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The Department of Transportation was founded in 1966 and is currently headed by Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation

Department of Transportation

TD 1.1:    Annual Report, 1967-
TD 1.1/3:    Inspector General Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.1/3-2:    Inspector General Audit Reports
TD 1.1/4:    The Secretary's Semiannual Report to the Congress
TD 1.1/5:    A Report of the Secretary of Transportation Pursuant to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991
TD 1.1/6:    Financial Statement / U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary
TD 1.1/7:    Report to the Secretary
TD 1.2:    General Publications
TD 1.6:    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
TD 1.7:    Press Releases
TD 1.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 1.8/2:    Environmental Assessment Notebook Series
TD 1.9:    Telephone Directory
TD 1.9/4:    Directories
TD 1.10/4:    Annual Report of the Secretary of Transportation on the Administration of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968
TD 1.10/7:    The President's Annual Report to the Congress on the Administration of the Federal Railroad Safety Act of 1970
TD 1.11:    Addresses
TD 1.15/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 1.15/3:    Selected Library Acquisitions
TD 1.16:    Federal Aircraft Noise Abatement Plan
TD 1.17:    Automobile Insurance Compensation Studies
TD 1.20:    DOT-TST- (series)
TD 1.20/2:    DOT-TSC-OST (series)
TD 1.20/6:    Report DOT/OST/P (series)
TD 1.20/7:    DOT-RSPD-DPB (series)
TD 1.20/8:    Report DOT-I (series)
TD 1.20/9:    Report DOT-TSC-RSPD (series)
TD 1.20/10:    DOT-T (series)
TD 1.22:    Carload Waybill Statistics. Statement TD-1, Territorial Distribution, Traffic and Revenue by Commodity Classes
TD 1.24:    Annual Report of the Secretary of Transportation on Hazardous Materials Control
TD 1.25/3:    DOT Talk
TD 1.25/4:    The Transportation Link
TD 1.26:    National Transportation Report
TD 1.27:    Transportation USA, 1974-80
TD 1.34/4:    Budget: Excerpts from the President's Budget
TD 1.35:    Report TES
TD 1.39:    Grant Awards
TD 1.40:    U.S. International Air Travel Statistics
TD 1.40/3:    U.S. International Air Travel Statistics
TD 1.40/4:    U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics
TD 1.45:    Summary of Awards, Program of University Research
TD 1.46:    DOT Employment Facts
TD 1.47:    Design, Art & Architecture in Transportation
TD 1.48:    Transportation Safety Information Report
TD 1.49:    Technology Sharing Reprint Series
TD 1.51:    Sources of Information on Urban Transportation Planning Methods
TD 1.52:    Microcomputers in Transportation
TD 1.53:    Aircraft Operating Cost and Performance Report (for aircraft over 60 seats)
TD 1.54:    Air Travel Consumer Report
TD 1.56:    Electronic Products
TD 1.56/2:    1990 Census Transportation Planning Package
TD 1.56/3:    Traffic Safety Data, ASCII and SAS Versions
TD 1.56/5:    TIGER/Line
TD 1.59:    DOTted Line
TD 1.60:    ITS Update 

National Transportation Safety Board

TD 1.101:    Annual Report
TD 1.102:    General Publications
TD 1.106/3:    Safety Recommendations
TD 1.106/4:    Safety Reports, NTSB-SR
TD 1.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 1.109/4:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Aerial Application Operations, U. S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/5:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Rotorcraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/6:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Amateur/Home Built Aircraft, U. S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/7:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Midair Collisions, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/8:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Missing and Missing Later Recovered Aircraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/9:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Alcohol as a Cause/Factor, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/10:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Corporate/Executive Aircraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/11:    Listing of Aircraft Accidents/Incidents by Make and Model, U.S. Civil Aviation
TD 1.109/12:    Briefs of Fatal Accidents Involving Weather as a Cause/Factor, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/13:    Aircraft Accident Reports. Brief Format, U.S. Civil and Foreign Aviation
TD 1.109/14:    Briefs of Accidents Involving Turbine Powered Aircraft, U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.109/16:    Report NTSB-AMM (series), inclucing Briefs of Accidents Involving (subject)
TD 1.110:    Addresses
TD 1.112/3:    Railroad Accident Reports
TD 1.113:    Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data. U.S. General Aviation
TD 1.113/5:    Annual Review of Aircraft Accident Data. U.S. Air Carrier Operations
TD 1.117:    Highway Accident Reports
TD 1.120:    Special Study Reports
TD 1.121:    NTSB-AAS (Aspects of Aviation Saftety) (series)
TD 1.122:    National Transportation Safety Board Decisions
TD 1.125:    Safety Effectiveness Evaluation Report to Congress
TD 1.127:    Safety Studies, NTSB/SS- (series)
TD 1.129:    Safety Recommendations
TD 1.130:    NTSB/RP (series)
TD 1.131:    NTSB News Digest
TD 1.133:    Review of Alcohol as a Cause Factor 

Transportation Security Administration

TD 1.202:    General Publications 

Federal Highway Administration

TD 2.2:    General Publications
TD 2.3/3:    Bulletins
TD 2.5:    Laws
TD 2.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.14:    Annual Awards: The Highway and Its Environment
TD 2.14/2:    Excellence in Highway Design
TD 2.19:    Public Roads
TD 2.20:    Fatal and Injury Accident Rates on Federal-Aid and Other Highway Systems
TD 2.23:    Highway Statistics, 1945-
TD 2.23/2:    Highway Statistics. Summary
TD 2.23/4:    Highway Information Quarterly
TD 2.23/5:    Highway Information Update
TD 2.23/6:    Our Nation's Highways: Selected Facts and Figures
TD 2.23/7:    Highway Traffic Noise in the United States: Problem and Response
TD 2.24:    R & D Highway & Safety Transportation System Studies
TD 2.25:    Highway Planning Technical Reports, 1963-
TD 2.26:    Report FH- (series)
TD 2.27:    Hydraulic Engineering Circulars HEC
TD 2.30:    Report FHWA-RD- (series)
TD 2.30/4:    Reports, FHWA-TS- (series)
TD 2.30/5:    Reports, FHWA/PL- (series)
TD 2.30/6:    Reports, FHWA-HO- (series) / Office of Highway Operation
TD 2.30/8:    Reports, FHWA-TO- (series) / Office of Traffic Operations
TD 2.30/11:    Reports, FHWA-RT- (series)
TD 2.30/12:    FHWA-AD (series)
TD 2.30/13:    FHWA-SA (series)
TD 2.30/13-2:    Focus: News from SHRP, the Strategic Highway Research Program
TD 2.30/14:    Report, FHWA/MC (series)
TD 2.30/15:    Report, FHWA/HI (series)
TD 2.30/16:    FHWA-PD (series)
TD 2.30/17:    FHWA-FLP (series) / Federal Lands Highway Progam
TD 2.30/18:    FHWA-CR (series)
TD 2.30/19:    FHWA-JPO (series)
TD 2.30/20:    FHWA-MCRT (series)
TD 2.31:    Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey
TD 2.34:    Highway Focus
TD 2.35:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 2.36:    Enhanced UTCS Software Operator's Manual, Implementation Package
TD 2.37:    Maps
TD 2.40:    Demonstration Projects DP (series)
TD 2.41:    FHWY Program, HY (series)
TD 2.42:    Federally Coordinated Program of Highway Research and Development
TD 2.46:    Monthly Gasoline Reported by States
TD 2.46/2:    Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States
TD 2.50:    Traffic Volume Trends
TD 2.56:    Highway Joint Development and Multiple Use
TD 2.61:    Driver License Administration Requirements and Fees
TD 2.64:    Highway Taxes and Fees
TD 2.64/2:    Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program Graduate Fellowship Announcement
TD 2.66:    Summary of Safety Management Audits
TD 2.67:    Cross-Reference Index of Current FHWA Directives
TD 2.69:    FHWA/DF (series)
TD 2.70:    Research & Technology Transporter
TD 2.71:    Federal Highway Administration Office of Motor Carriers Register
TD 2.72:    Corps connection: FHWA/State/Youth Corps Partnerships
TD 2.73:    Electronic Products
TD 2.74:    Red Light Reporter
TD 2.75:    Innovative Finance Quarterly
TD 2.75/2:    Innovative Finance 

Bureau of Public Roads (1967-1969)

TD 2.102:    General Publications
TD 2.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.110:    Highway Statistics
TD 2.113:    Highway Research and Development Studies Using Federal-Aid Research and Planning Funds
TD 2.126:    Fatal and Injury Accident Rates on Federal-Aid and Other Highway Systems 

National Highway Safety Bureau (1966-1970)

TD 2.208:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.209:    Motor Vehicle Safety Defect Recall Campaigns
TD 2.210:    Highway Safety Literature
TD 2.212:    Executive summaries, National Highway Safety Bureau Contractors Report
TD 2.213:    Consumer Information Series 

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

TD 2.302:    General Publications
TD 2.308:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 2.310:    Accidents of Motor Carriers of Property
TD 2.310/2:    Accidents of Class 1 Motor Carriers of Passengers
TD 2.312/3:    Analysis and Summary of Accident Investigations
TD 2.313:    Roadside Vehicle Inspection Report
TD 2.313/2:    BMCS National Roadside Inspection
TD 2.314:    Federal Highway Administration Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Register

Federal Railroad Administration (1966- )

TD 3.1/2:    Annual Financial Statement
TD 3.2:    General Publications
TD 3.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
TD 3.12:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 3.14:    Carload Waybill Statistics. Statement TD-1, Territorial Distribution, Traffic and Revenue by Commodity Classes
TD 3.15:    FRA-ORD & D (series)
TD 3.15/5:    Report FRA-OPPD (series)
TD 3.15/7:    Report FRA/TTC- (series)
TD 3.16:    Maps and Charts
TD 3.18:    Train of Thought 

Railroad Safety Office

TD 3.103:    Accident/Incident Bulletin
TD 3.108:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 3.109:    Rail-Highway Crossing Accident/Incident and Inventory Bulletin
TD 3.110:    Railroad Accident Investigation Reports, 1911-
TD 3.110/4:    Railroad Accident Investigation Report 

Federal Aviation Administration

TD 4.2:    General Publications
TD 4.2/10:    National Airspace System Plan. / Facilities Equipment and Associated Development
TD 4.6:    Federal Aviation Regulations
TD 4.6/2-2:    Instruction Books
TD 4.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.8/2:    FAA Handbook
TD 4.8/5:    Advisory Circulars, AC (series)
TD 4.9/2:    FAA World
TD 4.12:    Airman's Information Manual
TD 4.12/2:    Notices to Airmen
TD 4.12/3:    Airman's Information Manual. Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures
TD 4.12/4:    Graphic Notices and Supplemental Data
TD 4.14:    Airport Activity Statistics of Certificated Route Air Carriers, 1962-
TD 4.17:    FAA Publications
TD 4.17/3:    Bibliographic Lists
TD 4.17/5:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 4.17/6:    Guide to Federal Aviation Administration Publications
TD 4.18:    Census of U.S. Civil Aircraft
TD 4.19:    FAA Air Traffic Activity
TD 4.19/2:    Air Traffic Patterns for IFR and VFR Aviation
TD 4.19/3:    Enroute IFR Air Traffic Survey; Peak Day
TD 4.19/4:    Military Air Traffic Activity Report
TD 4.20:    FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation
TD 4.20/2:    Administrator's Fact Book
TD 4.22/2:    Annual Report of Operations Under the Airport and Airway Development Act
TD 4.24:    Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports, 1948-
TD 4.25:    Aviation Education (series)
TD 4.26/2:    Great Lakes Intercom
TD 4.32/7:    Report FAA-ED (series) / Office of Systems Engineering Management
TD 4.32/8:    Report FAA-EE (series) / Office of Environment and Energy
TD 4.32/9:    Report FAA-E (series)
TD 4.32/11:    Report FAA-AVP- (series) / Aviation Policy Office
TD 4.32/12:    Report FAA-C- (series)
TD 4.32/14:    Report FAA-ASP (series)
TD 4.32/15:    Report FAA-AP (series)
TD 4.32/17:    Report FAA-MS- (series)
TD 4.32/17-2:    General Aviation Activity and Avionics Survey
TD 4.32/19:    Accident Prevention Program, FAA-P- (series)
TD 4.32/21:    FAA-T- (series)
TD 4.32/22:    FAA-S- (series)
TD 4.32/23:    FAA/AT- (series)
TD 4.32/24:    FAA/CT- (series)
TD 4.32/25:    DOT TSC (series)
TD 4.32/26:    FAA-P (series)
TD 4.33:    National Aviation System Plan
TD 4.33/2:    The National Aviation System Policy Summary
TD 4.33/3:    National Airport System Plan, 1972-
TD 4.33/4:    The Great Lakes Region Aviation System: Ten Year Plan
TD 4.33/5:    Rocky Mountain Region Aviation System Plan
TD 4.33/6:    Information Resources Management Plan
TD 4.36:    Summary of Supplemental Type Certificates
TD 4.41:    Annual Financial Report
TD 4.44:    Profiles of Scheduled Air Carrier Departure and Arrival Operations for Top 100 U.S. Airports
TD 4.44/3:    Profiles of Scheduled Air Carrier Operations by Stage Length; Top 100 U.S. Airports
TD 4.44/4:    Profiles of Scheduled Air Carrier Airport Operations by Equipment Type; Top 100 U.S. Airports
TD 4.48:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 4.51:    FAA Catalog of Training Courses
TD 4.52:    FAA Organizational Directory
TD 4.52/2:    Directory Telephone
TD 4.52/3:    Aircraft Certification Directory
TD 4.53:    Monthly Management Report
TD 4.57:    FAA-APO- (series)
TD 4.57/3:    National Airway System Annual Report
TD 4.61:    Annual Report of Accomplishments Under the Airport Improvement Program
TD 4.62:    Aviation Weather System Plan
TD 4.64:    The Federal Aviation Administration Plan for Research, Engineering, and Development
TD 4.66:    Montana Pilot Bulletin
TD 4.68:    FAA Aviation Safety Journal
TD 4.70:    Aviation Education
TD 4.71:    Atmospheric Programs Bulletin
TD 4.72:    FAA Strategic Plan
TD 4.73:    Current FAA Telecommunications
TD 4.76:    Electronic Products
TD 4.77:    Aviation Capacity Enhancement Plan
TD 4.78:    Air Traffic Publications Library
TD 4.81:    Catalog of Aeronautical Charts and Related Products
TD 4.82:10/    Worldwide Aeronautical Charts and Products, Public Sale
TD 4.83:    Future Federal Aviation Administration Telecommunications Plan: "Fuchsia Book"
TD 4.102:    Airport Programs Office: General Publications
TD 4.109:    Airport Programs Office: National Airport Plan
TD 4.112:    Airport Programs Office: Reports, AS- (series)
TD 4.158:    Airport Safety and Standards Office: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.210:    Airport Safety and Standards Office: Aviation Medical Report, AM- (series)
TD 4.213:    Airport Safety and Standards Office: Encyclopedia of Medical Program Data
TD 4.302:    Air Traffic Operations Service: General Publications
TD 4.308:    Air Traffic Operations Service: Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 4.313:    Air Traffic Operations Service: Enroute IFR Peak Day Charts
TD 4.315:    Air Traffic Operations Service: ATS Fact Book
TD 4.316:    Air Traffic Operations Service: Minimum Enroute IFR Altitudes over Particular Routes and Intersections
TD 4.401:    Flight Standards Service: Annual Reports
TD 4.402:    Flight Standards Service: General Publications
TD 4.502:    Systems Research and Development Service: General Publications
TD 4.509:    Systems Research and Development Service: Report, FAA-RD- (series)
TD 4.802:    Civil Service Security Service: General Publications
TD 4.809:    Civil Service Security Service: Directory, Local Law Enforcement Organizations Participating in Aviation Security
TD 4.810:    Civil Service Security Service: Semiannual Report to Congress on the Effectiveness of the Civil Aviation Security Program
TD 4.811:    Civil Service Security Service: Criminal Acts Against Civil Aviation
TD 4.902:    Aircraft Certification Service: General Publications
TD 4.915:    Aircraft Certification Service: International Strategic Plan 

Coast Guard

TD 5.2:    General Publications
TD 5.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 5.11:    Boating Statistics
TD 5.12:    Supplement to Merchant Vessels of the United States
TD 5.12/2:    Merchant Vessels of the United States
TD 5.13:    Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council
TD 5.14:    The Coast Guard Reservist
TD 5.16/2:    Bulletin of Information / The U.S. Coast Guard Academy
TD 5.18:    Oceanographic Report
TD 5.18/2:    Oceanographic Unit Technical Reports
TD 5.19:    Register of Officers
TD 5.19/2:    Register of Reserve Officers
TD 5.19/3:    Register of Military Personnel in Washington D.C. Area
TD 5.21/3:    United States Coast Guard Annotated Bibliography
TD 5.21/4:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 5.21/6:    Directives, Publications, Reports Index
TD 5.25/2:    Reports CG-D- / Office of Research and Development
TD 5.28:    Boating Safety Newsletter
TD 5.28/3:    Environmental Response Newsletter
TD 5.30:    Bicentennial Series
TD 5.32:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 5.35:    CG-M- (series) / Office of Merchant Marine Safety
TD 5.42:    Lifesaver: The U.S. Coast Guard Safety and Occupational Health Review
TD 5.44:    Emergency Response Contacts Listing Directory: National Contingency Plan
TD 5.45:    Retiree Newsletter
TD 5.47:    Maps and Posters
TD 5.50:    SAR Statistics
TD 5.51:    Polluting Incidents in and Around U.S. Waters
TD 5.56:    Special Notice to Mariners
TD 5.57:2/    Merchant Marine Examination Questions
TD 5.60:    Consumer Fact Sheet
TD 5.63:    Ship Structure Committee
TD 5.64:    Strategic Information Resource Management Plan
TD 5.66:    Marine Safety Newsletter
TD 5.67:    Electronic Products
TD 5.68:    U.S. Coast Guard Systems Times 

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (1966- )

TD 6.1:    Annual Report 

Federal Transit Administration (1968- )

TD 7.1    Annual Report
TD 7.2:    General Publications
TD 7.4:    Circulars
TD 7.5:    Laws
TD 7.9:    Directory of Research, Development and Demonstration Projects
TD 7.10:    Bilbiographies and Lists of Publications
TD 7.10/2:    Urban Mass Transportation Abstracts
TD 7.11:    Reports, UMTA-PA- (series)
TD 7.11/2:    National Urban Mass Transportation Statistics
TD 7.11/2-2:    Compendium of National Urban Mass Transportation Statistics: Section 15 Reporting System
TD 7.15:    Environmental Impact Statements
TD 7.17:    DOT-TSC-UMTA- (series) / Transportation Systems Center
TD 7.17/2:    DOT-FTAMA (series)
TD 7.19:    Directories
TD 7.19/2:    A Directory of Urban Public Transportation Service
TD 7.20:    Report on Funding Levels and Allocations of Funds 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (1970- )

TD 8.2:    General Publications
TD 8.5/2:    Traffic Laws Commentary
TD 8.5/3:    Driver Licensing Laws Annotated
TD 8.6:    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
TD 8.6/2:    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations
TD 8.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 8.9:    Motor Vehicle Safety Defect Recall Campaigns
TD 8.9/2:    Safety Related Recall Campaigns for Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment, Including Tires
TD 8.9/3:    Safety Related Recall Campaigns for Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment, Including Tires. Detailed Reports
TD 8.10:    Highway Safety Literature
TD 8.11:    Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation
TD 8.11/2:    Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Summaries
TD 8.12:    Report on Activities Under the National Traffic & Motor Vehicle Safety Act
TD 8.12/2:    Report on Activities Under the Highway Safety Act
TD 8.13:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 8.13/3:    Subject Bibliographies from Highway Safety Literature
TD 8.14:    Consumer Information Series
TD 8.14/2:    Consumer Aid Series
TD 8.14/3:    Consumer Affairs Fact Sheets
TD 8.16:    Report on the International Technical Conference on Experimental Safety Vehicles, 1971-
TD 8.20:    Annual Report on the Public Information and Education Countermeasure of Alcohol Safety Action Projects
TD 8.21:    Proceedings - International Congress on Automotive Safety
TD 8.22:    NHTSA Technical Reports
TD 8.26:    Automotive Fuel Economy Program
TD 8.27:    Fatal Accident Reporting System; Traffic Safety Facts
TD 8.27/2:    NHTSA Facts
TD 8.29:    Report DOT-TSC-NHTSC- (series)
TD 8.30:    Fact Books
TD 8.32:    National Automotive Sampling System, Crashworthiness Data System
TD 8.33:    Fuel Economy News: The Newsletter of the Voluntary Truck and Bus Fuel Economy Program
TD 8.35:    Directories
TD 8.36:    Auto & Traffic Safety
TD 8.37:    Autofacts (series)
TD 8.39:    Youth Fatal Crash and Alcohol Facts
TD 8.40:    Traffic Safety Digest
TD 8.63:    Traffic Techs
TD 8.8/2:    Community Action Program for Traffic Safety
TD 8.8/3:    Highway Safety Program Manual 

Office of Hazardous Materials Transportation (1975- )

TD 9.2:    General Publications
TD 9.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 9.10:    Report DOT/MTB- (series)
TD 9.11:    Annual Report on the Administration of the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
TD 9.15:    Annual Report on Hazardous Materials Transportation 

Research and Special Programs Administration (1977- )

TD 10.1/1:    Annual Report on Hazardous Materials Transportation
TD 10.2:    General Publications
TD 10.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 10.9:    National Transportation Statistics (annual)
TD 10.9/2:    Air Carrier Industry Scheduled Service Traffic Statistics
TD 10.9/3:    Air Carrier Traffic Statistics Monthly
TD 10.9/4:    Air Carrier Financial Statistics Quarterly
TD 10.10:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 10.11:    DOT/RSPA/DMA- (series) / Office of University Research
TD 10.11/2:    DOT Awards to Academic Institutions / Office of University Research
TD 10.12:    Annual Report of Pipeline Safety
TD 10.13:    Program Solicitation / Small Business Innovation Research Program
TD 10.14:    University Transportation Centers Project Abstracts
TD 10.15:    Volpe Transportation Journal
TD 10.16:    Hazardous Materials Transportation Training Modules 

Maritime Administration (1981- )

TD 11.1:    MARAD: The Annual Report of the Maritime Administration
TD 11.2:    General Publications
TD 11.6:    Laws
TD 11.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
TD 11.8/2:    Maritime Labor-Management Affiliations Guide
TD 11.9:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
TD 11.9/2:    Marad Publications
TD 11.11:    Vessel Inventory Report
TD 11.12:    A Statistical Analysis of the World's Merchant Fleets
TD 11.13:    United States Oceanborne Foreign Trade Routes
TD 11.14:    Merchant Fleets of the World
TD 11.15:    New Ship Construction
TD 11.15/2:    Relative Cost of Shipbuilding
TD 11.16:    Foreign Flag Merchant Ships Owned by U.S. Parent Companies
TD 11.19:    Domestic Waterborne Trade of the United States
TD 11.20:    Bulk Carriers in the World Fleet
TD 11.21:    Containerized Cargo Statistics
TD 11.25:    Report on Survey of U.S. Shipbuilding and Repair Facilities
TD 11.27:    Maritime Subsidies
TD 11.28:    U.S. Exports & Imports Transshipped via Canadian Ports
TD 11.29:    Tankers in the World Fleet
TD 11.30:    A Report to the Congress on the Status of the Public Ports of the United States
TD 11.33:    Maritime Administration University Research Program 

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

TD 12.1:    Transportation Statistics Annual Report
TD 12.1/2:    National Transportation Statistics
TD 12.2:    General Publications
TD 12.11:    Posters
TD 12.15:    Air Carrier Industry Scheduled Service Traffic Statistics
TD 12.15/2:    Air Carrier Traffic Statistics Monthly
TD 12.15/3:    Air Carrier Financial Statistics Quarterly
TD 12.17:    Electronic Products
TD 12.18:    Journal of Transportation and Statistics 

Surface Transportation Board

TD 13.2:    General Publications
TD 13.6/2:    Surface Transportation Board Reports: Decisions of the Surface Transportation Board of the United States 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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