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Browse Y 1: in the Government Document stacks: Home

Congress Y

Y 1.1:    Miscellaneous Unclassified Publications of both House and Senate
Y 1.1/2:    United States Congressional Serial Set
Y 1.1/3:    Senate Documents
Y 1.1/4:    Senate Treaty Documents
Y 1.1/5:    Senate Reports
Y 1.1/6:    Senate Executive Reports
Y 1.1/7:    House Documents
Y 1.1/8:    House Reports 

House of Representatives

Y 1.2:    Miscellaneous Publications and Compilations of Laws
Y 1.2/2:    Calendars of the United States House of Representatives and History of Legislation
Y 1.2/5    United States Code
Y 1.2/6:    List of Standing Committees and Select Committees of the House of Representatives
Y 1.2/7:    Telephone Directory
Y 1.2/8:    Cross-References within the Internal Revenue Code
Y 1.2:P 69/    Platforms of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party 


Y 1.3:    Miscellaneous Publications
Y 1.3/3:    Calendar of Business
Y 1.3/4:    Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate
Y 1.3/8:    Senate History
Y 1.3/9:    List of Standing Committees
Y 1.3/10:    United States Senate Telephone Directory 

Congressional Bills, Resolutions, and Amendments

Y 1.4/1:    Senate Bills
Y 1.4/2:    Senate Resolutions
Y 1.4/3:    Senate Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/4:    Senate Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.4/6:    House Bills
Y 1.4/7:    House Resolutions
Y 1.4/8:    House Joint Resolutions
Y 1.4/9:    House Concurrent Resolutions
Y 1.6:    [Enrolled bills for the 103d Congress online via FDsys] 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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