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Research Fundamentals: Recommended Resources

Finding sources intro

Recommended Chemistry Resources

Chemistry book recommendations

Introduction and Background 

Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry. Over 5,000 entries covering all disciplines of chemistry written in accessible language for those new to the field. This reference is a great resource for looking up new terminology you come across. Requires UF Authentication
Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. A survey of terminology in biochemistry and molecular biology. Entries in this dictionary are concise and designed for quick reference. Requires UF Authentication
Oxford Dictionary of Chemical Engineering. This dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations for chemical engineering terms in areas including materials, energy balances, reactions, separations, sustainability. Requires UF Authentication

General Chemistry  

CHEMnetBASE. A collection of online chemistry reference materials, including essential texts such as the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and the Combined Chemical Dictionary. Many of these resources feature the ability to search by structure. Check out the "information" button beneath each individual resource on the CHEMnetBASE main page for a tutorial of how to use each item. Requires UF Authentication
IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology. Also known as the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) "Gold Book." This resource is an authoritative collection of definitions on chemical nomenclature and terminology.
Kirk-Othmer Encylopeida of Chemical Technology. A wide scope of articles on chemical substances including their properties, manufacturing, and uses. Entries are detailed and comprehensive. New articles are added to this encyclopedia as they are submitted and accepted. Requires UF Authentication
ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. A living encyclopedia with more than 1,000 articles about topics in chemistry, chemical engineering, and life sciences. Articles in this encyclopedia are long, relatively detailed entries. New articles are added to the encyclopedia as they are submitted and accepted. Requires UF Authentication
NIST Chemistry WebBook. An online resource developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology that complies a variety of physical and chemical property data on known chemicals and reactions. This WebBook is widely used by scientists, engineers, and educators, and it is freely accessible to the public.
Chemist's Companion - A Handbook of Practical Data, Techniques, and References (Gordon, Ford; 1972). A timeless compilation of reference data relevant to laboratory work and experimental design in E-book format. Requires UF Authentication
Purification of Laboratory Chemicals (Armarego, 8th Edition, 2017). A favorite guide for chemistry students with information about how to purify reagents for use in synthesis work in E-book format. Note that while this book is a good place to start looking for purification protocols, it's often important to search the primary literature for the latest, updated methods. Requires UF Authentication

Organic Chemistry

Dictionary of Organic Compounds. A collection of property and spectral data for common organic compounds, including synthetic reagents, starting materials, fundamental molecules, and commonly used chemicals. This reference has "search by structure" capabilities. For information on natural products, there is also the Dictionary of Natural Products. Requires UF Authentication
Properties of Organic Compounds. Another organic reference database from CHEMnetBASE featuring physical and spectral data for the most commonly sought out organic compounds. This tool is designed to make identification of unknown compounds easier. Requires UF Authentication
e-EROS (electronic Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis). Provides critically evaluated reagents and methods. Searchable by substructure, reagent, reaction type, and conditions. Entries highlight uses and characteristics of each reagent, with illustrative examples. Requires UF Authentication
Yaws' Handbook of Physical Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals (Yaws, 2008). A compendium of 2 interactive tables containing over 41,000 chemicals, covering C1 to C100 organics. Requires UF Authentication
Structure Determination of Organic Compounds (Badertscher, Bühlmann, Pretsch; 4th Edition, 2009). A succinct compilation of essential reference data for the interpretation of NMR, IR, UV/Vis, and mass spectra of organic compounds in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication
Greene’s Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis (Wuts, 5th Edition, 2014). This reference e-book provides convenient information about protecting groups in organic synthesis, including examples of when to choose which group. Requires UF Authentication
March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms, and Structure (Smith, March; 7th Edition, 2013). A definitive text on organic chemistry mechanisms in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication
The Art of Writing Reasonable Organic Mechanisms (Grossman, 2nd Edition, 2003). An excellent text on learning the process behind organic mechanism proposals and arrow pushing in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication

Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry

Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds. A collection of chemical, physical, and structural data from CHEMnetBASE on coordination compounds, organometallic compounds, pure elements, simple binary/ternary compounds, and prominent bioinorganic compounds. Requires UF Authentication
Yaws' Handbook of Physical Properties for Hydrocarbons and Chemicals (Yaws, 2008). A compendium of 2 interactive tables containing over 41,000 chemicals, covering Ac to Zr inorganics. Requires UF Authentication
Organotransition Metal Chemistry: From Bonding to Catalysis (Hartwig, 2010). This e-textbook provides coverage of the fundamentals of organometallic chemistry, including coordination complexes, elementary reactions, mechanisms, and applications. A print copy is also available on course reserve for use inside the library (see the Marston Service Desk). Requires UF Authentication
The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals (Crabtree, 6th Edition, 2014). Widely considered to be one of the definitive texts of organometallic chemistry, including introductions to transition metal complexes, reaction mechanisms, and relevant applications. Available in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication
Orbital Interactions in Chemistry (Albright, Burdett, Whangbo; 2nd Edition, 2013). A highly acclaimed text on applied molecular orbital theory that covers organic, organometallic, inorganic, and solid state chemistry in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication
Tips and Tricks for the Lab: Air-Sensitive Techniques. Useful and accessible laboratory protocols for air-sensitive chemistry. These posts are a great resource for students new to Schlenk techniques.
The Manipulation of Air-Sensitive Compounds (Shriver, Drezdzon; 1986). A laboratory manual detailing the step-by-step experimental set-ups necessary for conducting air-sensitive chemistry available in print for check out. QD61.S57 1986


Protein Data Bank (PDB). The PBD is a freely accessible database of 3D protein structures, containing data submitted by biochemists and biologists worldwide. Free software, including UnityMol and VMD, can be used to visualize protein structures.
BRENDA. The Comprehensive Enzyme Information System (called BRENDA) is a free to access, comprehensive repository of enzyme data. It is particularly useful for gathering enzyme kinetic data.
PubMed Protein Resources. A freely accessible database of protein sequences complied from a number of sources.
The Handbook of RNA Chemistry (Hartmann, Bindereif, Schon, Westhof; 2nd Edition, 2015). More than 300 detailed laboratory protocols for chemistry with RNA, including practical advice and troubleshooting information. Available in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication

Polymer Chemistry  

Polymers: A Property Database. A resource from CHEMnetBASE including scientific and commercial information on over 1,100 known polymers. Requires UF Authentication
Principles of Polymerization (Odian, 4th Edition, 2004). The quintessential text on polymer chemistry in e-book format. Requires UF Authentication This book is also available in print format for check out. QD281.P6 O3 2004
PolyInfo. An open-access database of polymer property data created by the Japanese National Institute for Materials Science. Users will need to make a username, but access is free.
Emerging Themes in Polymer Science (2000). This e-book surveys the latest polymer science research at the time of publishing and discusses the future outlooks and directions of the field. Requires UF Authentication

Connecting from Off Campus

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