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Campus Delivery to Law Faculty: Home


The Campus Delivery Pilot was our first test of a campus delivery service for UF Law Faculty.

The Campus Delivery Group is made up of a representative from each library branch and the Access Support unit.

This staff guide is meant to serve as a place to compile all related documentation, procedures and status updates.

Now that the final report has been turned in to Library Administration, the pilot is officially over. We are continuing with the campus delivery service for UF Law Faculty only until/unless we hear differently from Administration.

With the ending of the pilot phase, responsibility for the service will rest upon the individual branch representatives and staff. Should there be problems, Branch staff should report any issues via a GROVER and contact the Law representatives as needed.

Law staff should contact their own IT person for any in-house technical issues, such as printing issues, and email any Branch staff regarding any outstanding requests that have not arrived.

Should you suspect that an issue might involve multiple branches, you still have the Campus Delivery Pilot Group email list to utilize for more widespread communications.

Thank you all for your work in starting and sustaining this service!

Campus Delivery Final Report

The final report was delivered to the Campus Delivery Group on 11/17/09.

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