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Augmented Reality: Hotspots

Aurasma is a free AR application for smartphones.


Hotspots allow Auras to have multiple functions. A hotspot is a designated area on an overlay which is set to perform a function when tapped or allow areas of the aura to become fullscreen. You can also use them to block taps on other overlays or to automate parts of the Aura. 

Why use a Hotspot?

Hotspots are transparent, objects whose boarder is only visible in Aurasma Studio. They can be used as tapable areas, to block tapable areas, and to target areas of an Aura for full screen actions. 

How to Add Hotspots

Once you are logged in to Aurasma Studio and are editing an Aura, select "add existing overlay." In the top, right corner, select "Add Hotspot." The hotspot will behave like other overlays, adn you can adjust the proportions and add functions in the editor box.

Advanced Actions

Using Advanced Actions will allow you to lock overlays on screen, or to allow your overlays to go fullscreen. To learn about how to use advanced actions to make your overlays more interactive, visit Aurasma's tutorial on Advanced Actions

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