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The Department of Veterans Affairs was founded in 1930 and is headed by Robert A. McDonald, Secretary

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA 1.1:    Annual Report
VA 1.1/2:    Annual Report of the Surgical Service
VA 1.1/3:    Annual report on the management efficiency pilot program
VA 1.1/4:    Veterans Health Services and Research Administration Annual Report
VA 1.1/5:    Report of the Chairman / Board of Veterans' Appeals
VA 1.1/6:    Veterans Health Administration. Office of Research & Development Annual Report
VA 1.1/7:    VA Health Services Research & Development Progress Reports
VA 1.2:    General Publications
VA 1.2/10:    Data on Vietnam Era Veterans
VA 1.2/11:    Geographic Distribution of VA Expenditures
VA 1.2/12:    Data on Female Veterans
VA 1.3/3:    Recruitment Bulletin
VA 1.6    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
VA 1.10:    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
VA 1.10/3:    Program Guide PG (series)
VA 1.10/4:    Guides G (series)
VA 1.10/5:    Handbook (series)
VA 1.16/2:    Audiovisual Materials
VA 1.18:    Manuals
VA 1.19:    Pamphlets
VA 1.20:    Department of Veterans Affairs Publications Index
VA 1.20/2:    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
VA 1.20/4:    VA Catalogs
VA 1.22:    Information Bulletins , IB (series)
VA 1.22/2:    Information Bulletins
VA 1.22/3:    Handbook of Hearing aid Measurement
VA 1.23/3:    Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
VA 1.23/3-2:    Rehabilitation R & D Progress Reports
VA 1.23/4:    Annual Report, Exchange of Medical Information Program
VA 1.23/5:    Agent Orange Review
VA 1.34:    VA Fact Sheets
VA 1.38:    Training Guides, TG- (series)
VA 1.39:    Interim Issues. Administrative
VA 1.41:    Transactions of the Research Conference on Cooperative Chemotherapy Studies in Psychiatry and Broad Research Approaches to Mental Illness
VA 1.42:    Proceedings of annual Clinical Spinal Cord Injury Conference
VA 1.43:    Medical Research in the Veterans' Administration
VA 1.43/4:    Medical Research Program, Symposis
VA 1.43/5:    Summary of Medical Programs
VA 1.44:    VA Benefits in Brief
VA 1.46:    Government Life Insurance Programs for Veterans and Members of the Services, Annual Report
VA 1.46/2:    Servicemen's and Veterans Group Life Insurance Programs
VA 1.48:    VA Monographs
VA 1.48/2:    Research Monographs
VA 1.48/2-2:    Research News: A Quarterly Publication of VA Research
VA 1.48/3:    Controller Patient Census Monographs 1-
VA 1.48/4:    IM&S-M Series
VA 1.49:    Veterans Education Newsletter
VA 1.50:    Extended Care Census Reports
VA 1.52:    Voluntary Service National Advisory Committee Annual Report
VA 1.55:    Inspector General Semiannual Report
VA 1.55/2:    Digest / Inspector General
VA 1.56/3:    VA Medical Center, Pheonex, Arizona: Newsletter
VA 1.57:    Series W-
VA 1.60:    Telephone Directory
VA 1.62:    Directories
VA 1.62/2:    Directory of Veterans Administration Facilities
VA 1.63:    VA Health Professional Scholarship Program: Publications
VA 1.67:    Biometrics Monograph Series
VA 1.68:    Five Year Medical Facility Construction Needs Assessment
VA 1.68/2:    Five Year Medical Facility Development Plan
VA 1.69:    VA Station Addresses, Identification Numbers, and Territorial Jurisdictions
VA 1.70:    Maps and Atlases
VA 1.71:    Trend Data
VA 1.73:    Drug Formulary
VA 1.73/3:    Drug Formulary (Medical Center, Saginaw, MI)
VA 1.73/5:    Drug Formulary (Medical Center, Tucson, AZ)
VA 1.73/6:    Drug Formulary (Medical Center, Sepulveda, GA)
VA 1.74:    Statistical Briefs
VA 1.77/2:    DM & S ADP Plan
VA 1.79:    Important Information about You and Your Medication
VA 1.83/2:    Budget in Brief
VA 1.84:    Managing Clinical Costs: An Information Tool for Hospital Managers
VA 1.86:    Information Systems Strategic Plan
VA 1.88:    Selected Compensation and Pension Data by State of Residence
VA 1.89:    Management and Productivity Improvement Report
VA 1.90:    CDE News
VA 1.91:    Veterans Affairs Medical Research Service Advisory Groups
VA 1.92:    Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Centers (GRECCs)
VA 1.93:    Vanguard
VA 1.94:    PTSD Research Quarterly / The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
VA 1.97:    Facility-Based HIV/AIDS Education Demonstration Project
VA 1.104:    Gulf War Review: Information for Veterans Who Served in Desert Shield/Storm 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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