921-1939)

T 51.1:    Annual Report 

Bureau of Industrial Alcohol (1930-1933)

T 54.1:    Annual Report
T 54.6:    Digest of Supreme Court Decisions Interpreting the National Prohibition Act and Willis- Campbell Act (In Chronological Order) 

Bureau of Narcotics (1930-1968)

T 56.2:    General Publications
T 56.8:    Traffic in Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs 

Division of Research and Statistics (1934-1947)

T 62.7:    Prices and Yields of Public Marketable Securities Issued by the United States Government and by Federal Agencies 

Fiscal Service (1940- )

T 63.2:    General Publications 

Financial Management Service (1984- )

T 63.101/2:    United States Government Annual Report
T 63.101/2-2:    United States Government Annual Report. Appendix
T 63.101/3:    Combined Statement of Receipts, Outlays, and Balances of the United States Government
T 63.102:    General Publications
T 63.103/2:    Treasury Bulletin
T 63.113:    Combined Statement of Receipts, Expenditures and Balances of the United States Government
T 63.113/2:    Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts and Outlays of the United States Government
T 63.113/2-2:    Daily Treasury Statement
T 63.113/3:    Consolidated Financial Statements of the United States Government
T 63.118/2:    Report on Foreign Currencies Held by the U.S. Government
T 63.118/3:    Statement of Foreign Currencies Purchased with Dollars
T 63.119:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 63.120:    Federal Aid to States
T 63.123:    Fact Sheets (series)
T 63.125:    Tactical Plan
T 63.127:    Direct Deposit Marketing
T 63.128:    The Financial Connection
T 63.130:    Electronic Products 

Bureau of Public Debt (1940- )

T 63.202:    General Publications
T 63.202/10:    Telephone Listing Washington Area
T 63.209:    Tables of Redemption Values for United States Savings Bonds. Series: A-E
T 63.209/5:    Tables of Redemption Values for $25 Series E Savings Bonds
T 63.209/5-2:    Tables of Redemption Values. $50 Series I/EE Bonds, $25 Series E Bonds
T 63.209/6:    Tables of Redemption Values for United States Savings Bonds, Series E
T 63.209/7:    Tables of Redemption Values for United States Savings Bonds, Series EE
T 63.209/8:    United States individual Retirement Bonds
T 63.209/8-2:    United States Retirement Plan Bonds
T 63.209/8-4:    Table of Interest Payments ($1,000 Denomination), Series H Savings Bonds
T 63.210:    Tables of Redemption Values for United States Savings Notes
T 63.210/2:    Tables of Redemption Values for United States. Series E Savings Bonds and Savings Notes (Freedom Shares)
T 63.211:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 63.212:    Forms
T 63.214:    Public Debt Long-Range Plan
T 63.215:    Monthly Statement of the Public Debt of the United States 

Savings Bonds Division (1945- )

T 66.2:    General Publications
T 66.3/2:    Department of the Treasury United States Savings Bonds Semiannual Interest Rate Bulletin
T 66.6/2:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 66.24/2:    The Bond Teller
T 66.25:    Communicator's Quarterly 

Contract Settlement Office (1946-1948)

T 67.2:    General Publications 

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (1972- )

T 70.1:    Annual Report
T 70.2:    General Publications
T 70.5:    Laws
T 70.5/2:    Law Enforcement Legal Update
T 70.6/3:    Regulations (part 240 of title 27, Code of Federal regulations)
T 70.7:    Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Quarterly Bulletin
T 70.7/2:    Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Cumulative Bulletin
T 70.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 70.9:    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Summary Statistics
T 70.10:    Industry Circular
T 70.11:    Explosives Incidents
T 70.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
T 70.14:    Firearms State Laws and Published Ordinances
T 70.15:    Firearms Curios and Relics List
T 70.18:    FFL Newsletter: Federal Firearms Licensees Information Service
T 70.21:    Posters
T 70.22:    Forms
T 70.24:    Commerce in Firearms in the United States 

Office of Thrift Supervision (1989- )

T 71.2:    General Publications
T 71.7:    News
T 71.7/2:    News / Federal Housing Finance Board
T 71.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
T 71.15:    Office of Thrift Supervision Journal
T 71.16:    Research Papers (series)
T 71.17:    Savings & Home Financing Source Book
T 71.18:    Asset and Liability Trends
T 71.20:    RTC Review
T 71.21:    Monthly Thrift Data
T 71.22:    The Silver Lining / Affordable Housing Disposition Program, Resolution Trust Corporation 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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