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Augmented Reality: Aurasma

Aurasma is a free AR application for smartphones.


Aurasma is a free smartphone application (iOS and Andriod) which uses the phone's camera with image-recognition technology to blend digital content with physical objects and visuals. Aurasma provides a simple, highly functional, and easy to learn software for creating digital overlays (called Auras) that can be accessed using a smartphone. This page will define some basic terms related to using Aurasma and links to tutorials for making projects in Aurasma. 

Aurasma Studio

Aurasma Studio is the online editing suite through which you can produce and share Auras. Visit the basic tutorial to setup an account and walk through a basic Aura.


Overlays are the digital content which appears after scanning a trigger image. It is the digital augment which appears over what the phone camera is capturing. 


Auras are composed of two pieces of information 1) the trigger image and 2) the overlay. You can create an aura through the basic Aurasma tutorial. 



Hotspots are added to overlays to give multiple functions (such as clickable areas or buttons) to a single overlay. For more information on hotspots, visit the hotspot section of this guide.

Trigger Images

An object or image which is scanned by a smartphone camera to trigger an action (launching an overlay) in the application.

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