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Congressional hearings, part 2

National Commission on Aids

Y 3.Ac 7:2    General Publications 

Administrative Conference of the United States (1964- )

Y 3.Ad 6:1    Annual Report
Y 3.Ad 6:2    General Publications
Y 3.Ad 6:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.AD 6:9    Recomendations and Reports of the Administrative Conference of the United States
Y 3.AD 6:9-2    Administrative Conference News
Y 3.Ad 6:10    Studies in Administrative Law and Procedure
Y 3.AD 6:11    Resource Papers in Administrative Law 

Advisory Committee on Education (1937-1939)

Y 3.Ad 9/2:7    Staff Studies 

Advisory Commission on Information (1948-1968)

Y 3.Ad 9/7:1/    Semiannual Report 

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (1959- )

Y 3.Ad 9/8:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.Ad 9/8:2    General Publications
Y 3.Ad 9/8:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Ad 9/8:10    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.Ad 9/8:11    Intergovernmental Perspective
Y 3.Ad 9/8:16    The States and Distressed Communities: A Report
Y 3.Ad 9/8:17    Changing Public Attitudes on Governments and Taxes
Y 3.AD 9/8:18    Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism
Y 3.Ad 9/8:19    Measuring State Fiscal Capacity
Y 3.AD 9/8:20    A Catalog of Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs to State and Local Governments 

Advisory Commission on International Educational and Cultural Affairs (1961- )

Y 3.Ad 9/9:1/    Annual Reports
Y 3.Ad 9/9:2    General Publications
Y 3.Ad 9/9:9/    International Educational and Cultural Exchange 

Advisory Committee on Federal Pay

Y 3.Ad 9/11:2    General Publications 

United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Y 3.Ad 9/12:    Annual Reports
Y 3.Ad 9/12:2    General Publications 

Aeronautics Board (1916-1948)

Y 3.Ae 8.8:    ANC Bulletin 

African Development Foundation (1984- )

Y 3.Af 8.2    General Publications
Y 3.Af 8.8:    Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides
Y 3.Af 8.9/    Advance: The Journal of the African Development Foundation
Y 3.Af 8:10/    Beyond Relief 

Airways Modernization Board (1957-1958)

Y 3.Ai 7/4:2    General Publications 

National Commission on Air Quality

Y 3.Ai 7/5:2    General Publications
Y 3.Ai 7/5:9/    Air Waves: A Monthly Bulletin
Y 3.Ai 7/5:10/    Studies (numbered)
Y 3.Ai 7/5:12    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

National Alcohol Fuels Commission (1978- )

Y 3.Al 1/2:2    General Publications
Y 3.Al 1/2:9    Public Hearings (various cities) 

American Battle Monuments Commission (1923- )

Y 3.AM 3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.AM 3:2    General Publications 

American National Red Cross (1949-1952)

Y 3.Am 3/5:1/    Annual Report - The American National Red Cross 

American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (1973- 1977)

Y 3.Am 3/6:1/    Reports
Y 3.Am 3/6:2    General Publications
Y 3.Am 3/6:7-2/    Bicentennial Era
Y 3.Am 3/6:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Am 3/6:10    Bicentennial Times
Y 3.Am 3/6:12/    Call for Achievement Booklets 

Appalachian Regional Commission (1965- )

Y 3.Ap 4/2:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.Ap 4/2:2    General Publications
Y 3.Ap 4/2:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.AP 4/2:9-2/    Appalachia
Y 3.AP 4/2:11/    Appalachian Reporter
Y 3.Ap 4/2:12/    Appalachian Education Satellite Project Technical Reports 

Architect of the Capitol (1793- )

Y 3.Ar 2:1    Annual Report 

Air Force-Navy Civil Committee on Aircraft Design Criteria (1948)

Y 3.Ar 5/3:7/    ANC (publications) 

Atomic Energy Commission

Y 3.At 7:1/    Annual Report to Congress
Y 3.At 7:2    General Publications
Y 3.At 7:3/    Safety and Fire Protection Bulletins
Y 3.At 7:5    Laws
Y 3.At 7:6    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
Y 3.At 7:6-3    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.At 7:6-4    AEC Licensing Guides
Y 3.At 7:8/    Declassified Documents
Y 3.At 7:11/    Abstracts of Declassified Documents
Y 3.At 7:16/    Nuclear Science Abstracts, 1948-
Y 3.At 7:16-3/    New Nuclear Data, Annual Cumulations
Y 3.At 7:16-4/    Nuclear Data Tables
Y 3.At 7:17/    Semiannual Report of the Atomic Energy Commission
Y 3.At 7:20/    Radiation Instrument Catalog
Y 3.At 7:22/    AEC Research and Development Reports
Y 3.At 7:28-3/    AEC Technical Information Bulletin
Y 3.At 7:36    Reactor and Fuel Processing Technology
Y 3.At 7:37    Reactor Fuel Processing
Y 3.At 7:38    Reactor Materials
Y 3.At 7:39/    Financial Report - Atomic Energy Commission
Y 3.At 7:43/    Living with Radiation
Y 3.At 7:44    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.AT 7:45/    Nuclear Safety, 1959-
Y 3.At 7:48/    Fundamental Nuclear Energy Research
Y 3.At 7:51/    Research and Development Abstracts
Y 3.At 7:52    Isotopes and Radiation Technology
Y 3.At 7:53/    Nuclear Theory Reference Book
Y 3.At 7:54    Understanding the Atom Series
Y 3.At 7:56/    The Nuclear Industry
Y 3.At 7:58/    Public Safety Newsletter
Y 3.At 7:55-2/    Federal Telecommunications System Telephone Dirrectory 

Aviation Safety Commission

Y 3.Av 5/2:    Reports and Publications 

Commission on Bankruptcy Laws of the United States (1970)

Y 3.B 22:1/    Report 

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (1976- )

Y 3.B 27:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.B 27:2    General Publications
Y 3.B 27:3-2/    Bulletins
Y 3.B 27:5    Laws
Y 3.B 27:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.B 27:9    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.B 27:15/    Access America
Y 3.B 27:16/    Access Currents: Current News from the U.S. Access Board 

Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution (1986- )

Y 3.B 47/2:2    General Publications
Y 3.B 47/2:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.B 47/2:12    Posters
Y 3.B 47/2:15/    Newsletter
Y 3.B 47/2:16/    Calendar

Bituminous Coal Consumers' Counsel (1941-1943)

Y 3.B 54/2:1/    Annual Report 

Committee for Purchase from People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled (1974- )

Y 3.B 61:6    Regulation, Rules, and Instructions 

Board for International Broadcasting (1973- )

Y 3.B 78:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.B 78:9/    Budget 

Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting

Y 3.B 78/2:1/    Report by the Advisory Board for Cuba Broadcasting 

Central Statistical Board (1933-1940)

Y 3.C 33/2:1/    Annual Reports 

Central Housing Committee (1935-1942)

Y 3.C 33/3:7/    Housing Index-Digest 

Censorship Office (1941-1945)

Y 3.C 33/6:2    General Publications
Y 3.C 33/6:6    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions 

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (1990- )

Y 3.C 42:2    Publications
Y 3.C 42/2:16    Investigations and News 

National Advisory Council on Child Nutrition (1971- )

Y 3.C 43/2:1/    Annual Report 1971- 

U.S. National Commission on the International Year of the Child

Y 3.C 43/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.C 43/3:2    General Publications

National Commission on Children

Y 3.C 43/5:2    General Publications 

Civilian Conservation Corps (1937-1939)

Y 3.C 49:1/    Annual Reports 

Civil War Centennial Commission (1957-1966)

Y 3.C 49/2:1/    Reports 

Commission on Fair Market Value Policy for Federal Coal Leasing

Y 3.C 63/3:2    General Publications 

Combined Production and Resources Board (United States, Great Britain and Canada) (1942-1945)

Y 3.C 73/3:    General Publications 

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (1974- )

Y 3.C 73/5:    General Publications
Y 3.C 73/5:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.C 73/5:2    General Publications
Y 3.C 73/5:9-2/    Commitments of Traders in Commodity Futures, Chicago and New York
Y 3.C 73/5:9-3/    Commitments of Traders in Commodity Futures
Y 3.C 76/5:    Reports and Publications 

Competitiveness Policy Council

Y 3.C 73/6:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.C 73/6:2    General Publications
Y 3.C 76/3:11-3    Alert Sheets 

Consumer Product Safety Commission (1972- )

Y 3.C 76/3:1    Annual Report
Y 3.C 76/3:2    General Publications
Y 3.C 76/3:5    Laws
Y 3.C 76/3:7/    Press Releases
Y 3.C 76/3:7-2/    NEISS News
Y 3.C 76/3:7-3/    NEISS Data Highlights
Y 3.C 76/3:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.C 76/3:11/    Fact Sheets
Y 3.C 76/3:11-4    Safety News
Y 3.C 76/3:17    Hazard Analysis Reports [on various subjects]
Y 3.C 76/3:27/    MECAP News
Y 3.C 76/3:28/    Consumer Product Safety Review 

Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping

Y 3.C 73/5:9-4/    Commitments of Traders in Commodity Options 

Cooperative Enterprise in Europe Committee (1936- 1937)

Y 3.C 78/2:2    General Publications 

National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works (1974- 1978)

Y 3.C 79:1/    Reports 

Cost Accounting Standards Board (1970-1981)

Y 3.C 82:6    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions 

Council of National Defense (1916-1918)

Y 3.C 83:62    Woman's Committee: General Publications 

Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive

Y 3.C 83/2:1-2    Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage 

Council of National Defense Advisory Commission (1940- 1941)

Y 3.C 831:107/    Defense, Bulletins; Victory Bulletin 

National Critical Materials Council (1984- )

Y 3.C 86:2    General Publications
Y 3.C 86/2:2    General Publications 

Commission for the Improvement of the Federal Crop Insurance Program

Y 3.C 88:2    General Publications 

National Commission on Dairy Policy

Y 3.D 14:2    General Publications 

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

Y 3.D 27:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides --[Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board] 

Defense Manpower Commission (1973- )

Y 3.D 36:1/    Report
Y 3.D 36:9/    Defense Manpower Commission Staff Studies and Supporting Papers 

Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission

Y 3.D 36/2:    Report 

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

Y 3.D 36/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.D 36/3:9/    DNFSB Technical Reports 

Development Loan Fund (1958-1961)

Y 3.D 49:1/    Annual Report 

Displaced Persons Commission (1948-1952)

Y 3.D 63/2:1/    Semi-Annual Report to the President and the Congress
Y 3.D 63/2:2    General Publications 

National Council on Disability

Y 3.D 63/3:    General Publications
Y 3.D 63/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.D 63/3:1-2    National Disability Policy
Y 3.D 63/3:2    General Publications
Y 3.D 63/3:8    Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides 

National Drug Policy Board (1987- )

Y 3.D 84/2:    General Publications 

National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity (1964- 1981)

Y 3.Ec 7/2:1/    Annual Report 

National Economic Commission

Y 3.Ec 7/3:    Staff Papers, Background Papers and Major Testimony 

Economic Cooperation Administration (1948-1951)

Y 3.Ec 74/3:8/    Report to Congress of the Economic Cooperation Administration
Y 3.Ec 74/3:9/    Report to Congress on the United States Foreign Relief Program

Federal Interagency Committee on Education (1964- )

Y 3.Ed 8:2    General Publications 

National Advisory Council on Education of Disadvantaged Children (1965- 1982)

Y 3.Ed 8/2:1/    Annual Report 

National Advisory Council on Education Professions Development

Y 3.Ed 8/3:2    General Publications 

National Advisory Council on Adult Education (1974- )

Y 3.Ed 8/4:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.Ed 8/4:2    General Publications 

Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs (1976- )

Y 3.Ed 8/6:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.Ed 8/6:2    General Publications 

National Advisory Council on Equality of Educational Opportunity (1972- )

Y 3.Ed 8/7:1/    Reports 

National Advisory Council on Continuing Education

Y 3.Ed 8/8:2    General Publications 

Intergovernmental Advisory Council on Education

Y 3.Ed 8/9:2    General Publications 

National Education Goals Panel

Y 3.Ed 8/10:1    National Education Goals Report 

National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education

Y 3.Ed 8/11:2    General Publications 

Federal Election Commission (1974- )

Y 3.El 2/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.El 2/3:2    General Publications
Y 3.EL 2/3:2-10/    Campaign Finance Law
Y 3.El 2/3:5    Laws
Y 3.El 2/3:6    Regulations, Rules, and Instructions
Y 3.El 2/3:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.El 2/3:9/    Federal-State Election Law Survey
Y 3.El 2/3:9-2/    Federal-State Election Law Updates
Y 3.EL 2/3:10/    FEC Journal of Election Administration
Y 3.EL 2/3:11/    Federal Election Commission Record
Y 3.El 2/3:12/    Election Case Law
Y 3.El 2/3:13    Campaign Guide
Y 3.El 2/3:14/    Election Directory
Y 3.El 2/3:14-2/    Combined Federal/State Disclosure Directory
Y 3.El 2/3:15/    FEC Reports on Financial Activity
Y 3.El 2/3:15-2/    FEC Index of Communication Costs
Y 3.El 2/3:15-3/    FEC Index of Independent Expenditures
Y 3.El 2/3:16/    Federal Elections
Y 3.El 2/3:18/    Innovations in Election Administration
Y 3.El 2/3:19/    Selected Court Case Abstracts 

National Commission on Electronic Fund Transfers (1974- )

Y 3.El 2/4:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.El 2/4:2    General Publications 

Emergency Conservation Work (1933-1937)

Y 3.Em 3:1/    Annual Reports
Y 3.Em 3:2    General Publications 

Emergency Loan Guarantee Board (1972- )

Y 3.Em 3/2:1/    Annual Report 

National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics

Y 3.Em 7/2:2    General Publications
Y 3.Em 7/2:9    Background Papers 

National Commission for Employment Policy (1978- )

Y 3.Em 7/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.Em 7/3:2    General Publications
Y 3.Em 7/3:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Em 7/3:9    Special Reports
Y 3.Em 7/3:10/    Research Reports
Y 3.Em 7/3:11    Monograph Series 

United States Enrichment Corporation

Y 3.En 2:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.En 2:2    General Publications 

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1965- )

Y 3.Eq 2:1/    Annual Report 1968-
Y 3.Eq 2:1-2    EEO Semiannual Report to the Congress, Office of Inspector General
Y 3.Eq 2:2    General Publications
Y 3.Eq 2:6    Rules, Regulations, and Instructions
Y 3.Eq 2:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Eq 2:11/    Research Reports
Y 3.Eq 2:12    Equal Employment Opportunity Report
Y 3.Eq 2:12-2/    Minorities and Women in Apprenticeship Programs and Referral Unions
Y 3.Eq 2:12-3/    Minorities and Women in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
Y 3.Eq 2:12-4/    Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in State and Local Government
Y 3.Eq 2:12-5/    Annual Report on the Employment of Minorities, Women & Handicapped Individuals in the Federal Government
Y 3.Eq 2:12-6/    Minorities and Women in Higher Education
Y 3.Eq 2:12-7/    Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in Private Industry
Y 3.Eq 2:13    Posters
Y 3.Eq 2:15    EEOC Mission
Y 3.Eq 2:16/    Coordination of Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Programs
Y 3.Eq 2:17    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.Eq 2:19/    Semi-Annual Checklist of EEOC Orders
Y 3.Eq 2:21    Braille Publications 

Office of Government Ethics (1978- )

Y 3.Et 3:1/    Biennial Report to Congress
Y 3.Et 3:2    General Publications
Y 3.Et 3:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.Et 3:15    Government Ethics Newsgram
Y 3.Et 3:16    The Ethics CD [CD-ROM] 

Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries (1967- )

Y 3.Ex 3/3:1/    Report of the Commission on Executive, Legislative and Judicial Salaries
Y 3.Ex 3/3:2    General Publications 

Export-Import Bank of the United States (1968- )

Y 3.Ex 7/3:    Statement of Active Loans and Financial Guarantees as of
Y 3.Ex 7/3:1/    Report to Congress
Y 3.Ex 7/3:2    General Publications 

National Advisory Council on Continuing Education (1965- )

Y 3.Ex 8:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.Ex 8:2    General Publications 

Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (1987- )

Y 3.F 22/2:1/    Annual Report 

Federal Home Loan Bank Board (1932-1939)

Y 3.F 31/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/3:2    General Publications 

Federal Emergency Relief Administration (1933-1938)

Y 3.F 31/5:8/    Monthly Report of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Y 3.F 31/5:37/    General Relief Statistics 

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1933- )

Y 3.F 31/8:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/8:1-2/    FDIC Statistics on Banking
Y 3.F 31/8:1-3/    Merger Decisions
Y 3.F 31/8:19/    Bank Operating Statistics
Y 3.F 31/8:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/8:22/    Data Book, Operating Banks and Branches
Y 3.F 31/8:23/    Trust Assets of Banks and Trust Companies
Y 3.F 31/8:24/    FDIC Consumer News
Y 3.F 31/8:25/    Changes Among Operating Banks and Branches
Y 3.F 31/8:26/    Historical Statistics on Banking
Y 3.F 31/8:27/    FDIC Banking Review
Y 3.F 31/8:28/    Survey of Real Estate Trends
Y 3.F 31/8:29/    FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile
Y 3.F 31/8:31/    Real Estate Asset Inventory
Y 3.F 31/8:34    FDIC: Financial Institution Letters (FILS)
Y 3.F 31/8:35/    Report on Underwriting Practices 

Federal Surplus Relief Corporation (1933-1935)

Y 3.F 31/9:1/    Report of Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation for the Calendar Year 

Federal Housing Administration (1934-1939)

Y 3.F 31/11:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/11:5    Laws 

Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee (1939- 1954)

Y 3.F 31/13:3/    Notes on Hydrologic Activities; Bulletin
Y 3.F 31/13:8/    Sedimentation Bulletin
Y 3.F 31/13:9/    A Study of Methods Used in Measurement and Analysis of Sediment Loads in Streams. [Numbered series] 

Federal Council on Aging (1956-1962)

Y 3.F 31/15:1/    Annual Report to the President
Y 3.F 31/15:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/15:8    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications
Y 3.F 31/15:10/    Status Report 

Federal Council for Science and Technology (1959- 1963)

Y 3.F 31/16:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/16:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/16:9/    Interagency Committee on Oceanography Pamphlets
Y 3.F 31/16:11/    Annual Report on Government Patent Policy
Y 3.F 31/16:12/    Interdepartmental Committee for Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS) Reports
Y 3.F 31/16:14/    Federal Excavation Technology Program; Annual Report 

Federal Radiation Council (1959-1970)

Y 3.F 31/17:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/17:8/    Report - Federal Radiation Council 

Federal Committee on Pest Control (1964- )

Y 3.F 31/18:    General Publications 

Federal Committee on Research Natural Areas (1966- )

Y 3.F 31/19:9/    A Directory of Research Natural Areas on Federal Lands of the United States of America 

Federal Executive Board (1961- )

Y 3.F 31/20:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/20:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.F 31/20:8-2/    Fiscal Year Directory Baltimore Federal Executive Board 

Federal Labor Relations Council (1969-1979)

Y 3.F 31/21:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/21:9/    Decisions and Interpretations of the Federal Labor Relations Council
Y 3.F 31/21:10/    FLRC Report of Case Decisions and FSIP Releases 

Federal Service Impasses Panel (1969- )

Y 3.F 31/21-2:1/    Reports
Y 3.F 31/21-2:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/21-2:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.F 31/21-2:9/    Subject-Matter Index and Table of Cases 

Federal Labor Relations Authority (1979- )

Y 3.F 31/21-3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 31/21-3:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 31/21-3:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.F 31/21-3:9/    FLRA Report of Case Decisions and FSIP Releases
Y 3.F 31/21-3:9-3/    Administrative Law Judge Decisions Report
Y 3.F 31/21-3:9-4/    Citator: Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y 3.F 31/21-3:10/    Supplemental Digest and Index of Published Decisions of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor-Management Relations Pursuant to Executive Order 11491, as Amended
Y 3.F 31/21-3:10-2/    Decisions and Reports on Rulings of the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor- Management Relations
Y 3.F 31/21-3:10-3/    Staff Draft Subject Matter Index of the Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y 3.F 31/21-3:10-4/    Decisions of the Federal Labor Relations Authority
Y 3.F 31/21-3:12/    Report on Case Handling Developments of the Office of the General Counsel
Y 3.F 31/21-3:13    Rules and Regulations
Y 3.F 31/21-3:14-11    Case Information Sheets
Y 3.F 31/21-3:14-3    Federal Service Impasses Panel Releases
Y 3.F 31/21-3:15/    FLRA Bulletin 

Federal Committee on Ecological Reserves

Y 3.F 31/22:9/    A Directory of Research Natural Areas on Federal Lands of the United States of America 

Federal Interagency Committee on the International Year of Disabled Persons

Y 3.F 31/24:1/    Annual Report 

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (1979- )

Y 3.F 49:1/    Annual Report 

National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control ( - 1973)

Y 3.F 51:1/    Report

Foreign Economic Policy Commission (1953-1954)

Y 3.F 76/2:    Publications 

Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States (1954- 1980)

Y 3.F 76/3:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.F 76/3:2    General Publications
Y 3.F 76/3:5    Laws 

Board of Foreign Scholarships (1946- )

Y 3.F 76/4:1    Annual Report 

Commission on Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy (1972-1974)

Y 3.F 76/5:2    General Publications 

Fuel Administration (1917-1919)

Y 3.F 95/2:    Report of the Distribution Division 

Commission on Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling (1975- )

Y 3.G 14:1/    Report 

Commission on the Role of Gold in Domestic and International Monetary Systems

Y 3.G 57:1/    Reports 

Governments Security Commission (1955-1957)

Y 3.G 74/2:    Report 

National Council on the Handicapped (1984- )

Y 3.H 19:8    Reports and Publications 

Native Hawaiians Study Commission

Y 3.H 31/2:2    General Publications 

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (1966- )

Y 3.H 62:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.H 62:2    General Publications
Y 3.H 62:5    National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as Amended
Y 3.H 62:6    Regulations, Rules, Instructions
Y 3.H 62:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.H 62:9    Memorandums 

United States Capitol Historical Society

Y 3.H 62/2:9/    We the People [Calendar] 

U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society

Y 3.H 62/3:2    General Publications 

White House Historical Association

Y 3.H 62/4:2    General Publications
Y 3.H 62/4:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Federal Holiday Commission

Y 3.H 71:12    Posters 

United States Holocaust Memorial Council

Y 3.H 74:2    General Publications
Y 3.H 74:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.H 74:10/    U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Newsletter
Y 3.H 74:11/    Directory of Holocaust Institutions
Y 3.H 74:13    Bibliographies and Lists of Publications 

Interagency Council on the Homeless

Y 3.H 75:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.H 75:2    General Publications
Y 3.H 75:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.H 75:15    Council Communique
Y 3.H 75:16    Program Alert
Y 3.H 75:17    Fact Sheets 

National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research (1977- )

Y 3.H 88:2    General Publications 

Immigration Commission (1907-1910)

Y 3.Im 6:    Publications 

Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy (1978- 1980)

Y 3.Im 6/2:2    General Publications 

Industrial Commission (1899-1902)

Y 3.In 2/2:    Publications 

Indian Claims Commission (1946-1978)

Y 3.In 2/6:1/    Annual Report 

National Council on Indian Opportunity (1968-1974)

Y 3.In 2/9:2    General Publications
Y 3.In 2/9:9/    NCIO News 

National Advisory Council on Indian Education (1965- )

Y 3.In 2/10:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.In 2/10:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Interdepartmental Committee on Children and Youth (1948- )

Y 3.In 8/6:1/    Annual Report 

Intergovernmental Relations Commission (1953-1955)

Y 3.In 8/7    Publications 

Interagency Committee on Water Resources (1954- 1956)

Y 3.In 8/8:7/    Notes on Hydrologic Activities; Bulletin
Y 3.In 8/8:8/    Sedimentation Bulletin
Y 3.In 8/8:9/    Joint Hydrology-Sedimentation Bulletin
Y 3.In 8/8:10/    A Study of Methods Used in Measurement and Analysis of Sediment Loads in Streams. [Numbered series] 

Interdepartmental Committee for the Study of Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States (1954-1957)

Y 3.In 8/10:1/    Reports 

Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense (1954)

Y 3.In 8/13:2    General Publications
Y 3.In 8/13:9/    Armed Forces International Nutrition Conference 

Interdepartmental Committee on the Status of Women (1963- 1978)

Y 3.In 8/21:1/    Report on Progress in [year] on the Status of Women
Y 3.In 8/21:2    General Publications 

Inter-American Foundation (1969- )

Y 3.In 8/25:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.In 8/25:2    General Publications
Y 3.In 8/25:15/    Grassroots Development: Journal of the Inter-American Foundation
Y 3.In 8/25:16/    Country Focus Series 

Interagency Committee on Intermodal Cargo (1978- )

Y 3.In 8/26:2    General Publications 

Interagency Task Force on Small Business Finance

Y 3.In 8/29:9    Studies of Small Business Finance 

Interparliamentary Union, United States Group

Y 3.In 8/30:2    General Publications

Interagency Task Force on Acid Precipitation

Y 3.In 8/31:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.In 8/31:2    General Publications 

Japan-United States Friendship Commission (1975- )

Y 3.J 27:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.J 27:2    General Publications
Y 3.J 27:7/    The Commissioner: The Newsletter of the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission 

Joint Publications Research Service (1949-1979)

Y 3.J 66:13/    JPRS (series) 

Interagency Land Acquisition Conference (1971- )

Y 3.L 22:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides 

Legal Services Corporation (1974- )

Y 3.L 52:1/2    Semiannual Report to Congress
Y 3.L 52:2    General Pulbications 

Lewis and Clark Trail Commission (1964-1969)

Y 3.L 58:2    General Publications 

National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (1970- )

Y 3.L 61:    General Publications
Y 3.L 61:1/    Annual Report
Y 3.L 61:2    General Publications 

National Institute for Literacy (1991- )

Y 3.L 71:    General Publications
Y 3.L 71:2    General Publications
Y 3.L 71:8    Handbooks, Manuals, Guides
Y 3.L 71:10    Directories
Y 3.L 71:15/    Literacy News
Y 3.L 71:16/    Literacy Leader Fellowship Program Reports
Y 3.L 71:18/    Policy Updates
Y 3.L 71:21/    Linkages: Linking Literacy & Learning Disabilities 

Lowell Historic Canal District Commission (1975-1977)

Y 3.L 95:1/    Report
Y 3.L 95:2:2    General Publications 


This guide was based on work presented by Chris Brown at the University of Denver.  For the original guide see  Additional information was provided by Donna Andriot's Guide to U.S. Government Publications 2009 edition.

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