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Dental Research: Posters

UF Branding Templates

Poster Print Tips, Locations & Cost

Design Tips

These poster design tips are adapted from the articles resources on this page.

Shorten Text Lines  - longer lines are hard to read

Justify the Right Way To the Left - left justifying makes text easier to read

Consider Your Font- It's OK to use more than one but don't use more than two or three. Use an easy to read font

Don't Put the Conclusion on the Bottom- one of the most important parts of poster why put it on the bottom of the poster?

Bigger is Better-  Use larger fonts, Title font should be 50+, Body font should be a minimum of 24 size font

Power Point for Design NOT Color Palette- Avoid use of deep colors, primary colors, and dark background colors

Check Readability-  Test from six feet away

Use Titles With Messages  & Always Title Graphs

Research Findings Should be Obvious

Methods Section Should - Include How you Got your Data

Include Enough Data to Defend Hypothesis

Graphs Should Tell the Whole Story - Remove text can you tell what graphs represent?

Use Graphs Rather Than Tables

Avoid Cluttered Figures

Arrange to Tell a Story- Not in order performed

Rule of Thumb- 50% Graphics 50% Text







  • Check the required poster dimensions ( if not specified ask if dimensions are vertical or horizontal)
  • Bring adhesion for  mounting your poster (command strips, Velcro etc.)

Wait, Don't Discard, Put it in the IR!

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