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Augmented Reality: 3D Overlays

Aurasma is a free AR application for smartphones.

3D Overlays in Aurasma Studio

Aurasma Studio has its own 3D engine, and you can use it to build a wide variety of objects for Auras. This page provides a few specifications, instructions, tips, and links that will be of use to you as you learn to make 3D objects in Aurasma.

Adding 3D Overlays

Aurasma's 3D engine is versitle and easy to use. Aurasma describes the engine as similar to most game engines (such as Unity) but aimed for more limited processing power on portable devices like smartphones and tablets. 3D models must be stored in a .tar file before they can be uploaded to Aurasma Studio.

Aurasma recommends using OpenCOLLADA over Autodesk Collada Exporter for preparing 3D files.


Aurasma recommends the following programs for working with 3D models:


7zip is used for making .tar files. You can download it from

OpenCOLLADA Tools 

OpenCOLLADA is an exporter tool for .dae files exported from 3D building programs. You can download it from Github.

.tar Files

Aurasma requires 3D modles to be packaged in .tar files before uploading to Studio. Like .zip files, .tar files contain various subfiles. For specific requirements, specificiations and guidelines, visit Aurasma's guide for creating a .tar file

The .tar files must include:

  • .dae file (Aurasma recommends using OpenCollada)
  • .png texture file(s)
  • .png thumbnail (256x256 pixels) named ‘thumbnail’

Optionally, .tar files can include:

  • .mp3 sound files
  • newconfig.cfg file

If you're stuck

If you cannot get your 3D file to export or upload for any reason, you can contact Aurasma at They recommend attaching a copy of the .tar file and including your Studio account name and the software you used to create the file.

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